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touch hd

For those of you lucky enough to be rocking an HTC Touch HD, there's a hotfix out there that fixes audio skipping during music playback. The fix applies only to ROM version 1.59.XXX.X or lower.

And as with any hotfix, you'll have to reapply it if you hard-reset your phone. But that's a small price to pay for actually having a Touch HD, which never set official foot on U.S. soil.

Go get the hotfix here.

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Here's a possibly scenario for you to ponder:

So we're just throwing it out there that somewhere out there on the internets is a "signed ship" ROM floating around (we've seen it ourselves) labeled for Clearwire using the Touch HD's moniker.  And that Sprint shows no signs of getting a Touch Diamond 2 even though it is EOL and running on its final shipment.

We could also throw out this gem from criticalaudioinc, who works with HTC and said 7 months ago:

HTC is currently in discussion again on bringing the HTC Touch HD to the US, I currently have a GSM model that we were asked to convert to CDMA, All that was needed was to pull a board from the diamond and re-solder and flash the the rom. From what we can see it is working pretty well the solder isn't pretty but again its a test. But its looking good so far.

So there you go. What say you? We be crazy or is Sprint getting ready to launch a Touch HD with Wimax?

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We're expecting a goodly number of games to hit the Windows Marketplace for Mobile later this year (check out the full list of initial participants), but some of you may not be completely sold on a Windows phone being good for real gaming.

Feast your eyes north at a demo of Need for Speed Undercover on the Touch HD (running Windows Mobile 6.5 nonetheless) and tell us if your fears are assuaged any, especially considering the upcoming Touch Pro 2 and Touch Diamond 2 have virtually the same specs as the Touch HD.

HD via Mobile Tech Addicts

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HTC Touch HD gets a ROM update

If by chance you have an HTC Touch HD (or, ya know, live outside the United States, where it actually was released), there's a ROM update waiting for you from HTC. [via] Fixed in this European-only update are:

  • Updated the Connection Setup Database.
  • Improved emergency call connections while using Airplane Mode.
  • The GPS position updating speed has been enhanced.
  • A Title bar display flicker in TouchFLO 3D has been corrected.
  • Fixed multiple browsing issues.

So if you're lucky enough to have a Touch HD, go getcher update here.

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We've never been too shy about expressing our unabashed rage disappointment that the HTC Touch HD never made its way to the United States, at least officially and with U.S. 3G bands on board. So one of the more exciting hardware announcements at Mobile World Congress was HTC and the Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2, which have the sex appeal of the Touch HD.

Join us inside as we take a side-by-side look at what's under the hood.

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Here's video of two things not yet available in the United States: an HTC Touch HD, and Windows Mobile 6.5. The Touch HD we can't do anything about. It's just not coming. WinMo 6.5, on the other hand, should make its official debut this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We can't vouch for anything here, but it does look pretty snappy.

So now we've seen picture after picture after picture of Windows Mobile 6.5, an early port, and finally some grainy video. Is there anything left? Fortunately we've got Dieter on the ground in Spain to bring you the official announcement in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Chris, and everyone else who sent this in.

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Tip of the Week: Save your stylus

Ah, the great stylus debate. Even with the advent of the more finger-friendly TouchFlo 3D, some people just can't put down the stylus. And that's OK. Different strokes and all that. And with the Touch Diamond family of devices (including the Touch Pro and Touch HD), there came the added bonus of the phone recognizing when you remove the stylus and then waking or launching a program.

And if you're they type that's constantly losing your stylus, here's a little app that can help remind you to put it back after you've used it. Brought to you by the fine folks at XDA Developers, it monitors whether your stylus is in or out. If it's out and your phone starts moving, it can alert you. Pretty simple stuff, but it could save you a little stylus headache.

Find the app and more information on it here.

Via PocketNow

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If watching Dieter's quickie hands-on with the Touch HD didn't have you foaming at the mouth, maybe this will send you over the edge.

The Xperia X1 panels are now "fully functional" on the Touch HD. When we last checked in with the little experiment, there was no way to switch from one panel to another, never mind the stability issues.

But harvsingh over at XDA Developers says he's beaten those problems. He's doing a private beta and hopes to release a cab file soon. Keep an eye on this thread.

Now if only the XDA guys could magically get the Touch HD to be released in the United States. (Or get the Xperia X1a to get out of pre-order status and finally see the light of day!)

And because turnabout is fair play, don't forget that you can run TouchFlo 3D on the Xperia X1.

Via wmpoweruser

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Your weekend Touch HD fodder

";" alt="">

It's been a few days since we've done any drooling over the HTC Touch HD, and that's been long enough.

