The Just Cause series consists of over-the-top third-person action games which revolve around destroying everything in your path. While the titles may not have the best stories, they're a lot of fun to play because the goal is to constantly blow up buildings and vehicles. Just Cause 4 continues this tradition on an even larger scale.

Just Cause 4 takes place in Solis, a vast South American country, host to four distinct biomes. According to the developer, it's the most diverse and dangerous world the team has ever created. The team shared the game's entire map.

Just Cause 4 is expected to launch on December 4, 2018. Those who preorder the Just Cause 4: Digital Deluxe Edition or Just Cause 4: Gold Edition can play it a day early.

Hopefully Just Cause 4 will feature a better story than Just Cause 3.

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