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Chime in: Is your Surface Pro too noisy?

The Windows Central Surface forums are some of the most active on the site, and today, a thread about Surface Pro noise issues is getting a good amount of attention. If you own a new Surface Pro, we want to hear about your experience so far.

Chime in: How do you use your Windows phone today?

Windows phone has a place in many of our hearts, but there are people out there who continue to rely on Microsoft's mobile OS. We're intrigued in learning what you do with your Windows mobile device today.

Have you had any Surface Laptop quality control issues?

Have you encountered any quality control problems with your Surface Laptop? The Windows Central community wants to know.

BlackBerry has been revived, does it give hope to Windows phone fans?

Does the recent resurgence of the BlackBerry brand leave Windows phone fans any hope the same could happen to their favorite brand?

Is Windows 10 on ARM really the savior Windows phone fans are hoping for?

We've covered the rise and fall of Windows phones closely over the years. Microsoft's mobile OS is clearly in a bad place these days, but the idea of full Windows 10 on ARM seems like something to be optimistic about. Is it though?

Which Xbox One games are you most looking forward to?

While we’re currently experiencing the infamous “summer drought” of game releases, many more titles are on the way! Which titles are you planning to pick up?

Share your experience with the Lumia 950

It's not easy being a Windows phone user sometimes. But we want you to share your tales of Lumia 950 ownership (good and bad) with us in the forums.

When should you buy a Core i5 Surface Pro instead of a Core m3?

Is the Core m3 chip in the Surface Pro a decent option for light tasks like taking notes and Java coding? We want your opinion!

When is the right time for a Surface phone?

Should Microsoft launch a Surface phone sooner rather than later?

What do you think of Microsoft's Windows Fluent Design System so far?

Microsoft's next major OS release, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, is expected to officially introduce the company's new design language, called the Fluent Design System. And we want to know what you think of what you've seen of the changes.

Does your new Surface Pro have light bleed problems?

If you watch the Surface space anywhere near as closely as we do at Windows Central, you've likely read reports about some potential "light bleed" issues with the new Surface Pro.

Which backward-compatible Xbox 360 games do you play on Xbox One?

Are you using Xbox One backward compatibility? Let us know your thoughts on the program in the Windows Central forums.

Are you going to buy another Windows phone?

Is it worth buying another Windows phone in 2017? We want to know what you think.

Is Windows Phone 8.1 still a viable mobile OS?

Now that official support has ended, is it worth carrying on using your older phone with Windows Phone 8.1 onboard?

What key features are still missing from Xbox One?

Microsoft is piling new features onto Xbox all the time, but what is still missing from its functionality arsenal? We want to know your thoughts.

Is the new Surface Pro fit for professional photographers?

Microsoft's new Surface Pro is a top of the line 2-in-1, and as such, it's bound to be compared to other top tier tablets, convertibles and laptops, including the MacBook Pro, a popular tool among photographers of all kinds.

Is a TV or monitor better for the average Xbox One gamer?

With 4K and high dynamic range (HDR) being big focuses for both the Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One X, now is a better time than ever to upgrade your display. But is a TV or monitor best?

What does your dream Windows phone look like?

The Windows phone hardware market is starved of new hardware right now, so we wanted to know what your dream Windows phone would look like!

Are you a fan of the Alcantara fabric on Microsoft's Surface PCs and Type Covers?

The soft, suede-like fabric on Microsoft's Surface Pro Type Covers and the new Surface Laptop has become a staple of the brand. But it's also somewhat polarizing.

What are the best Surface Pro 4 accessories?

Do you have a Surface Pro 4 accessory you can't live without? Come see what our forum members have come up with and share your recommendations.