O2 Germany ready to roll out Mango too

As with many carriers jumping on the "I'm ready!" train, O2 DE has said on the interwebs that they are indeed ready to push the Mango update to customers. They're now awaiting Microsoft's green light. While Deutsche Telekom is able to provide an actual handset roadmap and status per manufacturer, O2 has unfortunately not provided any further detail as to when.

Source: @o2de, via:

Expect Mango in a few days says LG-Netherlands

LG has released some exciting information on Twitter to a fellow user who queried as to when Windows Phone users in the Netherlands can expect to see the Mango update. The tweet below states that LG is looking to see Mango rolled out in the country in the next few days.

"Beste, Mango voor Windows phone 7 verwachten we binnen enkele dagen, Groet"

If you'd rather get a new device for Mango, remember that the massive screen-featuring HTC Titan is set to be available in the Netherlands by early October.

Source: @LG_WEBCARE_NL, thanks Rick for the heads up!

3 UK to no longer carry Windows Phone? No decision yet.

There has been some confusion surrounding a tweet posted by one of the social moderators who run the @ThreeUK Twitter account. The tweet in question (shown in the above shot) is a support answer to another Twitter user and should not be mistaken for Three UK not supporting Windows Phone as there is a massive typo at play here. See the below follow up tweet:

"That was a typo - There has NOT been any decision made about ranging windows 7 phones."

Unfortunately, Three UK still haven't got any Mango devices lined up for launch on the network - a real bummer for myself if this holds true since my contract is soon to run out and I wouldn't mind a free Mango handset upgrade (who wouldn't?). We'll keep an eye out on the coming soon section of the Three website in hope that they throw up a surprise to go next to the wide range of Blackberry and Android handsets.

As far as we're aware Three will be shipping the Mango update and they do support the platform as of now, just no news on any upcoming hardware. For the shorter version of this article: move along, nothing to see here.

Source: @ThreeUK, thanks Ro for the tip!

Xbox Live: Zombies!!! Mango update unleashed

Babaroga’s Zombies!!! (review) is a very cool survival horror-themed board game for Xbox Live.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was a nasty Broken Achievement that almost nobody could get. I’ve got good news and bad news then for my fellow Zombies!!! owners. The good news: an update that fixes the ‘Was it Worth it?’ Achievement is finally available. The bad news? It’s a Mango-only update.

Here are the full release notes for the first Zombies!!! Mango update:

  • Added Fast-App-Switching support
  • Fixed bugs that have been reported since the initial release
  • Reduced difficulty of “some” achievements :-)

While some Xbox Live titles have seen increasd frame rates with their Mango updates, the graphics in Zombies!!! remain the same. It looked great to begin with. More importantly, Babaroga listened to their fans and reduced the frustration of that infamous Achievement.

When WPCentral interviewed Babaroga over the summer, they promised asynchronous (turn-based, over the internet) multiplayer and paid downloadable content in a Mango update. Those features are still coming to Zombies!!!, but they’re not ready just yet. We’ll keep you posted on the next update’s progress.

For now, Zombies!!! players who are running Mango can commence to unlocking ‘Was it Worth it?’, while the rest of us have another reason to hope that Mango rolls out as soon as possible. Don’t have the game? It costs $4.99 and you can find it here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.

Unofficial Lync app for Windows Phone on the way

While we're still waiting on Lync to arrive with Mango, hopefully within the next two weeks, we've also found out that Damaka, a mobile unified communications company in Texas, is planning to bring Xync to the platform. Xync is their answer for mobile Lync across a number of platforms including Android, iOS and Symbian.

Matt Landis recently interviewed Ramesh Chaturvedi from Damaka and received the following answer to one of the questions:

Definitely Windows Phone will be targeted. Remember our history with Windows Mobile? We made video on WM6.1 back in 2006 and Windows is important to us. We definitely will target Windows Phone. Up until now the lack of Windows Phone camera API has been the hold up. The camera API should be available to us this month and then we will start work.

Interesting stuff, it will be great to see what Microsoft brings with its offering. We did see a demo at TechEd 2011 in New Zealand of Lync for Windows Phone by Microsoft and found out they were looking to bring the client to other platforms too. Check out the full interview over at Matt's blog (link below).

