Ambient computing: Will Microsoft's lack of consumer focus hurt its future?

Personal computing is consumer-driven, founded on a multi-devices experience and is approaching an ambiance. Without broad consumer presence Microsoft may miss the coming shift.

Microsoft must manage consumer expectations of Windows 10 S to avoid PR nightmare

Microsoft said Windows 10 S is the Windows we all know. There's one major difference, however, that could be problematic for consumers and a real PR issue for Microsoft.

Should Microsoft begin marketing Windows Mobile to the masses?

Lumias were previously positioned as the primary representatives of Windows 10 Mobile. With Microsoft pulling back on mobile and rumored to be canning the Lumia line, when does it make sense to start a new consumer push?

Microsoft launches marketing campaign to help keep your email private

It's no secret that Microsoft's at war with Google when it comes to email. Redmond has continuously attacked Google for crawling through emails that are believed to be private to provide better targeted advertisements to consumers. Microsoft has launched Keep Your Email Private, a new campaign to fight Google regarding this very concern. Do you use Gmail and/or are concerned about activities carried out by the Search? Read on past the break.

Windows 8 grows in market share and Microsoft intends to invest $405 million to keep it up

We recently reported that Windows Phone is the world’s fastest growing smartphone operating system with a 275% percent growth rate, but that might not be Microsoft’s only reason to smile. According to NetMarketShare, Windows 8 now owns 9.25% of the desktop market. Breaking that number down even further, we find that 1.72% of all market share belongs to Windows 8.1, while the other 7.53% belongs to the vanilla version, Windows 8.

My Windows 8.1; Microsoft releases new ad for latest OS update

Microsoft has released this bouncy new advert for its Windows 8.1 release, which rolled out yesterday. Showing off all the different form factors that run the desktop operating system, numerous products are featured with some fancy transition effects to boot. It's an awesome little piece.

Microsoft sets out "painting the town Surface"

If you remember the original Surface ads that Microsoft had painted in various cities, then the new advertisements will be of no surprise. Microsoft has once again set out on “painting the town Surface” in an attempt to draw attraction to what they believe is the future of Windows.

Microsoft aggressively marketing Nokia's Lumia 920 in Brazil

Microsoft appears to be on an aggressive marketing path in Brazil when it comes to Windows Phone. Reports have come in stating that Redmond is throwing the Lumia 920 Windows Phone everywhere in the media. Taking full advantage of the array of content aired on television, Microsoft has snapped up multiple advertisement spots around football matches, local soap operas and more.

Show off your fandom with new Xbox One wallpapers and avatars

Major Nelson just shared a collection of Xbox One wallpapers, backgrounds, and profiles images via his blog. The images portray Microsoft’s latest console in a variety of images, some have mottos attached including “Introducing the all-in-one entertainment system.”

Nokia releases Lumia 625 marketing video to show off the most affordable 4G Windows Phone

As well as launching the new Windows Phone today, Nokia also kicked off the marketing train with the above video published on the company's YouTube account. Running through what's new in the Lumia 625, we can confirm that the product looks that good in person. We also caught a glimpse of the new headsets that are being developed in partnership with Zound.

Telefónica announces Windows Phone marketing partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft has struck a deal with Telefónica to start a joint marketing effort to boost the sales of Windows Phone 8 hardware. Initially for a period lasting a year, the company will enhance marketing activities in support of stocked Windows Phones in the UK and Germany through O2, as well as Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Chile. Telefónica wishes to help develop a strong third choice for consumers to break the duopoly of Android and iOS.

What can the matter be? We're not sure, but Nokia Malaysia has lost the plot

So what's up with these poor souls? Is it a scary movie? Are they being forced to use an iPhone? Who knows, but one thing we're certain of is that Nokia has clearly lost the plot this time. Nokia Malaysia has published the above video, which shows some weird things happening in the country. 

Microsoft remains silent on Windows Phone, possible problems up the chain?

Shh. Can you hear that? Yup, that's the sound of a pin dropping when it comes to Microsoft shouting out and marketing Windows Phone. The company had a rather elusive presence at CES earlier this year, as well as the recent Mobile World Congress. If you ask anyone, "Who's powering Windows Phone marketing?" I bet the majority (if not everyone) will answer, "Nokia." So what's up with Microsoft?

It loves you, it loves you not. Microsoft kicks off festive Bing campaign

Microsoft has kicked off a festive campaign for its Bing search engine. With Valentine's Day soon approaching, the male populous will ascend on these mighty portals of vast searchfulness for ideas on how to either woo a desired female, or make their way out of the dog house. Taking advantage of the popular celebration of love, the company is asking "what do you consider the most important quality in a partner?"

Humorous Windows 8 advertisement illustrates its simplicity

Microsoft has published a rather humorous advertisement on its YouTube channel, which illustrates just how simple Windows 8 is. Consumers are shown to be hovering around a Windows counter with a handful of demonstration PC units available.

An employee approaches said members of public to enquire if they require any assistance, which leads to a child to pop out with a stool to run the weary traveller through the delights of the new operating system. The video is recorded in Portugal and is in the native language with subtitles.

Windows Phone meets Bilbo from The Hobbit

Microsoft has dedicated a section of the Windows Phone website for The Hobbit marketing. The webpage sports a cinematic advertisement for the film shows a customised home screen with "Home Sweet Shire" as well as the weather report for Middle-earth. Bilbo was obviously out on his adventure with his photos backed up on SkyDrive and Frodo pestering him with SMS messages and calls.

Lumia 920 meets Dennis the Menace in Nokia's 5 Year Old Challenge

Ever wondered what children get up to with mobile phones with no parental supervision? Nokia decided to do a short film on how it is when taken to extreme levels. We're shown, who we can only assume is a 5 year old, mess around with a Lumia 920 by taking photos of his mother while asleep and setting it as the wallpaper on the lock screen.

Nokia India publishes Lumia 510 'Trendify' social commercial

Don’t adjust your spell checkers folks, ‘Trendify’ could be the next buzz we've all been looking for. Nokia India has posted a new video showing off the more affordable Lumia 510.

It’s all fun and games during the segment but getting down to business they are touting the Lumia 510’s social side. During the video we’re seeing all kinds of crazy hand to hand kissing going on during the little video, check it after the break.

Windows Phone present at Christmas markets in Germany

Microsoft has been busy celebrating Windows Phone 8 alongside the Christmas period, with stalls set up in several markets in Germany. The country is well known for its Christmas markets (we even have them here in the UK) and WParea managed to trek down to one in Hamburg Ottensen where a Windows Phone hut was discovered.

Another Surface Video appears, but what is it all about?

Yesterday another Video appeared on the dedicated Surface YouTube Channel but it dispels with any meaningful message in favour of irritating music and mind bending spins and flips.

The Surface tablet is Microsoft’s first foray into selling its own computer and is designed to go head to head with an army of Android tablets and the seemingly unstoppable Apple iPad. Anticipation for this device amongst many, including staff here at Windows Phone Central has been high and we have written about how much we like it but we aren’t really what you’d call the average consumer. So what is going with the advertising for Surface?