Telerik open sources its UI controls for building Universal Windows Platform apps

Speaking at Microsoft's recent Creators Update Developer Day, Telerik announced that it is open sourcing its suite of UI tools for Universal Windows Platform apps. In moving to an open source model, Telerik for UWP will offer up native UI controls for building Windows apps to developers for free.

As part of the move, Telerik says that it is also donating to the .NET Foundation to help bolster the .NET ecosystem. From Telerik:

By making Progress Telerik UI for UWP open source and part of the .NET Foundation, .NET developers can not only expand upon the capabilities already available in Telerik UI for UWP, but can also access and contribute to more than 20 UI controls to create Windows apps that share a single codebase and run on a multitude of Microsoft devices. These include some of the more popular business and enterprise-critical controls such as Grids, Charts, DataForm and ListView.

If you're a developer interested in taking advantage Telerik's UI tools for UWP, you can view more at Telerik's website. And now that it's completely open source, you can access the Telerik UI for UWP repo on Github.

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  • Great!!
  • Everything is moving towards open source model. Crazy times!
  • I hope Syncfusion do the same...
  • That would be fun. I'm not holding my breath though and the telerik controls are pretty good.
  • Syncfusion already has a community license (Telerik hasn't), so I don't believe they will open source :(
  • In other words they don't want to waste their resources on developing controls for UWP anymore because they probably have a limited user base. Was never really impressed with any third party UWP controls anyways.
  • There is always that one guy...
  • I'd love to be wrong on this.
  • We love DevExpress UWP Controls. Still using them for Win7 .NET Apps, Android, Apple and of cause UWP, in combination with Xamarin they are perfect.
  • I use (and also love) DX controls for WinForms and previously ASPx. Getting into Xamarin and all they have is the free grid at the moment :(
  • Yeah. Open source equals _shit_ and they know UWP isn't worth the effort so just make it open source and let some sad person who has more time on their hands do the work for them. Quality suffers because of that. However, if Telerik does control the quality then it shouldn't be so bad but they've given up on it. Open source is a joke!
  • For the win!!!
  • I love it. Getting good graphs for UWP without forking out a junk of money was almost impossible.
  • In the event they stated they have 1000s of customers using UI for UWP. This is a clever move and most likely negotiated with Microsoft heavily as part of the push to make UWP not only more attractive but more cost effective, ie why bother paying 1000+ USD to make a WPF app when you can make a UWP for free. Not to mention the fact that most customers of Telerik buy the license for the support you get with it not for the actual product and I speak from experience when I say their support is top of the line fantastic.
  • This is cool! Fiddler as an app on my phone?!
  • This just made my day, I love Telerik tools at work but couldn't justify the cost for home pet projects :D
  • Super step