JDB Pocketware's SkyManager updated, background uploading now supported

JDB Pocketware, the developer behind HandyScan and 7Dialer, has updated their SkyManager app.  SkyManager is a Windows Phone app that offers an decent alternative means to access and manage your SkyDrive account.

The version 1.5 update brings a few new features to the mix, notably the ability to upload files to your SkyDrive account in the background. You also have a new sharing option to post images to Facebook and the ability to pick a SkyDrive folder when uploading via picture>share.

Microsoft said to be planning a range of new features for SkyDrive

Microsoft has been reported to be planning numerous new features for its popular cloud storage service, SkyDrive. LiveSide has published a handful of new features that we can expect to see in a future update. We're talking about shared lists, folder mounting and Windows hardware settings backup management. Sounds interesting, right?

Microsoft Memories - a look back, at the past of Redmond technology

Sometimes technology is a collection of circuitry and silicon, sometimes though – it is a magical moment full of feelings and memories. The best experiences are born when technology transcends our knowledge and connects us with what we love. British science fiction writer and futurist, Arthur C. Clarke, once said:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Microsoft has been around for a long time and for those of us who live off of the technology they provide, some of the memories will never seep away.

In 2007, the company released a four minute commercial that has come to be known as “Your Digital Lifestyle”. The ad highlighted the then current hi-tech Microsoft products of the time and how one green shirted hipster used them to party the night away. The commercial is set to a cover of Ash’s Girl from Mars by Canadian group, Magneta Lane.

Buckle up, because we are going on a field trip to six years ago; along the way, we are going to jam with our green shirted friend and revisit some of our past Microsoft technology goodies. Windows Vista will probably be seen along the way, but there will be plenty of other experiences to combat that bad flavor.

SkyDrive for Windows Phone gets bug fixes in latest update

As if we needed any more updates for app on Windows Phone this week, SkyDrive too has received a minor bump today to fix some bugs. Version is now live in the Store and although your Store notification may not show it, you can go and grab the update by following the link below.

Microsoft’s latest commercial brings your world to life – Windows is everywhere

Microsoft is everywhere and they want you to know that. The two latest commercials (see the second ad after the break) from the boys in Redmond show off the harmonious marriage of various services on Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices. Internet Explorer, Bing, Xbox, Skype, SkyDrive, and the App store - are all touched upon.

Office 365 hits 1 million subscribers; Microsoft celebrates

Today Microsoft announced that the recently released edition of Office, 365, is the bestselling version of their productivity software to date. When the service went live, the company reported licenses being sold at a rate of more than one per second. In a mere 100 days, Office 365 Home Premium has hit more than 1 million subscribers.

Microsoft offering bonus Skydrive storage to College Students

SkyDrive is a great way to back up and store files in the cloud, and access everything from your tablet, computer or Windows Phone. SkyDrive is a free service with 7GB of storage.  From students (or anyone else for that matter) 7GB might not be enough.

If you're a college student you can get an extra 3GB on top of that. All you need to do is head over here, enter a valid .edu email address, and a free storage code will be sent your way.

SkyDrive Pro available for download; enterprise users rejoice

Today the SharePoint Team at Microsoft announced that a standalone SkyDrive Pro client is available to download for Windows machines. The Pro edition of SkyDrive allows users to easily save, sync, share, and collaborate on documents in SharePoint. It is worth noting that the new client, is only compatible with SharePoint 2013 servers and Office 365.

SkyDrive Pro was pre-bundled (although not functional for all users until now) with Office 365 Pro Plus, Office 365 Small Business Premium, and Office Professional Plus 2013. If you have any of the aforementioned Office suites installed on your PC, there is no need to download SkyDrive Pro separately.

Photo Timeline, full resolution uploads and more added to Skydrive

Microsoft has been busy polishing up Skydrive. Starting today Skydrive will offer a timeline view of your photos to help you navigate through all your images a little more efficiently.

Skydrive users will also see improvements with respect to upload performance (twice as fast) with the Skydrive desktop app and full resolution uploads from your Windows Phone has become available to all markets.  

