Team Liquid and Alienware extend and expand long-term gaming partnership

Team Liquid Tournament
Team Liquid Tournament (Image credit: Alienware)

What you need to know

  • Alienware and Team Liquid renewed their 10-year partnership.
  • Team Liquid is one of the winningest esports teams of all time.
  • As part of the renewed partnership, the organizations will launch Liquid+, a virtual stadium for fans.

Alienware and Team Liquid announced that they will renew their longstanding partnership. The organizations have worked together for 10 years, which is the longest gaming hardware partnership in esports history, according to the organizations. Over the last 10 years, Alienware has supported Team Liquid in several key areas, including help with gaming PCs, monitors, headsets, and peripherals. The partnership also saw the launch of the first Team Liquid Alienware Training Facility, which opened in Los Angeles, California in 2018.

Team Liquid is the winningest esports team in history in terms of prize money and is one of the most valuable esports organizations in the world. Team Liquid has over 110 athletes and content creators, 18 competitive teams, and over 120 members of staff. The organization spans across five continents.

As a result of the partnership between Alienware and Team Liquid, there are almost 1,000 total gaming PCs, monitors, headsets, and peripherals in the Team Liquid Alienware Training Facilities in North America and Europe.

Moving into the second phase of their partnership, the organizations state that they want to improve fan engagement, player performance, and community opportunities.

Fan engagement should get a boost starting on January 27, when Alienware and Team Liquid launch Liquid+, a virtual stadium for fans of the esports team. Liquid+ has been in open beta since August 2020 but is launching in public access this month.

Team Liquid and Alienware have fun activities on the way as part of Liquid+, including launching Team Liquid's mascot into space, a giant virtual arcade crane game, and an Among Us fan tournament.

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