Tekzilla looks at the Imagio, HD2

It should come as little surprise that the boys and girls at Revision 3 have a cool job than you. Look no further that this episode of Tekzilla in which Patrick Norton and Veronia Belmont go hands-on with the Verizon Imagio as well as ... wait for it ... the HTC HD2. As if we needed another reason to want that phone. Head in to about the 28-minute mark for the goods. [via pocketnow]

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  • She is attractive to watch! Oh yah, the HTC HD2 is hot also. Haha.
  • The more I see the HD2 the more i want it. That Sense UI is beating anyother UI (I mean any other... Ip..?)
    but, Is it the perfect phone? nooo
    In my wish list is:
    TV tuner
    TV out
    Amoled screen
  • Heloooooooo!!
    Where the HD2 Fans are? This was a good promo for HD2