Sega emulator for Windows Phone returns to the Marketplace

Just days after we reported that Blue Tomato, the brand renaming of Sonic's Jewels, was submitted to the Marketplace, we're excited to announce that it's back and ready for downloading.

Blue Tomato is the Sega Game Gear and Master System emulator that first appeared on the Marketplace a few weeks ago. Since then, Sega appropriately exercised their copyright claim on "Sonic" and any Sega images from the emulator, causing the app to be pulled from the Marketplace. Now it's back with a new name, new graphics and even a sound engine on board making this in our opinion well worth the $1.99 $1.29 should you so desire this type of app.

Folks who previously bought Sonic Jewel's should be able to just "update" to this version with no new incurred costs. Hit us up in comments and let us know what you think. Grab Blue Tomato here in the Marketplace for $1.99 $1.29 with a free trial.

Sega emulator returning soon as Blue Tomato to the Windows Phone Marketplace

If you've been following the saga of Sonic's Jewels 7 (SJ7), you'll remember that the popular Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator was due for a nice sound update. That update actually did hit the Marketplace but only for a few hours before it was pulled due to a copyright claim by Sega.

Our own Rafael Rivera worked with the developer to sort through the claim, which revolved around the use of Sonic the Hedgehog and the dev was quoted as saying it will return. The condition of returning though would be to shed all of Sega's copyrights--images and names--in order for it to presumably pass the Marketplace certification. We spoke of this on the last podcast where the name "Blue Tomato" was tossed out as the new name.

Now we got word that Blue Tomato is in the certification process in the Marketplace and the developer has posted some screenshots, showing off the new artwork. The most pertinent question though many of you have is this: Will I have to re-buy the emulator? The answer appears to be "no" as this will by just another update to the existing Marketplace spot for the app. Certainly that should make some of you relieved.

Moreover, that sound update will be included as well as "better game loop" and Zip support, which should make things a lot easier for users. We'll keep you posted if/when the app passes and is re-available for download again.

Source: Facebook

Sonic's Jewels 7 pulled due to use of Sonic the Hedgehog

Just yesterday, we covered the Marketplace disappearance of an enthusiast's Sega Genesis Sega Gamegear/Sega Master System emulator titled Sonic's Jewels 7. But after getting in touch with the developer, we have new information and insight into what went down.

The author received an email from Microsoft on Feburary 9, 2012 entitled: "Mobile Application Content Infringement Complaint - Sonic's Jewels", trimmed for brevity.

This message is to notify you that Microsoft has received a Content Infringement Complaint (“Complaint”) for your application Sonic's Jewels. A copy of the Complaint is attached for your review.

Immediate Request

Please disable access to the application from the Marketplace within one business dayIf your application is still available for download within this timeframe, Microsoft may remove the application.  Please note that under certain circumstances Microsoft may disable your app immediately without providing you the opportunity to disable it.


Also in the email were two boilerplate options -- either file a DMCA Counter-Notice alleging the take down of the application was in error or actually remove the materials in the complaint. Obviously, the developer pulled the app.

In the attached complaint, filed February 8, 2012, Sega noted (emphasis ours):

Please provide a name (if available) and a description of the work for which you claim intellectual property ownership: The name of the work is the Genesis, a Sega console that was built and sold in the 1990's. Sega has trademarked the term Genesis (on June 9, 1992) and all the hardware that was part of this project. Sega also owns the copyright and IP for Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the game mascots featured on the system.

Please provide a name of the other content (if available) and a description of what you claim is infringing about the other content: This title is called "Sonic Jewels" and it is a Genesis emulator for Windows Phone that was not built by Sega or authorized in any way. The emulator uses images of Sonic the Hedgehog that are used illegally.


Complaints about the use of a name or logo must be accompanied by a copy of the trademark application or registration. We cannot act on any complaint related to a name or logo without a copy of the trademark application or registration. Check this box if the trademark application or registration is included with this complaint: [x]

As we suspected, Sega didn't like the use of the Sonic the Hedgehog imagery throughout the application. Before you arm the neighborhood with molotovs and pitchforks, let's pause and reflect. Our coin ring-loving blue pal belongs to Sega. The complaint here is completely fair. What troubles us, however, is how odd the Windows Phone Marketplace folks operate. For example, the complaint includes trademark registration/application paperwork but only for the mark Genesis. Not the actual trademark in question (Sonic the Hedgehog). Yet the complaint went through with record speed. Also, the complaint form is oddly bare and consists of a single page, unlike the 6-page monstrosity we had to fill out in the Dudley saga.

