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TeamViewer returns to Windows Phone and is once again available

The official TeamViewer app was pulled from the Windows Phone Store at the end of last month, but has now returned for download. What's more is the team added improvements and bumped the release up to version 10.1 before it vanished.

Here's the changelog for version 10.1, which is available now on the store:

  • Transparent Tile on start screen
  • App is now available in Arabic and Hebrew
  • Forgot my password" - function in case you forgot your TeamViewer Account password

It was a neat update and we're happy to see the app return to the store. Best of all, should you be holding off for Arabic and Hebrew support, this is now implemented in the current release. Give the TeamViewer update a download and let us know how you get on.

QR: TeamViewer

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Good that it's back.
  • Best news for me today.
  • Good to see it back. But I have that from before. And for more information there is no updates from the previous. It's just backed. No improvements.
  • See, all of our bitching works, sometimes. And were a minority, pff...
  • Works like a charm.
  • The downside is we don't get to hear everyone here bitch and whine more though.
  • How about this: What the hell happened?? Seems to be the same version as well.
  • The app is back. And no other site wrote about the return of opera beta and teamviewer. But for pulling them out they were the very first. If that isn't paid news, what is it?
  • Heh bro , you're right.
  • Sadly true :(
  • Every time when I see a bad Windows news I hope to see at the bottom of each article "powered by Apple and Google"
  • Lol
  • For example, pocketnow is the worst of all. There isn't even a single good article that state the advantages. (maybe it was Cortana and a few others). But mainly they overcriticize wp and never ios or ANDROID, cause everything is fine with these to oses. I am not against point the problems but not only them and only from wp.
  • I guess you meant Verge.
  • pocketnow verge all the same. They make lot of money from android and ios.
  • Nope. That's called iVerge.
  • Pocketnow favors Windows Phone more than most..
  • You never hear about the inability of an iPhone to Bluetooth a picture, or save any other file type than a picture format and send it as an attachment. These basic things cannot be done...
  • They're all just grumpy. >:(
  • Hey Rich, maybe you can do an article of comparison for these little things? It has been a while since both OS'es WP and iOS have grown. There are still stupid things missing from one or another and people don't know about them, they only find out when the device is already bought and in use
  • Noticed that too :(
  • That's a good observation.
  • why would anyone use opera over the native IE witch is 10000000000000000000000000 times better xD
  • At the moment, using Opera as a primary app doesn't make much sense. However, it does appear to operate much differently than all the other browsers. This can be a go-to app when the others fail to work because of that. It also appears to use less data to display a page, so it may have a use in slow 2g areas once they get it to work better.
  • Back to wp
  • Its the same version I think. I kept the app prior to the removal.
  • Now if BOA could do a uturn after all the lovely user comments in the store, that would be great.
    Although i have wellsfargo from the days of first union (Wachovia), it would be nice if they do uturn.
    I won't change mobile platform just to have a bank app... I'll switch banks first before doing that.
    I have few friends that switched back to android because of lack of apps..(they used to be Android guy several years ago).
  • I love Teamviewer. Use it all the time!
  • Thank God.
  • Welcome back
  • No update.. Its the last version before they pulled from the store..
  • The world's most strange way to update an app.
    Pulling it from the Store first.
  • Haha ..xD
  • Just guessing, but imagine if they indeed made an update but realized that the updated file wasn't the correct one and they pulled the app right way so that anyone had time to update to that bad version..
  • I don't know. I suppose it's possible to cancel a pending publish and/or revert to a previous version. Guessing too.
  • Welcome Back To Best Platform!
  • I installed this version on December 13th.
  • Great
  • Transparent Tile on start screen and "Forgot my password" - function in case you forgot your TeamViewer Account password were already available before the app pulled from store. Any other new features?
  • Ah bummer. Updated the article to reflect this. My bad.
  • Love Windows Central for this; accept and update.
  • And we love you guys for accepting nothing short of perfection!
  • Yay!
  • Welcome back teamviewer ^^
  • Hey,
    Why I can't download nokia trailer in my 630?
  • I think the app is discontinued by Microsoft after acquisition..
  • Great that it's updated.
  • Why are apps pulled and then re-appear with the same version number? Makes no sense to me...
  • Why there is no TeamViewer inside app store
  • This app shit is getting weird lately.
  • This version was already there. Nothing new. Sure you 'cause I used this app everyday.  
  • Good to hear
  • Not available for Lumia 1520... Does anyone know why?
  • Something is missing in comments... Seems faster
  • +M8
  • Thanks team viewer. Use this app quite a bit for family tech support
  • I would like the tile keeping its original color, non-transparent. Same for Drive+, but...
  • Seems ready..
  • Ahemm. Version was published on the 4th of November, last year, with the exact same changelog. Do you even check the store before writing your articles?
  • See? And you guys freaked for nothing:p
  • Worked out for me because i didn't even know it existed until it was pulled from the store. I needed something like this.
  • I've asked teamviewer for a quicksupport app, but no answer...
    It's very important to help other people with their WP
    Please teamviewer, do this for us.
  • Without knowing how to properly set up Windows built in remote desktop, this has been the best alternative. Works flawlessy and smoothly on phone or using the Windows 8.1 app. Glad to see it was only a hiccup!
  • weird, I didn't know it was gone, like I was using it last week, none the wiser.
  • Yippee! This is good timing because I just started using it a few weeks ago, so it will be great to have on my phone now.
  • All that was added was ".0" Transparent tile was there last update. I like the their blue tile better than having transparent tile. Wish there was an option to select..
  • Thank goodness! There have been several times this app has saved's a godsend in such times.