Telegram Messenger picks up doc and video sharing in latest update

Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone has a lot going for it, especially after today's massive update. Competing with WhatsApp, Skype, and Hike is no easy task but at least Telegram brings some new features to the table for those who utilize the service.

This morning, version of Telegram Messenger was pushed to the Store. Although the app still maintains the 'Beta' designation, the list of features, fixes and improvements are impressive.

Telegram Messenger Windows Phone

Telegram Messenger Beta

New Features

  • Send all types of documents from your phone storage or OneDrive (wp8.1)
  • Share videos from Gallery or OneDrive (wp8.1)
  • Save documents and videos (wp8.1)


  • Full emoji support in chats
  • Improved chat headers
  • Improved chat settings
  • Improved forwarded messages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with key generation on sign up
  • Fixed Authorisation error 408 while scrolling chat list
  • Fixed returning to the chat list and multiple notifications
  • Fixed problem with in-app notifications from muted chats
  • Fixed problems with emoji keyboard height on some devices
  • Fixed problem with keyboard covering the input field

The ability to attach any document or video from either your phone or via OneDrive is a noteworthy feature, something we know many who use WhatsApp would enjoy.

Telegram Messenger continues to impress us with their refinements and frequent updates. Still, it is not clear if it is enough to overcome the Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp world domination that seems to be occurring. However, at least for those who use Telegram, enjoy this update.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • K
  • Among the other massengers I guess this is the one with the best features, no?
  • Yes!
  • Best features? Yes. Most users? No.
  • Mp3 file attachment still missing.
  • Mp3 attachment is there. Just select doc go down to sd card and then browse your mp3 file which you wanna select. That's it
  • Does it have voice calling? If it does, then it is. If not, line is the best for me. Maybe it doesn't have as many features, but voice calling is a key feature.
  • this and hike messenger are the best IMs in WindowsPhone ecosystem.
  • Still got no background agent as against WhatsApp. They all ignore background agents for some reason. WhatsApp stays most reliable: You write a message with no signal, it will send it later. You receive a push, you can read a message later even with no internet. Just like android with no Tombstoning.
  • This is how all change logs should be.
  • Yes! They are wonderful.
  • Definitely. I should push my friends so they start using this.
  • I've tried, they say noooo
    What I really like is that I can have 200 members in my groups
  • Ah. Fed up of those Microsoft changelogs. Seeing this seems so unfamiliar. "general fixed and improvements" seems so fitting. \s
  • So whats Microsofts excuse for Outlook on WP still not being able to directly attach docs to emails?
  • Directly not but we have a file manager. Search for your files. Select them. Share them. There is an option for email so we can attach Documents... Users asked for a file manager so use it now. :)
  • I didn't know about this. Thanks
  • Try that while replying to a mail... It doesn't work, it can only do that for new mails so we need a fix...
  • Maestro email can do that :P
  • Outlook is built into the OS before they can update the app the OS have to be opened up n updated to remove outlook and make separate app same reason we don't have the new Office.
  • I am changing my stars to 1 in WHATSAPP now. its such a crapppppp. Fb dont listen............ BC
  • Stop doing that crap, WhatsApp is great
  • R u crazy? I hv done that. Relax!
  • I love WhatsApp with the latest update. Smooth and look great on my L1520.
  • Good :)
  • You cand send mp3 files through "send documents". Btw Telegram & hike > whatscrap
  • how to send mp3 in hike?
  • i was talking about telegram not hike. :P
  • Well, the problem with many services like those is the fragmentation. People do not want to change the message app every week. I hate trying to get friends to adopt every new app. If I could use one app and send to the other ones it would be great.
  • Now they can remove that ugly 'beta'
  • Hulu also got updated btw
  • Just multiple photos sharing lacking.
  • Complains... Complains everywhere...
  • Yes its a complain. And if we don't complain, it would remain stagnant. I should have said "They have done a great job just multiple photo sharing to go"
  • I don't know a single person that uses anything other than Kik, Skype, or WhatsApp. So terribly unfamiliar with Hike, Telegram, Kakao, Viber, Line, etc etc etc and probably will never use any of them. e3e
  • Telegram is not like Line or viber or others. Its different. Its a great messenger. They donot hack into chats.
  • I killed several of my group chats in whatsapp and moved to telegram. That's about 30 new users. So far, after a month, no major complains. It works great. Most of us run it on all OS and devices. it WP, Note, iPad, PC etc cos we like the sync Of late I'm getting notification/sync lags. Sometimes the row of buttons at the bottom goes missing.
