Team DFT gets their hands on RTM Mango build 7720

We'll just leave this here. It should be no surprise that those savvy gurus at team DFT have not only managed to get their hands on the RTM build of Mango (7720) but they've already have it running on an HTC HD7.

No word on whether others can flash this and our Chinese-forum skills are not helping here, but we imagine we'll see this trickle out to other devices, including the HD2...why not, right?

Source: Weibo; Thanks, talan1314!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Awesome! I'm hoping this is a good sign for getting Mango sooner rather than later...
  • If you plan on doing it the XDA way and putting it on yourself, then yes it does. Otherwise, plan on several months for carrier approval and rollout.
  • Well blame your carier sir. In Europe we dont have such problems. NoDo was on our phones within 2 weeks ;)And there is good hope that the update-process in Mango will be much better.
  • wow nice news, is it possible to ask them what has benn changed and improved in the mango beta build 7720 rtm since 7712 ?
  • is the speed of fps in ie9 set to 50 fps?
  • Do you guys recommend wating for next windows7 phone from sprint, or will the mango update on the Arrive suffice? The lack of a front facing camera isn't a deal breaker. My contract is up in two months and i'm trying to do ample research before 'pulling tha trigger'.
  • If your contract is up in 2 months, I'd way on new hardware. No one knows what Sprint will be getting, but I imagine new Mango devices are 2-3 months out, and no point in getting a phone if it becomes last generation a week after you buy it.
  • i would recommend not to buy a new wp7 phone with mango when you have an arrive cause mango will be available for arrive too. But if I would have enough money i think i would buy the nokia sea ray that is coming in few month^^.
  • Unless you dont live in Europe like AbosluteZero, then the Sea Ray wont be coming.
  • Team DFT? Team Dark Forces Team?