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PSA: 2013 Xbox 360 update rolling out, exchanges MS Points for local currency

Time for a public service announcement. We’ve reported on the demise of Microsoft Points on the Xbox platform in the past. The community has been divided on whether they like or dislike the point system. Well it doesn’t matter anymore how you feel, because Microsoft is moving away from points to local currencies. And it’s starting today.

Zune Marketplace will no longer support rental and purchases; Zune Pass holders still okay

Microsoft is continuing their phased closure of the Zune Marketplace, which has been replaced with Xbox Music and Video. The latest change involves users not being able to purchase music or video through the service starting as early as August 22nd. For that reason, Microsoft is encouraging you to spend any Microsoft Point balances before that date.

The move appears to be a combination of Microsoft wanting to move away from Zune, a necessary decision if they want to support only Xbox Music and Video, and the retirement of the MS Points system, which is being replaced by cash across their entire ecosystem.

Time to be Microsoft's guinea pig again - the 2013 Xbox Live public beta is here

Today Microsoft's Major Nelson announced that the public gates would be opening for Xbox Live's 2013 Update. According to our favorite Xbox team member, the update " will include updates to improve overall performance and the ability to conduct transactions with local currency."

Tip: Grab four months of Xbox LIVE and 400 Microsoft points for $15 (US Only)


Best Buy is having a special sale and if you are an Xbox 360 gamer in the United States, you won't want to miss out. The electronics giant has a special deal that includes four months of Xbox LIVE gold membership and 400 free Microsoft points for only $14.99.

Gift cards are coming to Windows Phone later this year

Like a lot of you, we’ve been yearning for Microsoft to come up with a gift card solution for Windows Phone. Sunny skies ahead. Looks like Microsoft is finally gearing up to drop the Points system on Xbox and replace it with gift cards and cash.

Win a grand prize, including 10,000 Microsoft Points, with Xbox LIVE Rewards

Are you a member of the Xbox Rewards program? No? Then you could be missing out on promotions such as this, which includes 10,000 Microsoft Points. Yes - you read correctly, 10,000 Microsoft Points. But that's not all. The grand prize includes a limited edition Xbox 360 & Kinect Star Wars bundle, Xbox 360 Media Remote, 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership, Kinect Sports: Season 2, Dance Central 2 and Mass Effect 3. 

How does one get the chance to win such a prize, worth over £550? As mentioned above, you need to be enlisted on the Xbox Rewards program. Should you not have an account, it's pretty easy to set up with your Live ID. After your account has been verified, etc. all that's left for you to do is use your Gold Xbox LIVE Membership as you normally would. Purchase points, answer surveys, renew your membership, use services on your Xbox console (Sky, etc.), to name but a few.

You'll then be with a chance of winning some great prizes, such as the above promotion bundle. Should you require more information on the Xbox Rewards program, be sure to check out the FAQ section of the website (as well as the rewards table), which features a handy video walkthrough.

It's certainly interesting for Microsoft to offer such a large volume of points in the entertainment bundle as we've heard a number of rumours that point to the death of Microsoft Points as we know it in the future, which will be positive news for many gamers. How Microsoft will carry out the transition from what would most probably be points to actual local currency is yet to be seen. That aside, 10,000 points, an Xbox 360 Console and 12 months worth of Gold membership is an intriguing prize alone.

Rumor: Microsoft doing away with Microsoft Points system

Here’s a rumor that many gamers probably hope will come true: Microsoft may be doing away with the Microsoft Points virtual currency system. According to Inside Mobile Apps, who cites an inside source, the change will take place by the end of the year.

Microsoft Points have been around since the Xbox 360 launched in 2005. MS Points were originally used to buy Xbox Live Arcade games and downloadable content for Xbox 360 games, though their use has expanded to include purchases for Games for Windows Live (PC), Zune media, and DLC for a handful of Windows Phone games (Beards & Beaks, Gravity Guy, and Bug Village). 400 Microsoft Points equals five US dollars, though the exchange rate varies in other regions.

4000 MS points WP7 offer at BestBuy

If you're a heavy Xbox user this offer is for you. BestBuy is adding a 4,000 Microsoft Points card in your shopping cart for free when you purchase a Windows Phone 7 handset. This deal is only avaiulable in-store so you'll need to swing on by to your local BestBuy to earn this mammoth amount of points. 

Unfortunately -- as of yet -- Microsoft points can't be used in the WP7 Marketplace, which would make this offer all the more worth while, but getting those must-have addons for your Xbox 360 games, renting/downloading movies, completing your music collection and suiting up your avatar to show off on your WP7 device can't be all bad, right?

Currently BestBuy are selling six handsets; Samsung Focus, HTC Surround, HTC HD7, LG Quantum, HTC Trophy and the HTC Arrive. Going for this deal certainly wont leave you feeling "cheaped" into getting a below-par device since there's a great selection available.

Source: BestBuy, via: WMPU

PayPal payments come to Xbox 360. Can Windows Phone be far behind?

Here’s some Xbox 360 news that may be relevant to Windows Phone users as well. The latest Xbox 360 system update, in addition to introducing a new disc format to fight piracy, will also add PayPal payment functionality to most territories. Gamers will now be able to purchase Xbox 360 software, downloadable content, and Xbox Live Gold Memberships with PayPal in addition to the existing options: credit cards, prepaid cards, and prepaid codes. The update will also bring an auto-standby feature that puts the console into a low-power mode after an hour of idle time (yay!).

Windows Phone users are still waiting for the option to pay for software with Microsoft Points, which has long been the standard currency on the Xbox 360. At present, credit card payments and adding purchases to the user’s monthly cell phone bill are the only ways to pay. As far as I know, Microsoft has never said anything on the subject. But even if Microsoft Points purchases never come to Windows Phone, PayPal is still fairly likely as it’s similar to credit cards on Microsoft’s end. Let’s hope they don’t drag their feet on bringing us more payment options!

Source: Major Nelson’s blog via Microsoft News.