    Hope this update fixes it.
  • Telegram is THE essential app installed on all our phones, Android or WP. Great so see continued WP development.
  • I don't have it installed on my phone :)
  • God these guys are awesome, I've managed to make some friends and family install Telegram.
    They have all my support since they are so committed with Windows phone :)
  • Many of my friends using android to whom I suggest telegram complain that it uses more RAM so wouldn't switch from WhatsApp. I pity them(I'm yet to own a Android phone)
  • Tell them that the problem is not with the app, but with tha OS
  • Still have some bugs running around inside.
  • Hence the beta tag
  • Emoji bug. Takes time to open up
  • YAY! yes yes yes yes yes yes!! Yeah!!! Been waiting for this feature since the official telegram app came out. Thank you telegram thank you thank you thank you!!
  • Now that's the changelog...
  • Telegram for me does not show any toast notifications for about two months and is not listed in the 'notifications+actions' menu in settings. I hope this update fixes it
  • Much awaited features... Better late than never
  • Hopefully this prompts Skype to add document sharing.
  • How does it compare to Viber?
  • I wish they would do something about the text boxes. I know WhatsApp allows backgrounds but I wish we can change the text boxes to different types of speech bubbles as the generic messaging boxes are so old and dated.
  • Then use hike
  • Telegram is still owned by Google right. ? :v
  • No
  • no
  • How is this on battery? Whatsapp kills my 920.
  • I have it on all day, in 2 chat groups. It is great on battery.
  • Thanks. I might transition over to Telegram now then. I tried it before but it was missing a lot of features Whatsapp already had but this update adds what I wanted.
  • Among WhatsApp, telegram and hike, hike scores above 2 in every those stickers...with latest update it is even better...hope just like telegram hike adds document sharing support...
  • They are already working on it and they are also working on religion stickers. For example Gujarati, Panjabi, Telugu etc....
  • Wow that'll be gr8..
  • Yeah.. Hike is much better than whatsapp for windows phone. Also it has a lot of users in India which is a big benefit. But it seriously needs that mp3 and documents attachment features.
  • Yeah bro. Hike needs that badly Hope they do it soon..
  • Maybe in the nxt update..
  • Hey everybody here, this is not only a messenger! It's a SECURE Messenger. there is the ability to chat end-to-end encrypted without using servers! its called secret chat! Ans yes its feature rich, too! 5star
  • I'm not familiar with Hike, so can't comment on that. But...Kik,WhatsApp, Viber, Line all lacking what I find is really good feature in Telegram. It support more that one client connected to specify account. It is more like Skype. I have it running on my phone, my PC, Mac, etc...all at the same time if I want to. I could chat and send files on the big monitor. And recently it works as webogram, basically via IE or Chrome. This is HUGE.
  • Next to hike telegram is way awesome
  • I use this, and wish others would as well, esp my few friends left that still use hangouts... Scores fairly decently as well:
  • Yeah, now please get the iconic tile already
  • What phone is that in the pics of this article?
  • Myself, I'm waiting for Threema to be available on WP.  
  • Nice update. Would be great to have a full 1080p support like WhatsApp now.
  • Does anyone know if it allows you to attach a video file regardless of its size or its the same as whatsapp, with a limit?
  • telegram is dead now for me coz no one uses
  • By the way , when u choose to attach documents u can choose mp3s and send it , it works for me , finally
  • Give me accessibility features for larger font size and I will delete WhatsApp. Please this is very important for low vision people such as myself. Everytime I see an update I get excited that it might include accessibility features but then I find nothing. Please do it quick. Thank you
  • You can even send mp3 in WhatsApp. There is a workaround ;-)
  • Wish more could use Telegram, its lovely with the living background pics. Surprised WhatsApp haven't got that.
  • Meh..
  • :-\
  • Anyone know why the application require so much permission like phone dialer, appointment ...?
  • Time for WhatsApp to implement file picker...right.
  • This app is buggy! Smiley picker is totally broken and secret chat still sends messages into black hole when the app is not in focus.
  • I'd love to be able to read received messages even without connection, after I've received them. You receive a message, the notification pops, then you go offline and still be able to open the app and read the message. With whatapp you can, with telegram nope. I do understand it's a minor thing and nobody cares, but it's so useful for me D:  
  • I cant downland telegram??it said my phone not up to date but its already wp 8.1..please someone help me