Source: Matt Landis, via: WPSauce

Backdoor for sideloading apps in Mango will enable more powerful ChevronWP7 Labs [Homebrew]

Back in June when "Mango" was first making its rounds, one of the first things we noted with regret was the inability to sideload pretty much all homebrew apps created up to that point. What would happen is you would try to load the app and be greated with "Error 0×81030120". Reason? It's technical but "Mango won’t officially support the deployment of custom applications with the ID_CAP_INTEROPSERVICES capability flag".


Even more of a bummer for the proposed ChevronWP7 Labs, which would be limited to sideloading only apps that don't modify the registry--that is, apps that can't customize the OS at any level.

The good news though, as reported by ChevronWP7 member Rafael Rivera, is there is a way around this. XDA member“Heathcliff74” discovered that if your MaxUnsignedApp value is 300 or higher, you can remove the limitation and sideload the app. This gives devs an easy workaround for re-enabling Homebrew apps (it's been speculated that this "trick" was for MS employees and OEM partners).

Rivera goes on to state "The suitable pairing for this hack is, of course, ChevronWP7 Labs". That's of course, some great news for all of us.

Source: XDA; via Within Windows

Official: Windows Phone Mango to be released in the coming weeks

We previously covered the leaked Orange memo that pinned the 15th of September as the roll-out day, but we are all ware of this day passing by. Now, Microsoft has finally released some more detail on the actual window for release. Eric Hautala published the following over at the Windows Phone Developer blog:

For months, we and dozens of our partner companies have been laying the groundwork for the Windows Phone 7.5 update—and making solid progress. As a result, we now expect to start rolling it out in the next week or two. At that time, we’ll also refresh the Where’s My Phone Update? table to reflect the worldwide roll out status.

This ties in with Joe Belfiore's tweet last week that reminded everyone of "the fall" being aimed at for the green button to be pressed. So, there we have it, keep an eye out on this space for the announcement within the next two weeks. 

Source: Windows Phone Dev blog  Thanks goes out to everyone (too many to name) who tipped us on this!

TransparentTXT - Mango App Spotlight

Ever walk into a light pole or mail box while walking and texting on your Windows Phone? TransparentTXT is a Windows Phone Mango app that hopes to take some of the hazards out of texting while walking.

Described as the solution for the text-walker, TransparentTXT activates your Windows Phone camera and throws a SMS overlay on top of your camera view. This way you can typed while having a view of what your about to walk into.

The on-screen display includes your keyboard, text fields and character count. You can also manage text and keyboard transparency in the settings. We agree with the developers warning that this app is not designed to allow you to text while driving and the recommendation that it is best to stop walking and then text. But, some like to keep moving and TransparentTXT might help steer you clear of light poles, mail boxes, small children or any other obstacle you may encounter while out walking.

There is a free trial available for TransparentTXT with the full version running $2.49. You can find both here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace. Remember you'll need to be running Mango on your Windows Phone to use TransparentTXT.

Tiki Towers receives Mango update

Following suit with other apps and games getting Mango updated, Tiki Towers has joined the fruit train. The update will bring fast-app switching and 60fps to the table, not like the game was slow to begin with. We'll be sure to attempt to obtain the change log to see if anything else was added in.

Check out our review of Tiki towers and download the game from the Marketplace.

Thanks @BinaerJongleur for the tip!

Telus Mobility Mango Ready?

We've heard rumors that Vodaphone Australia will start rolling out Mango tomorrow and it looks as if the Canadian wireless provider Telus may be ready to roll out Mango to one of its two Windows Phones as well. Telus offers the HTC Surround and LG Optimus 7 and if you go to the Optimus 7's support page, to the the How-to section and check under "update your smartphone" things get interesting.

As you can see in the screen shot above, the page notes that "As of September 2011, a new software version is available for the LG Optimus 7". Scroll down to item number 5 and you see that if you are running OS 7.10.7720.68 you won't need to perform the update.

The page then goes into the steps to complete the update and the obligatory cautionary warnings. When you look at the same page for the HTC Surround, the update information is still referencing 7392 as the current OS version for that Windows Phone.

Telus couldn't make it easy on us and include a day with the month and year. But is this yet another sign that we're close? Fall is only three days away.

Thanks goes out to Brendon for the tip!

