messenger Windows Phone app in development and "coming soon", the popular cross-platform messenger, is on its way to the Windows Phone Marketplace. According to its download page, the Windows Phone app is "coming soon". enables users to send messages using a number of third-party services. Facebook, Google Talk, and more are supported. Should you enjoy using the big screen, native desktop clients for both Windows and Mac are available, as well as use via a web browser. states on the website that it offers free SMS for both sending and receiving. Group messaging and read / delivered notifications are also present. Using Live Tiles, the simplistic typography look and feel, and toast notifications, we're pretty excited to see what the team can do on the Windows Phone platform. More apps is never a bad thing either.

Currently available for both the iPhone and Android smartphones, it'll be great to see such a solution on Windows Phone.

Source:; thanks, windowsphoneapps, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • more apps always welcomed :D
  • Hopefully it'll allow international texting.
  • Remember Angry Birds Space? That was supposedly "Coming Soon" too.
  • If I'm not mistaken, ABS, is suppose to come out with Lumia devices with 7.8, then fully released to all other devices afterwards.
  • Thanks WPCentral for covering Talk.To.
    As someone who is working on Talk.To and dogfooding it everyday, I can assure you that first version is coming very soon. We are just making sure it is awesome.
  • Sweet, I can't W8
  • Yet another one.
  • Always good to hear about any new app coming to our platform!
  • Too many IM services. Come on blackberry, realise the market and release BBM for all platforms! Everyone knows the name, including non techy people so everyone will download it, to make money create a premium BBM service possibly for businesses (or more features for public).
  • cool can't wait to get it and also real cool is it will have live tile and notification. IPhone and android apps are so dead and boring
  • Hey, this app has been released