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Winners from the Windows Phone Central Glance Background contest

Last Thursday, Nokia gave the Lumia community a nice little surprise with their beta app Glance Background. The app allows users with phones that support the Glance Screen to add images to the mix. It was welcomed with open arms and the creativity in the community was on full display with the little contest we put together in the Forums.

It was tough to pick our favorite three, but we finally settled on some images to win some gift cards to the Windows Phone Central Store. Let’s check out the winners.

Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone photo contest winners!

What seems to have been a lifetime ago, we announced a photo contest where the winner walks away with a Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone from Verizon. Well... the best laid plans of mice and men were overturned by a little event known as //BUILD/ and determining a winner was delayed a wee bit.

Our delay is your gain in that along with a grand prize winner, we're tossing in two runner up prizes (gift cards to the WPCentral Accessory Store). It took a little head scratching but we've pick our three winners.

AT&T Windows Phone launch contest winners!

On Friday, AT&T launched the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and HTC 8X Windows Phones.  To celebrate, Windows Phone Central held an impromtu contest where three readers who commented on our launch day post, would be selected at random to win a $50 gift card to the WPCentral Accessory Store.

While over 650 comments were posted and many readers were successful in finding their new AT&T Windows Phone, only three would walk away with the gift cards.

WPCentral's Windows Phone 8 Contest Winner!

To celebrate the official launch of Windows Phone 8, we threw together a contest to give away a Windows Phone 8 device. All you needed to do is comment on the post and one lucky winner would be chosen at random to win the Windows Phone 8 device of their choice.

Would it be a Nokia Lumia 920? Or the HTC 8X? What about the Samsung ATIV S? Or would our lucky winner opt for the more modest Lumia 820 or HTC 8S?

Windows Phone Central's Reader's Roundup Contest Winners

For this week, the Windows Phone Central Roundup has turned the reigns over to you, our readers. We asked you to nominate three Windows Phone game recommendations and the top five would make it to this week's roundup.

We decided to make a contest out of it with WPCentral Accessory Store gift cards as the prizes.  We have randomly picked five readers from the recommendation entries to win a $50 gift card to the Accessory Store.  While we won't run the roundup until Friday, we thought we would go ahead and end the suspense and announce the winners now.

Metro Elements for Windows 8 developer contest winners

While the news of Samsung's ATIV S may have gotten us distracted, we haven't forgotten about the Metro Elements for Windows 8 contest. We asked readers to let us know in the comments which app or game they would develop for Windows Phone or Windows 8. We then picked ten winners at random from the entries.

The prize... a license for the Metro Elements pack from Mindscape. We received 88 comments with suggestions ranging from a game based on the Sherlock Holmes movie series to a Canadian topography app to an app to control a remote control airplane.

Windows Phone Central Lumia 900 Photo Contest Winners!

Over the weekend, to recognize the improvements the Windows Phone Tango Update delivered to our Nokia Lumia 900 cameras, we held an impromptu photo contest. The only limitation was your imagination and that the photos needed to be taken with an updated Lumia.

We received a fantastic number of entries and a lot of quality photos. The winners were drawn at random to receive a $50 Gift Card to the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store.

Congrats to our Windows Phone body prop winners!

Okay... so it took longer than expected to randomly select thirty winners from seven hundred thirty five comments to our Windows Phone body prop contest. But we did it!

We randomly selected fifteen male winners and fifteen female winners who will be receiving Xbox Avatar codes shortly for the Windows Phone Body Prop.

Windows Phone Metro UI re-naming contest winner!

With all the rumblings about Microsoft moving away from the name Metro to describe their Windows/Windows Phone user interface, we opened the floor up for suggestions on what the new name should be. After narrowing it down to six entries, put it to a vote of the masses and 1,840 votes later we have a winner.

Windows Phone Central Vacation Giveaway Winners!

The Windows Phone Central Vacation Giveaway Contest called for readers to guess where the above photo was taken (my vacation spot this year). We received over one hundred entries and most of them were correct and some on the creative side.