Submit your Mango app updates now and your 7.0 updates later

With WP 7.5 Mango devices already rolling out around the world, like in Japan, Russia and France, it was only a matter of time before developers would be able to submit an update to their apps to work with the latest version of Windows Phone. As announced by Todd Brix on the official Windows Phone Developer Blog, you may now submit your applications to the Windows Phone Mango marketplace. For developers that are submitting updates to their existing apps that run on WP 7.0 the normal caveats apply; existing users with 7.0 devices will not receive the new functionality that comes with Mango-compatible version of your app, but they will be able to continue using the app as it is.

Unfortunately, as we've already known, this is going to be an annoyance for many of our hard-working developers who will want to update their existing apps to WP 7.5, and still update their apps for WP 7.0 users as well. Thankfully, by the end of October, that problem should be all but vanquished. The app submission process will be getting a nice change to provide developers with a dual-update path on their existing apps, meaning that they'll not be limited to adding features only for Mango device owners, but will now have a way to keep supporting their existing 7.0 users.

To help distinguish app feature-sets from 7.0 and 7.5 versions within the marketplace, a small text overlay has been created to be added to screenshots for all apps with a 7.5 upgrade path (shown above). Hopefully, this will help clear some of the confusion that users will have as they browse through app screenshots to see features that they can't access on their 7.0-based devices.

While it's nice that they'll be making this dual-update process available for developers, it's a shame that it will be so long before it arrives in October.  We can't expect them to make everything so easy on us, can we?

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog  Thanks goes out to Terry for the tip!

Vodafone group to roll Mango out tomorrow

Nearly a week ago we saw Vodafone Australia announce that they've completed testing of the Mango update and are awaiting Microsoft's green light to roll it out to customers. We now have a report over at Windows Smartphones in Germany that puts September 21st (that's tomorrow) as the planned roll-out day for the Vodafone Group, according to a credible source.

It's almost the fall that Joe Belfiore so graciously reminded us is the time of Mango, so will we see the update heading to Vodafone customers within the next few days? Hopefully so. 

Source: Windows Smartphones (Bing Translate), thanks Matthias for the tip!

Tentacles gets a Mango update, Doodle Jump not so much

Looks like some Xbox LIVE titles are still getting updated for the NoDo and Mango crowd.

The first up is the big hit Tentatcles which was bumped to v1.1 and is now Mangoized with fast-app resume and presumably 60 FPS (hard to tell since the game is not so fast to begin with).  We're also going to bet this includes some of those fixes we reported on earlier. The update can be found here with this Zune link.

The other Xbox LIVE game would be Doodle Jump, which also is bumped to v1.1 but surprsingly it's a NoDo version with some bug fixes (we're working on a exact changlog).  Too bad about the lack of Mango, but we bet the majority of you NoDo users are happy with the update. Doodle Jump can be found here in the Marketplace.

We'll try to get more info on what exactly these updates brought to the table. Stay tuned. Thanks, Cyrus1989, for the tip

PhotoWeather Live in the Marketplace forecast [Mango]

The developers of the Windows Phone weather app, Photoweather, have a new weather app in the works for Windows Phone Mango. At this point, we aren't sure if this will be an update to Photoweather or a stand alone app. The app is close to being submitted for certification and while there are a few bugs present, we thought we'd offer you a preview of Photoweather Live.

For those not familiar, Photoweather is a basic weather app for your Windows Phone. Photoweather not only offers you the current conditions and forecast for your selected city but also photos of local attractions. Photoweather Live will bring Mango features into the mix but as well as giving things a bit of a face lift. Instead of having all the information displayed on one page, you now have the same information spread out across three pages.

The Today Page provides you with the current conditions for your forecast city, the Week Page offers a four day forecast, and the About Page provides the local photos. Settings touch on using your Windows Phone location data, turning on/off an illustrated background, and how you want the weather information displayed.

The new Live Tile and Push Notifications allow you to pin weather tiles for each forecast city on your Start Screen. One side of the tile will display an icon for your current conditions and temp. The other side offers your forecast for the day.

Live notifications can be customized to alert you when a particular weather condition exists for a location. The conditions include not only weather forecasts (snow, rain, storms, etc.) but also will alert on a particular temperature. Additional updates are already in the planning stages that should give Photoweather Live the ability to use your photos as the background image or add your photos to the local photo mix.

