Telegram adds new Channels feature in latest update

Secure messaging app Telegram has scored an update today that, while small, brings along a new feature: Channels. The Channels feature acts as a replacement for the Broadcast lists feature, and the Telegram team says it is "better in every way." Here's the official word from the changelog:

  • Introducing Channels — a great new way to broadcast your messages to unlimited audiences

The Telegram team goes into more depth in a blog post, stating that Channels allow you to send a message out to a broad audience in one go. Each channel has its own permanent URL and each post has a view counter. New users that are added to a Channel will also be able to check out the entire message history of a channel once they have joined.

To grab the latest update for Telegram Messenger, be sure to hit up the store link below.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Download Telegram Messenger Beta from the Windows Phone store (opens in new tab)

Telegram Messenger Beta

Source: Telegram

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • "Will be able to check all the message history....."
    OMG, that's awesome..!!
  • Why all my friends still use WhatsApp when telegram Messenger had lots of new features...?
  • Still, my all friends too use WhatsApp, don't know why aren't they using telegram. It offers more than WhatsApp.
  • Probably the same reason why lots of people use iPhones than Windows phones :)
  • @seanContra. That's 100% true man.
  • My wife went back to WhatsApp after using telegram because they have no landscape mood no telephone calling .
  • Telegram have a call option...
  • how and when? !!!
  • Does not have a call option Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • me too
  • Telegram is a piece of crap...
  • How can u say that?
  • Seriously, it's the best messaging app out there. Sad that people rarely use it and in the huge crowd of people who use WhatsApp, Telegram is hardly to be seen.
  • Not crap. But animations are still not smooth wgile quickly changing from one chat to other. They haven't fixed the password screen yet and bit of stability issues remain(only a bit) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And the only messaging app on WP8.1 to throw the notorious "Resuming...." screen at me is WhatsApp. It's not a gem, it's a polished turd.
  • Shameless boy, how can you talk like this? Have u even tried it before. Gtfoh
  • Telegram is my best messaging app..
  • All messaging apps should start to customize for win10mob
  • True but it is also wise for them to wait a little to see where w10m UI is going. Microsoft is still changing their apps all the time. So developers have no clue how to make an app exactly match the w10m guidelines.
    Also, consider that even on Android it takes many apps weeks or months to adapt to new UI guidelines. Think of material design. Tons of apps still don't have it.
  • WhatsApp needs to learn from this.
  • i love telegram!
  • Fyi that this apps originally developed by 3rd party developer and got itself became official later
  • Good to know there are companies that are not like Snapchat :P Good 'ol Rudy.
  • I just wish they'd let me install it to my SD card :'(
    Could anyone explain to me why they do this?
  • Developer choose that. Maybe because when they test it on SD card. Some issues appear
  • Telegram main advantage over so many other messaging apps is its ability to send/share any file, any format and any size, from phone/SD/OneDrive. A big plus if you run/synchronise it form the desktop.
  • It's no longer a beta
    Finally come out of beta
  • I think that happened with the previous update!
  • The reason I really dislike Telegram (and WhatsApp as well) is that it wants to use my phone contact list as contact list in the app itself. I have lots and lots of work contcats in my phone book and the last thing I want is for them to be able to reach me through some messenger.
  • Yeah I hope they make a way to exclude contacts if needed soon!!!!
  • whatever i knew from WP 8.1 and Telegram was "Loading... Resiming... Crash of app" now in WP 10 build 10166 when a new message appears as a notification, after pressing the notification bar, it opens Telegram and then it closes right away  
  • Yeah it's still a very buggy experience on W10M unfortunately.   On 8.1 it was great, but a bit slow.
  • Anyone else noticed the "debug" option in ... menu in group chat?
  • Yes
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