Windows 8 sells 100 million licenses, SkyDrive hits 250 million users, and more big Microsoft numbers

It’s been a little over six month since Windows 8 launched for consumers. How’s it doing right now? If you listened to the critics and pundits you’d be under the impression that Windows 8 was a flop – another Vista most of them joke. Because we all know Microsoft can’t make two good operating systems in a row, right? I disagree! Today we learn that Windows 8 is on pace to catch up with Windows 7 sales-wise, plus more interesting facts and figures.

Microsoft's bolt from the Blue: How Redmond expects to keep Windows and Windows Phone fresh

We've known for a while that Microsoft will be working on its first set of updates for Windows 8, codenamed "Blue". But now, according to ZDNet, Microsoft is said to be expanding the coverage of said update to reach beyond the realm of Windows. Blue is also referring to Windows Phone, cloud services (SkyDrive,, etc.) and Windows Server. It's a wave of upgrades which are not believed to be arriving on the very same day, but very close to one another.

Draw, sketch and take notes on the official Moleskine app for Windows Phone

Moleskine ( is a notebook company who's launching a number of apps for multiple platforms, and now Windows Phone is supported. As a popular and well loved company, Moleskine has a number of products available at popular retailers and is turning to the cloud and digital hardware. Moving with trends, Microsoft's mobile platform now sports an official app.

SkyDrive for Windows 8 and Windows RT gets updated with live tiles

SkyDrive for Windows 8 and Windows RT got an update today that adds live tile support. Now when you upload a file to SkyDrive, your start screen icon will display the latest information on your most recent uploads. The new live tile will display titles and upload times of new documents and thumbnail previews of newly-added photos. In my case, an album I uploaded showed the cover art on the live tile.

SkyDrive gets minor bump in latest update for Windows Phone 8

Just the other day Microsoft updated the SkyDrive service for 2013 with a few new features which we detailed here. Now it looks like the Windows Phone 8 app is getting a small update too, which we assume is to continue compatibility.

No new features are noted nor observed (ignore the changelog as that’s dated from November).

SkyDrive updated with new features for 2013

Microsoft’s cloud based storage solution; SkyDrive has picked up its first set of updates as we go into 2013. The service has quickly evolved to become the hub for nearly every product in Microsoft’s line up. Windows Phone has always been deeply connected and the past year has seen Windows and Office hook into the mesh.

The public face of SkyDrive is through a web interface and it's here that many will create folders and share them. The team has improved sharing, speed and touch responsiveness to the latest update.

Google’s problem with Windows Phone and does it matter?

In a recent interview Google stated they will not devote any resources to making apps for either Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8. They have also now ceased consumer support for ActiveSync.  Some are calling it ‘war’ while others passionately question if Windows Phone can survive without Google products and services.

The relationship between Google and Microsoft has always been somewhat hostile. In many ways the battle they engage in now can be seen as a kind of echo from a distant technological past. Google have dug in their heels and to some degree shown their true colours by declaring zero support for Microsoft’s newest operating systems, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

But does it matter and has anything really changed? coding reveals possible cloud music player

The folks over at LiveSide have been going through the source code of and uncovered a tasty tidbit of musical interest: appears to be getting a cloud-based music player. Resource images obtained by LiveSide from an internal testing version of SkyDrive seem to corroborate the feature, depicting player control button icons for "play," "pause," and "skip."

SkyDrive usage stats and new desktop features go live today

Odds are if you're using Windows Phone that you're using SkyDrive, the cloud storage and syncing product from Microsoft. The file hosting service offers users access to their data through a web interface as well as clients for every major mobile or desktop operating system. The desktop clients in particular were released about six months ago and Microsoft has just shared in a blog post that usage has doubled.

Today, the team has also announced a few new features to the service that make using SkyDrive more powerful. Read on to find out what...

SkyDrive App now available for Windows Phone 8 devices

Oddly missing for a while from Microsoft next generation mobile OS, Windows Phone 8, SkyDrive is now available to download on your new handset.

While it has been possible to get most of the things you might care about from the Pictures Hub or even the Office Hub the dedicated SkyDrive app allow you to view it all in one place. How it should be.

BUILD attendees receive 100GB SkyDrive storage and Surface RT tablet with Touch Cover

To show its support for developers and the ecosystem's future, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced at the company's BUILD event today that all attending developers will receive a gift - 100GB storage on SkyDrive, as well a brand new Surface RT tablet with Touch Cover.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the BUILD event.