Bing Search new

Back at the beginning of August, Microsoft detailed the upcoming changes to Bing Search for Windows Phone 8. The change was meant to keep Windows Phone 8 in line with the current desktop version of Bing and due to metrics on user action, the Search layout was changed.

New Bing Search

It was noted though that these changes, which are occurring on Microsoft’s backend and not the device itself, would be rolling out to the US first and the rest of the world in the coming weeks. At the time quite a few of you in the US already had the update, though on our T-Mobile and AT&T devices, we were left out of the mix.

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However, since yesterday we’ve noticed our Bing Search has finally received the previously announced overhaul, merging Local results and giving media a new layout. In addition, we’ve had a handful of tips from readers noting the same change, so we’re surmising that Microsoft has activated a second stage of deployment.

Have you noticed the changes? If so let us know below with your location.