Lumia 535 launches in Thailand with three months of free Skype international calls

Thailand is the latest country to start selling Microsoft's latest Windows Phone device, the 5-inch Lumia 535. The company held a press event earlier today to announce the launch of the budget phone, which will be priced at 4,490 Thai Baht, or about $137.

Microsoft launches the Lumia 830, Lumia 730 in Thailand

Microsoft today announced the Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 for Thailand at an event in Bangkok. Available today, the Lumia 830 will set purchasers back by 13,990 baht ($430), while the 'selfie' Lumia 730 is priced at 8,790 baht ($270). To sweeten the deal slightly, Microsoft is bundling free 15GB OneDrive storage and free Skype calls for 3 months.

Lumia Cyan update reportedly rolling out in Thailand

If you're using a Lumia handset in Thailand, start checking your device for the Lumia Cyan update. While there isn't an official confirmation yet, we've been hearing that the update is being rolled out in the country, starting with entry-level handsets like the Lumia 625.

Nokia Lumia 930 to launch in Thailand on July 9 for 19,890 baht

The Nokia Lumia 930 will be available in Thailand next week. Microsoft today unveiled the Windows Phone, which will be stocked by local carrier dtac with a 50 percent discount for 12 months on supported plans. The 4G Windows Phone has an expected shipping date of July 9. Bright orange and green will be joined by the usual black and white variants, providing some choice for early adopters and the Windows Phone will be priced at 19,890 baht ($610).

Microsoft to provide Office 365 to 8 million students in Thailand

Thailand has announced that it is partnering with Microsoft in a deal that will see the single largest deployment of Office 365 for education. The five-year deal inked between the country's Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC) and Microsoft Thailand will ensure that 8 million students along with 400,000 teachers in the country will have free access to Microsoft Office 365 for education.

Nokia expanding its Music service to new markets and hardware

Nokia music is expanding. The service is launching in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, following the recent release in Indonesia. That's not all as Nokia is also taking its music service to new hardware. We're not talking about phones or handheld devices, but vehicles. The company is pushing hard for market penetration, as well as setting out on new ventures.

Nokia launches the colourful, inexpensive Lumia 620 in Thailand

Nokia launched the Lumia 620 yesterday in Thailand. The inexpensive Windows Phone is making its way across emerging markets where the cheaper smartphone generally performs well. The handset will be available for 8250 Baht ($275). Unveiled last year, the Lumia 620 runs Windows Phone 8 and sports a dual-core chip.

More shaky cam footage with the Lumia 920, Galaxy S3 and iPhone arrives

We're starting to see a new theme of video reviews this year: shaky video cam tests. Yes, with Nokia's Lumia 920 and their optical image stabilization (OIS), everyone will be comparing it to everything. The question is how crazy will the rigs and trials get?

Nokia prepping post-Tango 8779 Windows Phone OS updates for Lumia 710 and 800

Nokia is keeping up with developing OS updates for its Lumia line of devices or at least they keep priming them for release. The latest update, found on the NaviFirm servers, is for build 8779 which is just slightly ahead of build 8773 aka Tango. Tango just started rolling out by various carriers and OEMs last week (see out documented features list for Tango here).

What’s new in 8779? We’re actually not sure. Support for the location-based alert icon is thought to be one, but we’ve seen it on a Lumia 610 with specific firmware (not ours though). Due to the regions where this is being prepped for—Thailand, Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Tunisia—we’re going to guess that better support for specific markets could be another feature.  Other features like static-IP for WiFi and more SIM options may also be available are other possible options.

Windows Phone 8779 showing up in NaviFirm Plus for the Lumia 710 & 800

The OS update is unofficially available for the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 (nothing for the 900 just yet) and can be downloaded using NaviFirm Plus and flashing your device. It’s a tricky process but technically legit as it uses Nokia’s own methods. However, there are still risks involved including not being able to flash back and due to the language issue (we’re not sure what language packs are onboard) you may not be able to read your device again.

For that reason, we can’t recommend trying this out but we’ll keep an eye out if and when more region- or carrier-specific versions pop up. Thanks, Melicaster, for the tip

HTC Mozart launches in Thailand

The HTC Mozart, a swell little device that we look to be getting here in the U.S. soon, received quite the red carpet launch event in Thailand today. Recently we were asked about new hardware launches, specifically the lack of new devices and to that we'll say that Microsoft and partners are more about augmenting that 30 countries/60 carriers figure than the nine different devices.--Thailand and Canada are good examples of that focus.

Oh and the above video is in Thai but it doesn't mean you can't appreciate the fun it looks like they're having. Did we ever mention we want to go there? The place looks awesome.

Source: WinPhoClub; Thanks, Ton Hor, for the heads up