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Where did the Tilt2 go?

The AT&T Tilt2 has vanished from AT&T's inventory. At least online that is.

Checking both the main AT&T Wireless website and the Premiere Customer site (business accounts) the Tilt2 is no where in sight. We've seen the Tilt2 marked as "out of stock" and offered as refurbished but never completely taken off the inventory listing.

The only three remaining Windows Phones listed with AT&T are the Samsung Jack (currently out of stock), the Samsung Propel and HP Glisten.

Granted this could be a regional issue or just a simple oversight.  But could this be a sign that AT&T is making room for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 units? If so, doesn't it feel early to be clearing out room for a phone that isn't supposed to hit market until November?  If we get any updates, we'll pass them along.


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Follow-up: AT&T Tilt2 ROM Official Update

Yesterday, AT&T and HTC released an updated ROM for the Tilt2. Earlier this summer, a leaked version of this ROM surfaced over at XDA Developers. Asides from maybe a little fine tuning under the hood, the "official" version and the "leaked" versions are basically the same thing.

The update ROM is built on Windows Mobile 6.5 and Sense 2.5. This is probably the last hoorah for the Tilt2 and it would have been nice to see HTC and AT&T take the plunge and build this update on Windows Mobile 6.5.3. You do get a new radio version ( which I have found to be a solid performer.

Like the "leaked" version, the updated ROM has some zip to it. Sense tabs flow smoothly, apps load without delay, and the overall feel is improved. Also like the "leaked" version, AT&T choose not to include the most recent versions of essential software. The most notable outdated version is likely .NET Compact Framework. Sure, you could always install the current version but it's odd that AT&T would release a ROM with outdated software. Right?

The "official" update also has the customary AT&T bloatware installed. You have the AT&T Navigator, Media Mall, and an assortment of trial versions pre-installed. If you need to free up the space these app take up, you can always turn to third-party apps such as Crud Scraper to clean things up.

In using the "official" update, it appears to be stable with no freezes, crashes or bugs experienced.  Overall, as with the leaked ROM, I think the update is an improvement over the original. If you're running the original ROM, this update is worth considering. I don't think this ROM is strong enough to lure those running custom ROMs away from their chefs. But I have seen some really nice custom ROMs built off this update.

For me, it's the little things that are missing that could have helped this be a better update. Little things such as a Task Manager icon on the menu bar or having "mark all as read" as an option on the email menu. You do have a Twitter tab but what about Footprints, Documents or Facebook tabs?

It is nice to see AT&T give the Tilt2 one last update before it's likely to be replaced with an assortment of Windows Phone 7 devices, but I can't help but think they could have done more.  You can download the official updated ROM for the Tilt2 over at HTC's support website.

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Well it's official.

AT&T and HTC have released an official update for the AT&T Tilt2. We saw an "unofficial" version surface back in July and our initial impressions were good. The leaked ROM had a little more bounce in its step.

The official update includes Sense 2.5, the ability to format the SD Card from the phone, and an assortment of hotfixes. The official version of the updated ROM is 2.10.502.4.

We're in the process of downloading the 226mb update and will be able to tell later today if it shares the same pep that the leaked version did.  If you've already downloaded and installed this ROM, feel free to share your impressions in the comments section.

Just remember, when updating your Windows Phone ROM the update wipes your phone clean and data backups are strongly recommended before you proceed.

You can find the official update here. A tip of the hat goes out to mvierling for alerting us to this update through our tip line.

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Follow-up: AT&T Tilt2 leaked ROM update


A leaked ROM update for the AT&T Tilt2 surfaced the other day and we've had a few days to tinker with it. The ROM is based on the 21887 build of Windows Mobile 6.5 and runs HTC Sense 2.5. It also has an updated radio (

Compared to the original shipped ROM for the Tilt2, the updated ROM is noticeably more responsive. Sense 2.5 flows smoothly and apps are pulled up with little or no delay. ROM Chefs, such as NRGZ28, have already begun to incorporate parts of this build into their cooking. The ROM has potential but as is, still has a ways to go before it can be stamped "official" ROM.

As is, it's a nice building foundation but you will need to install or update a few items. Net CF is an older version (v2.1) and to run more current apps and modifiers, you'll need to install a more current version (v3.5). Neither BING nor Google Maps is preloaded. Office Mobile is an older release but the 2010 release is free over at the Marketplace. Nothing critical but you'll need to spend some time loading some additional apps or updated versions.

To address the bloatware, you can use Crud Scraper (requires .NET CF 3.5) to free up to 39mb of memory. I choose BSB Tweaks to help optimize the Tilt2 but other tweaks are available to help boost performance. I also installed Brian's Taskbar (requires SdkCerts installed) to help add some color to my notification icons.

Remember, a ROM update will wipe your device clean so a data back-up is highly encouraged.   Also, read up on any modifiers you install.  Check and make sure there aren't any required .cab files (e.g. .NET CF , SdkCerts, etc.) because without them you can crash your Windows Phone.  

All in all, I like the direction AT&T has taken with this update.  Just remember all is not lost if you update and don't like what you see. The original Tilt2 ROM is still available over at HTC's Support Site.

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AT&T Tilt2 update surfaces

AT&T Tilt2 owners are in for a surprise.  A new ROM has surfaced over at Shipped-ROMs that appears to be a Windows Mobile 6.5 update for the Tilt2. On top of the ROM surfacing, over at XDA Developers, a new radio has also surfaced from AT&T (included in the ROM update).

