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fruit ninja

The first Xbox-enabled version of Fruit Ninja launched shortly after Windows Phone 7 itself way back in December 2010. As the months rolled by, the iOS and Android versions received a number of updates while the Windows Phone game did not. Developer Halfbrick released a Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 version in 2011, and an Xbox Windows 8 version in 2012 – but still no update to the original Windows Phone game.

Things finally took a turn for the better this month when a Windows Phone 8-specific version of Fruit Ninja finally showed up to the party. The decrepit Windows Phone 7 version simultaneously got partially delisted from the Store, though Windows Phone 7 users can apparently still download it. The new Windows Phone 8 Fruit Ninja is identical in features to the Windows 8 version, so we’ll review them both and point out the improvements to the original game.

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The popular game Fruit Ninja, which has taken the Kinect and Xbox 360 by storm, has not had an update in so long we though the game was dead. More specifically, the previous version had not been updated to support Windows Phone 8’s HD graphics or other advanced features like rapid resume, making the super fun game less exciting.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Halfbrick Studios has just published a new 1.0 version for Windows Phone 8 devices, which includes the aforementioned additions. That’s the good news, because truly Fruit Ninja is one of the best quick-play arcade games for mobile these days, even if it’s a few years old. The bad news is you’ll have to plonk down another $0.99 for the game, even if you have previously purchased it.

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Windows Phone Central Roundup: Windows 8 Games

Last week we checked out the Top Windows 8 games for the “hardcore” gamer; this week, we are heading in the opposite direction and taking a look at the top Windows 8 games for those of you who just want to kick back. Cue the relaxing playlist on Spotify, grab a glass of California Merlot, and turn on that foot massager – we are counting off some of the Top Windows 8 games to sit back and relax.

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If you're looking to add a little realism to your next game of Fruit Ninja on your Nokia Lumia 920, you could try using a real knife instead of your finger.

We are too sure how well the Lumia 920's screen will fair after slicing through a few games but it's an interesting way to demonstrate Nokia's PureMotion HD+ touchscreen.  The Gorilla Glass should hold up to the knife swipes for a while but I don't know how long I'd tempt fate. 

Source: Youtube; via: WMPU; Thanks, pepsijosh, for the tip!

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Okay... it's obvious that the Windows Phone game Pencil Blade is a Fruit Ninja knock off. But that doesn't mean it's not an enjoyable knock off.

Game play with Pencil Blade has you slicing pencil sketched fruit with your razor sharp pencil. Along the way you'll need to avoid slicing the drawn out bombs. Pencil Blade has three game modes and customizable pencil colors, backdrops and theme colors. It shares Fruit Ninja's addictive quality and the pencil sketchings give Pencil Blade a unique feel.

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Windows Phone Central Reader's Roundup: Games

WPCentral's Readers Roundup of games for your Windows Phone

Last week we posed the question, "What is your recommendation on Windows Phone games?" and you, our readers, tossed out your top three gaming recommendations.  We tallied up all the recommendations and this week's roundup highlights the top five games from these recommendations.

The results weren't too surprising but dragon themed games scored two of the top slots. The other three included two Xbox titles and one game that is a gaming library within itself. If you didn't get a chance to offer your recommendations in the WPCentral Forums discussion, feel free to sound off below in the comments.

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Windows Phone Central Roundup: Ninja Games

Windows Phone Central's Roundup of Ninja Games

In this week's Windows Phone Central Roundup we sneak around with ninja games. The are games of skill and stealth that pit you against fruit, pandas and bamboo bundles. Games that test your skills with the sword and throwing star.

These games are fun time wasters and some have that addictive quality that keeps you coming back for more action.

As always, if your favorite ninja game isn't listed, no need to panic. If we didn't tap your favorite ninja game, feel free to share in the comments below.

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As if the release of Wordament for Xbox Live wasn’t reason enough for Windows Phone gamers to celebrate, we get a new price drop today as well. Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja now costs 99 cents, down from the original price of $2.99.

Fruit Ninja is the world’s most popular fruit-slicing game. It’s made all the rounds, including getting an exclusive Kinect version on Xbox 360. The Windows Phone version lags behind the iOS version (and the 360 one) in terms of content, but even in its woefully not-updated-for-Mango form, it’s a fun and approachable game. Choose one of three game modes and go to town on those dastardly, nutritional fruits! The Xbox Live Achievements are glitchy for some users, but on the whole they’re fairly reasonable and you’ll probably get them all after a while. Check out our review for more impressions.