We aren't sure of the timing for Photoweather Live but wanted to share what was headed to the Marketplace. For the time being you can find the pre-Mango version of Photoweather here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

French carrier SFR ready to roll out Mango

Another carrier is jumping on the "I'M READY!" wagon, this time it's France-based SFR. The above screenshot shows a detailed page about Mango (basically how to update handsets via Zune), however the "continue" link is pointing at Microsoft's Windows Phone website.

We recently covered a leaked Orange FR memo that detailed the 15th (now gone) as the roll-out day for Mango and how they are even possibly exchanging broken devices with preloaded Mango ones. While we've had a limited release of the update, it seems as though some carriers are still playing catch up for now. Let's not forget that "this fall" begins soon.

Source: MonWindowsPhone

Parachute Panic's Mango ringtone feature [Video]

The other day we reported on Parachute Panic, the fun little skill game, receiving a Mango bump. The game now supports fast app resume and that 60FPS increase, which really smooths out the game's hand-drawn and charming graphics.

One bonus feature that we missed was the unique ringtone that FDG Entertainment created for Windows Phone users. To refresh, one new feature of Mango is the ability for developers to make apps that pull down and allow you to save music as a ringtone--anyone can do this. FDG took their awesome and catchy barbershop-style music and made one right in the game.

We show it how it works and how it sounds (which is brilliant and hilarious). Our hats off to FDG for adding this little bonus.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Orange France will disable WiFi sharing, Group MMS and Visual Voicemail in Mango update

In an interesting internal-memo obtained by Smartphone France, the carrier evidently plans to disable Wifi Sharing, Group MMS (which we covered as being potentially pricey) and Visual Voicemail.

Perhaps WiFi sharing, something we've seen earlier , shouldn't be too much of a surprise--after all, it's expensive, especially for those carriers that don't have a built in billing system. So while a downer, not exactly shocking--in fact we expect more carriers to follow. Group MMS seems benign at first, but we documented how this "feature" can be very expensive. In short, it's labeled as "Group Messaging" but instead of SMS it use MMS in order to keep all the messages threaded. Sending out dozens of MMS messages can be very pricey for some services.

Finally there's Visual Voicemail, which is instantiated in a unique fashion in Mango. As a result, carriers seem limited in their ability to integrate the Mango VV with their own system, hence why we probably will, once again, see this on more carriers as well.

While not the end of the world, it's good for Orange customers in France to be aware of what they are and are not getting with Mango.

Source: Smartphone France, via WPSauce

Windows Phone FaceBook page changed for Mango

Windows Phone has updated their FaceBook page for the arrival of Mango, inviting folks to "Meet 7.5."  The revamped page features a video tour of Mango by Beth Goza, Senior Manager of Windows Phone Marketing.  The tour captures key concepts of WP7, such as People, Communications, Apps, and Internet.  It goes over the basics of the Start screen, Live Tiles, social network integration, gaming, and the newly-empowered Bing.  Nothing Earth-shattering here, but it's a nice introduction for those unfamiliar with Windows Phone and the upcoming Mango enhancements. 

Check it out.

Source: @WindowsPhone

Garmin Streetpilot goes Mango

Garmin Streetpilot (here's our review) was updated today and now is Mango-ized. While some of the changes are obvious, others are not.

The pre-Mango version is version 7.2 with the Mango version being 7.3. There is a decent amount of design changes put into place but the only noticeable feature change is the addition of a Contacts Tile on the "Where to?" page that opens up your Windows Phone contact list.

Streetpilot does have a little more zip to it and the fast-resume feature of Mango. The settings are identical but also experienced a slight make-over. Should we discover more changes, we'll update the post. And should you run across any, feel free to share in the comments section.

There is a free trial version of Streetpilot available with the full version running $34.99. You can find Garmin's Streetpilot here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Supermusic jumping on the Mango train

It seems as if it was yesterday when Supermusic and Free Music Downloader hit the Windows Phone Marketplace. We have now been told by the developer that a Mango update for Supermusic has been submitted to Microsoft for certification and should be available in the coming days.

The music download app allows you to download music files from a wide variety of free music sites. You can create playlists from the downloaded tunes and the Mango update adds background music play and downloads into the mix.

The list of apps being updated continues to grow and based on Joe Belifiore's earlier tweet, Fall can't get here quick enough. There is a free trial available for Supermusic and the full version will run you $1.29. You can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Free Music Downloader, the free ad-supported version of Supermusic, is expected to be updated to Mango sometime next week. You can find it here at the Marketplace.