T-Mobile guarantees the best trade-in price on your used mobile devices

T-Mobile today announced the US carrier will be guaranteeing the best trade-in prices for customers. The company aims to best AT&T, Sprint and Verizon by offering $50, as well as the difference back, if consumers find a better deal elsewhere. It's for a limited time only and kicks off on September 17. T-Mobile will monitor the market and adjust trade-in prices accordingly.

Apple, Cisco join Microsoft in the fight against US government requesting overseas data

Microsoft remains on its path to protect its customers against the prying US government and now both Apple and Cisco have joined the cause. The companies, along with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Verizon and AT&T are attempting to prevent the US government from issuing search warrants to demand data not physically stored in the country. Apple and Cisco have filed a joint brief in protest against this practice.

Windows Phone sales dip in the US, but passes 10% in France and growing in Europe

According to Kantar WorldPanel sales of Windows Phone devices continue to grow at a moderate pace across Europe, especially the big five countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

However in the United States Samsung’s Galaxy S5 looks to be hurting Windows Phone and the iPhone.

Xbox One Titanfall bundle also hits the US, available for pre-order at $499

We only just caught wind of the Xbox One Titanfall bundle in the UK, alongside a price cut to bring the cost of the console down to just £399. Those who reside in the US will also be able to get in on the action with this bundle. The Microsoft Store has the Xbox One Titanfall package listed for $499.99.

Microsoft: it's time for an international convention on government access to your data

Microsoft, along with other companies have been in the news surrounding the US National Security Agency (NSA) and general privacy concerns that government agencies have easy access to customer data. Brad Smith, General Counsel & Executive Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs at Microsoft, recently published a blog post detailing now is the time for an international convention on government access to data.

Sprint further expands Spark coverage, introduces new FramilySM Plan

Sprint has taken the opportunity to announce at this year's CES that six new locations have been added to the Spark support list. Not only that, but the US mobile operator is also set to launch the new Sprint FamilySM Plan. Head past the break for all the details.

Report: Sales surge in the US for low cost Lumias but more expensive ones remain elusive

New data shows entry level Windows Phones doing very well, while the Lumia 1020 remains niche; Nokia near 90% of the Windows Phone market

AdDuplex have released Windows Phone ecosystem data for the month of September. The company powers the ads that are found in Windows Phone apps worldwide and have become a solid metric for platform statistics.

This month's data continues a few trends, including steady growth of Nokia's dominance and the rise of low-cost Lumias. However, the high-end market, including the Lumia 1020, have so far not sold nearly as much. Expectation due to niche device or market failure?

PSA: Bing Search update for Windows Phone 8 going wider in the US

Back at the beginning of August, Microsoft detailed the upcoming changes to Bing Search for Windows Phone 8. The change was meant to keep Windows Phone 8 in line with the current desktop version of Bing and due to metrics on user action, the Search layout was changed.

Verizon retains top dog title in US; Windows Phone climbing steadily according to new market data from Kantar

Kantar World Panel has released US smartphone market figures for the 3-month period ending June 2013. The report shows Android retaining 51.5 percent of the US smartphone market, while iOS follows in second with 42.5 percent. Windows Phone holds 4 percent, growing slowly but steadily (up 1.1 percent since last year).

Mobile operators were also included in the report with Verizon increasing its lead to 36.9 percent. Head past the break for more details.

Reminder: T-Mobile launches JUMP! upgrade program and new plans today

This is a quick reminder to those who are looking at T-Mobile for their next Windows Phone or are already a customer. The US mobile operator has launched its new family plans today, alongside the new JUMP! program. The latter enables customers to upgrade their smartphone up to twice per year with protection against malfunction, damage, loss and theft for $10 per month. The former unlocks a new, cheaper plan for families.

T-Mobile US announces 4G expansion and new Simple Choice Plan for families

T-Mobile is rocking on with its US press conference today. We've found out exactly how much we'll be having to pay for the Nokia Lumia 925, as well as when we can expect to see the new Windows Phone launch in the states. Alongside the smartphone announcement, John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US, also unveiled new services and upgrades at the mobile operator that will help out customers. 