Above is a short promo video [via & via] for the upcoming device — someone get us a date and price already! — that serves to pique our interest that much more.

What we'd really like to see is this thing in a few more hands (I'll gladly volunteer if Dieter's busy), and some light at the end of the tunnel. This wait is starting to get painful.

Thanks, Jeremy, for the tip!

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Hot on the heels of the Touch 3G gaining FCC approval, the Federal Communications Commission has approved the HTC Touch HD, albeit in the European flavor without the U.S. 3G bands. That's OK, because it means we'll be able to import it here and them complain about how it doesn't work well enough (hello, Diamond?).

It's also the usual step toward getting an honest-to-goodness U.S. version, so we'll take what we can get.

In other Touch HD news, Arne over at The Unwired has a great hands-on video with the device. That's 23 minutes of 480x800 goodness, with a good look at how the hardware handles TouchFLO 3D. It's smooth, even in what presumably is not the final production ROM. But will it be quick enough to satisfy?

Check out the video here.

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Allow us to pick up where the latest WM Experts podcast left off with the HTC Touch HD and simply say the following:

Mmmmmmmmm. ... Pixels.

CNET Asia [via] brings us a quick snap of the Touch HD alongside its Diamond and Pro cousins. Remember: It's not that the HD, on the left, is that huge - it's the exact same size as the iPhone. It's just that the Diamond is that tiny.

They then follow up with some shots of the Opera browser in all of its 480x800 glory, the 3.5mm headphone jack, and a thickness comparison between the three.

Check it all out here. Then leave us some advice in the comments as to how we're possibly going to be able to wait for this guy to arrive.

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";" alt="">

Early this morning we brought you news of a hands-on with the HTC Touch HD.

Now fellow Frenchmen Generation Phonehouse - which WM Experts reader Magnus_Z tells us us the French division of of the U.K.'s Carphone Warehouse, has tossed up some YouTube goodness [via].

So kick back, relax, and marvel at the 480x800 goodness put up next to a Samsung Omnia and iPhone 3G.

And if anyone wants to translate in the comments, we'd be much obliged.

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French site Geek Inc. (translated site here) managed to get its hands on an HTC Touch HD and has blessed us with a bevy of pictures. And the overall impression is quite good.

By now you know the deets. Quad-band EDGE and HSPA (900/2100 only so far - boo). WinMo 6.1 Pro with TouchFlo 3D. A 3.8-inch, 480x800 WVGA touchscreen. Five-megapixel camera with autofocus, and front-facing VGA camera. 512 ROM/288 RAM. MicroSD card. Assisted GPS. WiFi. 1350 mAh battery. 528 MHz Qualcomm processor. Exactly the same dimensions as the iPhone.

Their conclusion is the same we often have and mirrors a conclusion Dieter briefly spoke about in the latest Treocast over on our sister site.

The greatest fault of this HTC Touch HD is … Windows Mobile 6.1 … I exaggerate and that is not so bad as that, but it's still anti ergonomic!

But I'll reiterate another point frequently mentioned: Higher resolution can make just about anything better (see also). So if you're dead-set against the iPhone and its mere 320x480 screen, this could be your answer. Stay tuned.

Via Engadget Mobile

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Update x2: The pages are back up! Here the Touch 3G page and here's your Touch HD page.

Update: The site, she's gone. Head on over to Engadget for some more pics.

Go, bask in the glory of the HTC Touch HD, which was previously leaked last week. Yes, friends, we have multiple angles and the full specs:

  • 3.8 inch, 480x800 screen
  • TouchFLO 3D
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • 512 MB ROM, 288 MB RAM
  • 4.35“ x 2.5” x .47“
  • Quad-Band GSM, 3G in Europse/Asia (no US)
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, A-GPS
  • microSD
  • 1350 mAh Battery

Hot. There's a phrase that we've always been gun-shy about using, but here we go anyway: iPhone Killer. Go on and check out the full photo gallery.

Want more? Ok, the HTC Touch HD the website isn't fully finished, yet - click on ”Product Tour“ to get a glance at the ”HTC Touch 3G“ which comes in a ”modern, lightweight shape“ and ”a range of hot colors.“ This looks to be an entirely new Touch -- it has the look of the Touch Dual on the front and boasts 3G, unlike the recently leaked Opal / Viva. This sounds quite a bit more like that device that we hinted at in the podcast, too. (This 'addition' to the website makes us wonder if maybe this shouldn't have gone up just yet.)

So: Touch 3G for people with small hands, Touch HD for those who want big screens, Touch Diamond is it you're already getting passed up? HTC sure can crank out them phones. When the Touch HD and Touch 3G actually will be cranked out and at what price is anyone's guess.

via Engadget

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