We've already seen the folks at iFixit work their teardown magic on the Surface Studio, and now they're at it again with its companion device, the Surface Dial. As a simple Bluetooth accessory, the Surface Dial is much less interesting on the inside than the Surface Studio, but it's still neat to get a look at what makes the device tick.

Surface Dial Teardown

After everything was said and done, iFixit ended up giving the Surface Dial a 4 out of 10 on its usual repairability scale. While the ease with which users can access and replace the batteries earned the Dial some kudos, it turns out to be a tough cookie to get into. That's not all that surprising considering the amount of work Microsoft put into getting the feel of the device just right. Still, it's good to know the Surface Dial should be a pretty durable little device.

If you're at all interested in the inner-workings of the Surface Dial, this is pretty cool to see. For much more, it's definitely worth giving iFixit's full teardown a look.