As I said before, Halfbrick seems to have dropped the ball with updating Fruit Ninja on Windows Phone. The ball must have fallen down a well, where it's extremely difficult to retrieve. The Australian developer also announced Age of Zombies back at the Windows Phone launch, and yet the game has never materialized. Unfortunately for us, they are averse to answering emails, so we can’t provide an official word on whether they’ve dropped Windows Phone support. As we wait for Age of Zombies to materialize (or even Jetpack Joyride, for that matter!), feel free to email ol’ Halfbrickey and ask them to show Windows Phone the love it deserves.

Fruit Ninja now costs $.99, the same as the original iOS game. Get it here on the Marketplace, my fellow ninjas.

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The annual Xbox Live sale (aka The Countdown to 2012 Campaign) is now live. On Xbox 360, a variety of Xbox Live Arcade games and avatar items are on sale. But Windows Phone gamers haven’t been entirely left out of the festivities, as three mobile Xbox Live games just went on sale as well.

The sale games:

Naturally I already own them all (jeez my phone is drowning in games). Still need to go back and finish off Fable Coin Golf, but the others are in the bag. Will you guys be picking any of these titles up, and how do you like them?

The Countdown to 2012 Campaign runs from December 20, 2011 to January 2, 2012. May these cheap games help keep you warm during the holidays.

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Not the official Microsoft image, but it should be

Black Friday and Christmas holiday sales are regular yearly occurrences on Xbox 360, which means we’re about due for another sale. This year, the Countdown to 2012 Campaign begins on Tuesday, December 20 and lasts until Monday, January 2. Every day during that time, one or more pieces of content (XBLA games, avatar items, etc.) will go on sale.

Xbox 360 sales are great, but what about Windows Phone? Yes, there will be mobile Xbox Live games on sale during the Countdown to 2012. Just like this year's Black Friday week sale, the Windows Phone sale will include three games (in addition to the standard Deal of the Week game). The holiday sale games include Fruit Ninja, Fable: Coin Golf and Hydro Thunder Go. All three are great titles that any mobile gamer would be happy to own.

The Countdown to 2012 Campaign runs from December 20, 2011 to January 2, 2012. We’ll let you know as soon as the sale goes live.

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Seeing as how Fruit Ninja is so popular with the Windows Phone crowd, we thought our readers might be excited to know that Fruit Ninja Kinect is coming out this Wednesday on Xbox 360.

Fruit Ninja Kinect is the same game that fans know and love, only with much nicer HD visuals and of course Kinect motion control. Players swipe with their hands to chop the fruit now instead of just their fingers. It’s actually a much more exciting (and tiring) take on the original concept. In addition to the standard Classic, Zen, and Arcade modes, the Kinect version introduces something missing from the Windows Phone game: multiplayer. It supports both co-operative and competitive gameplay for two players. This makes Fruit Ninja Kinect the perfect party game – it’s an active new spin on a game everybody knows and loves, plus others can join in the fun.

Fruit Ninja Kinect will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10) when it debuts this Wednesday. Of course Xbox 360 owners will also need a Kinect peripheral in order to play it. Kinect players who aren’t in a huge hurry may prefer to wait for the retail release of The Gunstringer (from developer Twisted Pixel) on September 13. It costs $30 and includes both The Gunstringer on disc and a download code for Fruit Ninja Kinect.

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Do you like slicing fruit as much as we do? Then you’ll want to check out the Fruit Ninja-themed lock screen wallpapers that Microsoft released today. The pack contains both transparent and non-transparent versions of three different designs, for a total of six images. With these, even when you don’t have time to play Fruit Ninja, you’ll still look like you do.

What’s the occasion? As some of our readers who play console games may know, Fruit Ninja Kinect is coming to Xbox 360 on August 10 for 800 MS Points ($10). It adds motion support and multi-player to everyone’s favorite fruit fighting game. The wallpapers are a way of thanking Windows Phone gamers for making Fruit Ninja such a success while perhaps reminding them to check it out on 360 too.

You can grab the Fruit Ninja wallpaper pack here. (This is a Filesonic link. Scroll down and click on Slow Download to download it for free.)

Microsoft is also running a Fruit Ninja contest at Comic Con later this month. Non-attendees can enter too. Check out the details below:

We're so excited that the already popular Fruit Ninja on Windows Phone is coming to Kinect on the Xbox 360 that we are running a contest at Comic Con! Visit the Xbox 360 Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel and compete in the Attack of the Fruit Ninja Challenge for a chance to win a custom Fruit Ninja Xbox 360 with Kinect, custom Fruit Ninja Windows Phone and fruit for a year! Harness your inner ninja skills and get the highest score of that day for a chance to win. The contest will run on July 23rd and 24th.