We were impressed with those who included a satellite image of the road sign location and those who knew to tap into the image file's EXIF data to find the GPS coordinates. In the end, Gulf Shores, Alabama was the correct answer.

Windows Phone Central Photosynth contest winners!

While some may have thought we had forgotten about the Windows Phone Central Photosynth contest, truth be told it was down right tough picking out a winner. If my count is correct, we had eighty-eight entries submitted over at the WPCentral Forums ranging from beach scenes to mountain landscapes to concerts to even a laundry mat photosynth. There were so many fantastic entries it was tough to pick just two from the lot.

But in the end, the two photosynths that stood out are....

Windows Phone Central Ringtone Contest Winners! (Updated)

While we had hoped to announce the winners of the Windows Phone Central Ringtone Contest yesterday, judging proved to be more difficult than expected. We had a lot of quality entries submitted over in our Forums Discussion.  Nonetheless, after listening to all the entries our Ringtone Contest Winners are:

All have won a Nokia Play 360! We are dispatching emails to get everyone's shipping information and will get the Nokia Play headed their way shortly.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to Elvis7 and Kyle H for being randomly selected for our weekly prizes, WPCentral Accessory Store gift card, during the contest period.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and if you didn't win, don't give up hope. We've got a few more contests up our sleeves for next month.

Update: It has come to our attention that one of the entries selected as a winning entry may not be original content, which was a requirement.  That entry is under review and we will update the post shortly.

Update II: Okay... we've review things and the ringtone in question was not original content and disqualified.  We've looked over the entries that and have chosen our third winner.  Congrats to all.

Nokia Lumia 710 Dark Knight Rises cover winners!

We would like to congratulate Windows Phone Central readers csakre, classykeyser, and xdabob for winning the Nokia Lumia 710 Dark Knight covers. They were chosen at random from this post asking who your favorite Batman actor is.  It appears from the responses that Christian Bale and Michael Keaton are the fan favorites.  We even had one vote for the Lego Batman.

We are in the process of contacting the winners and getting their shipping information.  We will get the covers out later this week.  And if you didn't get chosen, don't give up hope. We've got a few more cases to give away in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Winning apps from the Macedonia Windows Phone Developer Camp competition announced

Competition winners from a Windows Phone Developer Camp have been announced. The Dev Camp, sponsored by T-Mobile, saw a "huge" amount apps being submitted to win smartphones running Microsoft's OS. Much like we've seen elsewhere, these sessions aid developers who are new to the platform, who'd like to network and pick up on some skills and knowledge from more experienced personnel.

So what are the seven winning apps we speak of?

  • AquaGuard - a tower defense game that puts the player in charge of preventing water pollution affecting populated countries with strategically placed defenses.
  • Nastani* - an event planner for residents of Macedonia. The app enables users to check out latest events, plan ahead and receive reminders.
  • LiquidLab - a thought-intensive game that requires the player to measure liquid in glass beakers, sounds easy? How about doing this with now measuring instruments or guides?
  • ColorFever - enjoy puzzles? You'll want to check out ColorFever. The object of this game is to paint the entire board with a single colour, but not everything is as straight forward as it sounds.
  • ProveriBroj* - a simple app that enables users to check the mobile provider of any given number. Data is supplied by the AEC database.
  • Najeftino* - this handy shopping app acts as a comparison tool, where consumers can compare the prices of multiple products.
  • Be Humane - the last winning app is a charity based solution, which provides users with the tools to view upcoming charitable events (blood donation, etc.) and more.

* denotes apps in Macedonian only.

Source: Windows Phone Dev Camp; thanks Martin for the tip!

MetroTwit Plus License Winners!

Last week we announced the update to the popular Metro styled Twitter client for the PC, MetroTwit. To celebrate the update, we had ten licenses to the "Plus" version to give away. The "Plus" license will allow you to use multiple accounts and no ads.

