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Telegram update lets you create custom notification sounds

Telegram on PC
Telegram on PC (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The latest update to Telegram allows you to create custom notification tones from music or other audio files.
  • The app now supports custom mute durations and reply previews in forwarded messages as well.
  • The same update allows moderators to quickly add bots to group chats and channels.

Telegram just rolled out an update that adds a handful of new features to the app. It now supports custom notification sounds, custom mute durations, and reply previews in forwarded messages. The update also adds new options for bots, including the ability to instantly configure bots in a group chat or channel.

Telegram is one of the best Whatsapp alternatives, and it continues to grow in popularity. The latest update to the app should deliver a better communication experience across platforms.

Here's everything that's new for Telegram. Note that some of these features are specific to platforms other than Windows:

  • Custom Notification Sounds
  • Custom Mute Durations
  • New Auto-Delete Menu in Profiles
  • Replies in Forwarded Messages
  • Bot Revolution
  • Instantly Configure Bot Admins
  • Improved Message Translation on iOS
  • Improved Picture-in-Picture on Android
  • New Animations
  • More Animated Emoji

Custom notification sounds can be created from voice messages or audio files, including music.

Telegram already supported muting chats, but it can now pause notifications for a specific duration rather than preset periods of time.

Developers can now use JavaScript to create Telegram bots. Support for Javascript increases the level of customization developers have over bots. Telegram has a sample bot that shows how a bot could replace a website.

It's also possible to quickly configure bots within group chats and channels following Telegram's recent update. Moderators can use bots to block accounts and automate other processes within a chat or channel.

The changelog for the update includes lengthier descriptions as well as photos and videos of the features in action.



Telegram is a popular messaging app used by millions of people around the world. Its latest update adds support for custom notification sounds, specified mute durations, and new options for bots within chats.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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  • I miss the Windows Phone days. Custom notification sounds was an OS-level feature.
  • We all do. Another thing to pin on Mr Snoozefest SatNad.