After downloading the 230mb file, I took the plunge and flashed my Tilt2. The ROM is definitely branded AT&T and is likely a pre-release test ROM. AT&T has done this before (with the Fuze) and if the time table stays consistent, we should be seeing an "official" release in a few weeks.

Just skimming the surface of the "leaked" version, it is built on WM 6.5 (build 21887) and is running Sense 2.5. It does have the customary AT&T bloatware and it will be nice when the chef's at XDA can cook something up without all the AT&T junk. Just scratching the surface of the "leaked" ROM it appears to be more responsive and looks very clean. The new radio also has a little more pep to it.

If your comfortable flashing ROMs you can download it here and if you prefer to simply update your radio, you can find it here

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AT&T One Cent Sale

Need a Windows Phone cheap?  If so, AT&T is offering their Windows Phone line-up for a penny.  We have no clue how long this fire sale will last but you can pick up a Samsung Jack, HP Glisten, LG Expo or Tilt2 for one penny.  Could AT&T be making room for a rumored Windows Phone 7 launch?

The penny sale doesn't come without a hitch.  You'll have to sign up for a minimum $15 data package and a two year contract.  Still, if you're looking to upgrade that HTC Fuze or Samsung Blackjack these deals are hard to ignore.  You can check out the sale information over at AT&T's website.

Thanks goes out to Cornelius Whitaker for the tip.

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Review: HTC Extended Battery and Cover


You can never have too much power.  As Windows Phones become more versatile, the need for power becomes more critical and sometimes the stock battery isn't enough.

We use our Windows Phones to surf the internet, text, email, watch videos, listen to music, play games on, and in between those activities we make a few calls.  While power management has improved greatly with Windows Mobile sometimes the standard battery isn't enough.

For those needing a little more staying power with their Tilt2, the HTC Extended Battery and Cover may be just what you're looking for.  You know the drill, to read more on HTC's extended battery and cover, follow the break.

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Review: SPE Protective Case for Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2

Hard shell cases have their advantages but when you carry a Windows Phone with a slide-out keyboard, such as the Touch Pro 2 or Tilt 2, the choices can be slim to none. Smartphone Experts offers their Protective Case that might just do the trick if you're a fan of hard shell cases.

The cases are offered in pink, smoke or clear. The sleek cases aren't for everyone and to see if the Protective Case is for you, follow the break.

Doesn't interfere with the phone's functions. Slim fit.
Snap tabs can be tricky.
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Review: SPE Leather Sidecase for Tilt 2/Touch Pro 2

The choice of a case for your Windows Phone may be just as tough as choosing the phone itself. Smartphone Experts offers a wide range of cases from top loading to holsters to side cases.

One of SPE's more recent cases is the SPE Leather Side Case. The case is offered for the HTC Touch Pro 2 and Tilt 2 Windows Phone series. Follow the break to read more about this new case from Smartphone Experts.


Fit and feel. Build Quality.
Velcro closure might not appeal to everyone.
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HTC Releases Stock Tilt 2 ROM

The essence of this site is our enthusiasm for all things Windows Mobile. A common thread among WinMo enthusiasts is the unending desire to tweak and improve the devices that use. One technique that we have mentioned multiple times, and is a very popular solution for many hard core Windows Mobile junkies is the use of custom ROMs.

The hazards of flashing your device have been documented elsewhere, but HTC has assisted in alleviating one of those dangers with the official release of the stock ROM for the AT&T Tilt 2. This ROM enables you to re-flash your hardware back to using the standard (and more importantly, supported) ROM in the event of a need of hardware or software support.

Hit up HTC’s Tilt 2 download page to get your copy.

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Those of you looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest HTC from AT&T on the cheap should get your pocketbooks ready. Refurbished models of the HTC Pure and HTC Tilt 2 are now offered through AT&T online. Prices with a 2 year contract (including a $30 per month data plan) are down to $149.99 for the Tilt2 and $99 for the Pure.

What is your opinion on refurbished devices? Is a savings of $50 worth not getting a brand new device? Any success/horror stories to share? What say you?

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Still no word on a release date, but the AT&T Tilt 2 has found its way onto AT&T's Premiere Web site, which is for customers with corporate affiliations. The Tilt 2 is being advertised for $349.99 which is slightly higher than the reported retail price (not uncommon for the Premiere Site). The Tilt 2 is listed as "Prelaunch" which we can only assume is the same as "Pre-Order." 

And to fan that flame a little more, the Boy Genius Report snagged some internal slides from AT&T and says the Tilt 2 will be available Oct. 8 -- that's this Thursday.  If true, we definitely won't complain if AT&T confused "a couple of weeks" with "a couple of days" in their original press release.

Tip o' the hat to Wayne for the tip.

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We've seen the official announcement for the AT&T Pure and Tilt 2, now we have an official AT&T unboxing video for the two new Windows Phones. While the Pure is available now, still no word when the Tilt2 will be available, just in "coming weeks."

A couple of notes from the video on the Tilt 2, it appears not to have a 3.5mm jack and while Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon dropped that pesky Push-to-talk button, AT&T has chosen to keep it around.  Fortunately, it does look like it's been reduced in size.

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