Won't be at Comic Con but still want to win? We're also running the Fantastic Fun and Fruit Sweepstakes in addition to our onsite contest. Text Splattermelon to 76060 between July 21st and July 24th. One random winner will be chosen to win a custom Fruit Ninja Xbox with Kinect, custom Fruit Ninja Windows Phone and fruit for a year.

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Although Windows Phone is still growing and early on in the launch, some developers are at least reporting a relaive hit. One of those is Halfbrick, makers of Fruit Ninja (see our review), the super popular citrus slicing game available also on Android and the iPhone.

In an interview with Business Insider Shainiel Deo, CEO of Halfbrick Studios said that game is having "moderate" success on the new OS noting that paid downloads (an important distinction) is in the "high tens of thousands". Halfbrick seems to be pleased overall with Microsoft but does note "I think Microsoft could be doing more to promote the phone and hopefully we’ll start seeing that soon."-- a common complaint we hear these days.

Deo also took a shot at Android stating that compared to Windows Phone "There are a number of varying devices but there is nowhere near the fragmentation issues that Android has." Zing. We've seen that before from Ballmer and Netflix.

Bottom line is although Windows Phone is still commanding very little market share, both developers and users seem to be quite happy from their respective sides--and that's important for driving growth.

Source: Yahoo! News/Business Insider

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Fruit Ninja - Review

It’s listed as the top game in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.  If you haven’t played it already chances are you’ve heard of it. Fruit Ninja is one of the most talked about mobile games this side of Angry Birds. Ridiculously simple to play and as addicting as all get-out, Fruit Ninja is a favorite of adults and kids alike.

There is a lot of hype around Fruit Ninja, and without a doubt it is one of the best all around games in the Marketplace, but what makes it stand out from the rest? Keep reading for the full review.

Easy to learn, difficult to master
VERY addicting
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In a somewhat interesting interview with Phil Larsen, Marketing Director with HalfBrick who made the popular Fruit Ninja, goes over how they hooked up with Microsoft to port that game over to Windows Phone 7.

In short, Microsoft wants to compete with the iPhone and bringing Fruit Ninja over was part of that strategy. HalfBrick was more than glad to do it and plan to bring their other games over as well, with time and resources being the only constraints.  Overall the company seems to have had a positive experience with Microsoft and seeing as Fruit Ninja is near the top for Xbox LIVE games, it seems the decision has paid off, literally:

How did the Windows Phone 7 port come about?

Phil Larsen: We’ve got contacts at Microsoft, and as they were launching Windows Phone 7 they wanted it to compete with the iPhone – it’s the next big mobile platform. We like what Microsoft does, and we were happy to port Fruit Ninja to it. We’ve got a team here that handles that kind of thing.

We brought it over, and we provided a bunch of good assets and information. It was released on December 22nd, so it’s only a couple of weeks old, and it’s done really well so far. It’s the number-one selling game on Windows Phone 7.

They did mention how doing an Xbox LIVE game is more work than the iPhone. The former requires you to work and go back and forth with Microsoft, who manage that aspect of gaming, whereas on the iPhone you just submit it to Apple. Still, despite that they had very little issues with the process.

Read the rest at VG247.

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Well that didn't take too long. Just a few hours after announcing that they were coming, Microsoft has gone ahead and pushed the publish button, releasing Pocket God and Fruit Ninja, each fetching for a fair $2.99.

We're betting both games should be big hits as these are the kinds of titles that causal gamers are looking for on mobile phones these days. Give 'em a spin and let us know in comments your thoughts! (In the meantime, I'm going to unleash my inner-vengeful God in a very un-P.C. way on some Pygmies...)

You can grab both right here: Pocket God and Fruit Ninja

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Whoa ho ho! Look at this little announcement just tweeted by Microsoft's Michael Klucher. Looks like tomorrow, the usual release day for Xbox LIVE titles, will be bringing two popular iPhone games to our side of town: Fruit Ninja and Pocket God.

For those who don't know or keep track of these things, both titles are up there with Angry Birds as far as popularity, meaning this is a huge win for our platform. And while Pocket God was known to be coming "soon" (see earlier coverage), Fruit Ninja (see their site) was something we forgot about (though it was mentioned in the original "50" list). Both titles are on Android too and doing very well, but it's good to see that we're catching up by acquiring these big names.

Source: @mklucher

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