Speaking at Microsoft's recent Creators Update Developer Day, Telerik announced that it is open sourcing its suite of UI tools for Universal Windows Platform apps. In moving to an open source model, Telerik for UWP will offer up native UI controls for building Windows apps to developers for free.

Telerik open sources its UI controls for building Universal Windows Platform apps

As part of the move, Telerik says that it is also donating to the .NET Foundation to help bolster the .NET ecosystem. From Telerik:

By making Progress Telerik UI for UWP open source and part of the .NET Foundation, .NET developers can not only expand upon the capabilities already available in Telerik UI for UWP, but can also access and contribute to more than 20 UI controls to create Windows apps that share a single codebase and run on a multitude of Microsoft devices. These include some of the more popular business and enterprise-critical controls such as Grids, Charts, DataForm and ListView.

If you're a developer interested in taking advantage Telerik's UI tools for UWP, you can view more at Telerik's website. And now that it's completely open source, you can access the Telerik UI for UWP repo on Github.