Official U.S. Domino’s Pizza app for Windows Phone 8 now available! Here's a tour.

Although Domino’s Pizza has had an app for the UK (and Ireland) for some time now, Windows Phone users in the US have been left without a mobile option—until today.

Hurrah! Domino’s Pizza ( has made a full-fledged, US-dedicated app for Windows Phone 8 that allows you to access your account, place your order (pickup/delivery) and even follow its status with Domino’s famed “tracker” service. Throw in some voice controls and a Live Tile and we’re all set for Saturday night!

Head past the break for the first images, our video tour and download link!

Microsoft and Nokia to attack low-end smartphone markets

Microsoft and Nokia are planning to tackle the smartphone market and hit hard with new low-end hardware, according to a report by Reuters. With multiple high-end products from Nokia, HTC, and Samsung already available, the company is now looking at the cheaper price points that attract a large portion of consumers. The Lumia 521 is such a Windows Phone that Microsoft hopes will win over the minds of consumers.

Factory unlocked Nokia Lumia 520 in Red or Black pops up on eBay in the US

Nokia's newest economically-friendly offering, the Lumia 520 has showed up for sale on eBay. This black or red, factory unlocked version looks to be the first 520 to be offered in the US and can be purchased outright for $239.99 using the Buy It Now option. Shipping is free.

comScore report illustrates slow adoption of Windows Phone in the US

comScore has released data for the three-month period ending January 2013, showing Windows Phone still battling hard against the popular iPhone in the US. Microsoft has a marathon to endure when it comes to consumers in North America, who are already set on either Android or iOS. Blackberry continued to fall at the end of 2012, but Windows Phone is hanging on (if not growing steadily looking at just how much the platform has dropped).

In just 90 days Windows Phone 8 usage outpaced all Windows Phone 7 devices in the US

New statistics via AdDuplex, the popular cross-promotion network for Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps, reveal that in just three months’ time there are now more active Windows Phone 8 users than Windows Phone 7.

No firm numbers for sales of Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 have ever been revealed but at least according to AdDuplex’s data, Windows Phone 8 now accounts for 50.01% of Windows Phones using the AdDuplex network while Windows Phone 7.x has fallen to 49.99%.

Windows Phone 8X by HTC available at Cincinnati Bell for $199

US carrier Cincinnati Bell has announced that it will be selling the Windows Phone 8X by HTC for $199.99 after MIR (mail-in rebate). The 4G Windows Phone 8 handset is available at the highlighted price when taken out with an eligible two-year contract.

HTC and T-Mobile US announce partnership for Give Kids The World charity

HTC and T-Mobile US have both today announced a partnership to provide children with life threatening illnesses and their families the opportunity to visit the Give Kids The World Village ( and spend some time at the nonprofit "storybook" resort. Starting this Friday (November 23rd) through December 31st, those who purchase a HTC 8X from a T-Mobile authorised retailer will have the option to donate $1 of their purchase to Give The Kids World.

This is to help the donation pool to grow up to $75,000 and unlock the potential to provide an invaluable opportunity for a multitude of families. It's fitting that a Windows Phone 8 handset is used in this promotion for the charity as it sports Kid's Corner - a unique feature that enables parents to control exactly what their children have access to on the mobile device.

Lumia 920 sold out at Expansys UK, tops chart with HTC 8X closely behind

The Lumia 920 will be required to be rationed soon if Nokia can't produce enough to meet demand. We've seen retailers and carriers run out of initial stock. Whether this is down to high demand, limited stock or both, we're not sure but the Lumia 920 is proving to be a popular choice if the Exspansys UK Top 20 chart is anything to go by.

HTC 8S passes FCC with support for both AT&T and T-Mobile US

The HTC 8S has passed through the FCC, and it's revealed that the Windows Phone 8 handset will support both T-Mobile US and AT&T HSPA bands. While this is not to say other carriers wont pick up the device at a later point, it confirms availability for consumers who are with either network.