Telegram Messenger picks up doc and video sharing in latest update

Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone has a lot going for it, especially after today's massive update. Competing with WhatsApp, Skype, and Hike is no easy task but at least Telegram brings some new features to the table for those who utilize the service.

This morning, version of Telegram Messenger was pushed to the Store. Although the app still maintains the 'Beta' designation, the list of features, fixes and improvements are impressive.

Telegram Messenger Windows Phone

Telegram Messenger Beta

New Features

  • Send all types of documents from your phone storage or OneDrive (wp8.1)
  • Share videos from Gallery or OneDrive (wp8.1)
  • Save documents and videos (wp8.1)


  • Full emoji support in chats
  • Improved chat headers
  • Improved chat settings
  • Improved forwarded messages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with key generation on sign up
  • Fixed Authorisation error 408 while scrolling chat list
  • Fixed returning to the chat list and multiple notifications
  • Fixed problem with in-app notifications from muted chats
  • Fixed problems with emoji keyboard height on some devices
  • Fixed problem with keyboard covering the input field

The ability to attach any document or video from either your phone or via OneDrive is a noteworthy feature, something we know many who use WhatsApp would enjoy.

Telegram Messenger continues to impress us with their refinements and frequent updates. Still, it is not clear if it is enough to overcome the Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp world domination that seems to be occurring. However, at least for those who use Telegram, enjoy this update.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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