Take the State of the Developer Nation survey and enter to win prizes!

The Developer Economics survey is back again in its sixteenth edition, and we are calling all developers to take part. The survey is open to all developers involved in mobile, desktop, IoT, AR/VR, machine learning and data science, web, backend or cloud, and game development. It's not just for professionals — hobbyists and students should take part, too.

The Developer Economics survey focuses on the kind of questions that help us understand the future trends and opportunities for growth. What sort of developer skills are the most important? What programming languages, tools or platforms are you using in your projects? What kind of resources are the most valuable when you want to learn something new? In this new sixteenth edition, the survey also asks questions about ethics, privacy and security, and project management methodologies in software development.

The insights coming from the survey will help shed light on the most important trends in 2019. All participants who complete the survey are entered into a drawing where they can win one of the prizes, including a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System, Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless NKR Tactile Action Keyboard, developer licenses, Udemy vouchers, and more. Developers will also get access to survey results in the form of the "State of the Developer Nation 16th edition" report and benchmarks to compare their standing against global trends. For those who aren't here just for the prizes and data, there's an AI-themed surprise at the end of the survey, definitely worth checking out.

We want to help developers be at the forefront of where the industry is going next. That's why we're supporting the Developer Economics survey - to shed the light on the upcoming trends. We're inviting you all to take part in the survey and be a part of something bigger. If you're a developer, please click the link in the widget below to take the survey. Once completed, you'll be entered to win the prizes listed above, AND if you take the survey via the link in the widget you're also entered to win one of two AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard LED Backlit Gaming Keyboards! These are only being offered to Windows Central readers as a special thank you for taking the survey.

Take the Q4 2018 Developer Economics Survey and you could win prizes!

Michelle Haag