We randomly drew the ten winners from the 257 comments the MetroTwit update post generated. Our lucky winners are:

  • luimende
  • npyle4
  • syang87
  • lozenp
  • xeean
  • dancerjude
  • yus
  • columnbreak
  • Snow
  • RacoonTech

We will get all the details on how to claim your license to the winners shortly.  If you're just tuning in and are curious about Metrotwit, you can find more information about MetroTwit and download your free, ad-supported version here from the MetroTwit website.  

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone for participating.

'The Amazing Everyday' Cinema Ambient Project Lumia campaign in Poland [Video]

Nokia has taken "The Amazing Everyday" to Cinema City venues in eight cities in Poland, giving away a Lumia 800 to 64 lucky winners of the events. In certain screenings the Finnish manufacturer hid coupons under certain seats and when the Lumia advertisements came on (always being aired last) a Polish celebrity urged viewers to check where they sat.

64 Lumia 800 winners, from 64 film screenings, in 8 cities. Nokia never fails to impress with their marketing campaign, regardless as to what country its taking place in.

Source: YouTube, thanks Ellis for the tip!

AT&T Samsung Focus S Giveaway Winners!

It wasn't easy but we've look through all the entries in the Samsung Focus S giveaway and have identified the winning entry. The contest called for readers to submit thier WPCentral lockscreen wallpaper in this Forums discussion. We were simply amazed at the quality and number of entries submitted. Over 270 entries were submitted and picking the best was tough.

First, we would like to thank AT&T for providing the Samsung Focus S (they were impressed with the quality and volume of entries as well) and the WPCentral Accessory Store for providing the prizes for the runner-ups.  To find out who won, you're gonna have to head past the break.

WPCentral Windows Phone Giveaway Winners!

The time has come to announce the winner of our AT&T HTC HD7S Windows Phone giveaway winner. But first we would like the kind folks from AT&T, FH-Digital and the WPCentral Accessory Store for providing our prizes.

We had twenty-five fantastic video entries and it was really hard to narrow it down to one grand prize winner. However, after much discussion, one video stood out from the rest.  WPCentral would like to tip our hat to everyone for submitting some really great videos on why Windows Phones are the best!

If this was a television show, we'd cut to a commercial right about now, but seeing that we're a blog we will have to make due with...

To see the three winning videos, just ease on past the break.

Mango coming in September? Imagine Cup winners announced.

This could well be looking into something that's not there and we're all reading far too much into the above tweet. But, it does seem like the best time for the release of the update and upcoming devices (remember the handsets we covered that were shown at WPC'11?). With iOS5 coming up as well as the rumored iPhone 5, this is the perfect time for Microsoft to provide even the most avid Apple fans with a second choice.

So, this could well be nothing, or it could be a solid hint at a possible date for Mango. What do you think? Sound off in the comments with when you believe Microsoft will bring us Mango, and if you reckon September (or prior, since they mentioned 'by September') is a solid time frame for the release.

Also of interest is once again the reference to "Mango" as 7.5, seemingly confirming what we've suspected for some time now.

And last but not least, the winners for Imagine Cup were announced. We'll just focus on mobile:

  • First Place: Geekologic (France) with 'Brainergy', physics puzzler that requires you to use various equipment to convert renewal energy sources to do work
  • Second Place: Close World Mobile (France) for 'Hilomi' focusing on environmental sustainability
  • Third Place: Team Dragon (United States) for their asthma game 'Azmo the Dragon'

Videos of the winners after the break

WPCentral TVShow Giveaway Winners!

We received a lot of good comments on the upcoming Mango update and from those responses, we've randomly selected ten members to win a free copy of TVShow.

The ten winners are: Koki.v3, Baka, pyxl, Xplode22, lerimer, jaethos, TheRocker, erasure25, magic2802, and vesu0073.

We've sent out congratulatory emails to each and will follow up with instructions on how to claim your copy of TVShow shortly. Thanks goes out to Rudy Huyn, TVShow's developer, for sponsoring this giveaway and to all the WPCentral readers who participated in the discussion.