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Take the Lumia 1020 into a photo studio and you’ll get stunning results

As if you needed more proof that the Nokia Lumia 1020 has the best camera on a smartphone. We’ve seen it pushed to the limits with a photographer for National Geographic. And just earlier today we saw the results from giving snapping on a macro lens to the already impressive camera magic in the Lumia 1020. So what happens when the Lumia 1020 is put in a studio setting? Very impressive results. Check them out below.

Nokia’s resident camera expert, Ari Partinen, took the Lumia 1020 into the studio. Shooting in the studio is great because the photographer can control literally everything, especially the lighting. Along with colleague Marko Saari, Ari used various soft boxes and external flashes for the shoot. The Pro Cam app on the Lumia 1020 allows users fine control over various settings. For the photo shoot, white balance was set to daylight, ISO was at 100, and the exposure time set to 1/200.

Lumia 1020 Photo Studio

The Lumia 1020 doesn’t come with any cords to sync with flashes, so how did they trigger them? A lot of flashes can receive a variety of inputs. For this shot, Ari set it up so that the flash would ignore the focus flash on the Lumia 1020 and fire when the external flash saw the Xenon flash. Check out the rest of the results at the Nokia Conversations blog.

Have any specific questions about the set up? Follow Ari on Twitter (@Partinen) to get your questions answered.  

Source: Nokia Conversations

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  • Honestly, the takeaway from this should be, "light is the most important aspect of photography"... but that'll be lost on most. 
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  • Sony did this with one of their phones a few years ago, and even posted the photos as full-page magazine ads. They were quite impressive. Oh the wonders of studio lighting...
  • I actually took some pics for my portfolio with my 1020. This camera is amazing.
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  • I work in a photo studio. This is great, at very least for brainstorming. And more than enough for instagram. :P
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  • I'm a sem-pro photographer, and yes I take BTS images with the Lumia 920. It comes in handy at times. I've even shot full YouTube videos with the 920 for clients.
    So yes it does have a place in a studio or location, a big one? No, but a useful one when you can't be bothered trying to process a 20mp+ image just for documentation. 
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