Telegram for Windows phone adds self-destruct timer for photos and videos

Telegram Windows 10 Mobile App
Telegram Windows 10 Mobile App (Image credit: Rich Edmond / Windows Central)

The Telegram Messenger app for Windows phones has received an update for that brings it closer to feature parity with its Android and iOS siblings. Perhaps the most notable addition in the latest update is a self-destruct timer for photos and videos in private chats. The Snapchat-like feature is also joined by a few other handy additions, including the ability to add a bio to your profile (via Neowin).

Here's a look at all of what's new in Telegram Messenger version 2.5 for Windows phone:

  • Add emoji to a message by typing ':' + keyword. :relieved: :satisfied: :smirk:
  • Search through messages of a particular user in any group. To do this, tap '...' in the top right corner when in a group > Search > tap the new 'Search by member' icon in the bottom right corner.
  • While searching, select a user to browse all of her messages in the group or add a keyword to narrow down search results.
  • Add a bio to your profile by typing a few words about yourself in Settings.
  • Set a self-destruct timer for any photos and videos you share in private chats.

The self-destructing media and bio features were rolled out on other platforms not long ago, so it's good to see the Windows phone version of Telegram keeping up. If you want to check out all of what's new, you should be able to update to Telegram Messenger version 2.5 from the Windows Store now.

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