At any rate, we're working with the developer directly, helping him get through the scary-sounding Marketplace paperwork and procedures. We expect a quick turn around on this one, so stay tuned.

Sonic's Jewels 7 SEGA emulator disappears from the Marketplace [Updated]

News just in - we've lost Sonic's Jewels (pun intended). Sonic's Jewels 7 (SJ7), a SEGA Master System & Game Gear emulator, has long be at the centre of attention and was released two weeks ago. But now it has come to our attention that the app has disappeared from the Marketplace. The emulator received high praise from us for being both well designed and featuring some numerous options, including:

  • Pinnable games to the Start screen with Live Tiles
  • Three save slots per game; instant resume
  • Skydrive support for importing games
  • Frame skips for 1st Gen devices
  • Portrait & Landscape support

As well as being able to load ROMs from URLs or SkyDrive, the developer was working on an update that was planned to introduce sound emulation to complete the gaming experience. We've reached out to the developer for clarification as to why the app has been withdrawn. For now we'll allow you to speculate in the comments.

UPDATE: According to the Sonic's Jewels 7 Facebook page SEGA weren't going to allow the use of trademarked graphics/brands and thus Microsoft pulled the app. We've reached out to the developer so stay tuned for more information, thanks Lumic for the heads up on the link.

via: SmartphoneFrance

Sonic Jewels 7 getting sound emulation in next update [Video]

We've been talking about Sonic Jewels 7 for awhile now. The SEGA Master System and Game Gear emulator fetches for $1.29 in the Marketplace and features the ability to load ROMs via URL or Skydrive. The emulator itself is exceptionally well designed but it was lacking one major feature: sound.

Now with the latest upcoming update (version 1.2) the dev has completed the sound-emulation aspect (no easy task) and we've managed to get an early look.

So far it has performed very well for us and our HTC TITAN (1.5GHz CPU). We have been able to max out the frame rate with sound and have seen no degradation in performance. Older devices may have some issues though which is why they can "skip" frames via the settings to help smooth out the graphics during gameplay.

Overall, the sound emulation really completes this experience and we look forward to the updated version hitting the Marketplace soon. For now, you can use the no-sound version here with a trial.

[And to fend off criticism on our earlier editorial, we want make it clear we're not against emulators per se on WPCentral, just against people selling other people's software which is what Rivera was talking about here]

Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator now in the Windows Phone Marketplace

The Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator for Windows Phone which allows you to load up ROMs is now live in the Marketplace! Going by the name of Sonic's Jewels (SJ7), the app fetches for a fair $1.29 with a free trial.

In our preview a few days ago (see video after the break) we gave the emulator high praise for being extremely well designed with fluid transitions and numerous options including:

  • Pinnable games to the Start screen with Live Tiles
  • Three save slots per game; instant resume
  • Skydrive support for importing games
  • Frame skips for 1st Gen devices
  • Portrait & Landscape support

Needless to say, we really like it. The one down side that as of right now, there is no sound emulation. But guess what? The developer has solved this problem and the next update brings full sound emulation to the mix. Don't believe us? Head past the break for a demonstration.

Sneak Peek: SEGA emulator for Windows Phone 7 [Video]

We mentioned Sonic's Jewels (SJ7) the other day as coming to Windows Phone. The SEGA Game Gear and Master System emulator has been submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace and should be made available to all in the next few days. Coming with a free trial, the emulator will ultimately fetch for $1.29 which we find to a great price for this well designed app.

We've playing with it for a few days now and while there is currently no sound (the devs are hoping to get that working in the future) we found the emulation and presentation top notch. The app is fluid, intuitive to use and has built in Skydrive support for importation of your ROM collection. With the ability for three saved-states per game, pinnable Live Tiles for each game and the excellent progress indicators, we're very impressed with the effort here.

We'll keep you posted when Sonic's Jewels goes live in the Marketplace in the next few days. Until then, enjoy our video tour.

Update: This app is now known as Blue Tomato.