The wait is over - Temple Run 2 hits the Windows Phone Store with Xbox Live

Windows Phone owners have been enjoying the sprint in Temple Run, but many have been anxiously awaiting the release of the game's sequel - Temple Run 2. We've got some fantastic news for you as the game has just been released. Not only that, but we have support for Xbox Live! Speed on past the break for the details, links, QR codes, coins and more.

If you're not familiar with Temple Run 2 (or the Temple Run series itself), you're looking at another infinite runner, designed to test your reactions and skill as you traverse through the environment, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins and being a general badass. In Temple Run 2, all this gameplay is enhanced with cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests to provide more variety in each play through. 

Not only are the graphics vastly improved in Temple Run 2, compared to the outdated original (even though it's still a classic and worth the download), but you're also set to battle new obstacles to test your experience in endless runner games. But fear not as you'll have more powerups to choose from and achievements to unlock - so prepare your hands for some grinding action as you aim for those G's.

So who are you able to play? Just like in versions already available on other platforms, you can control Guy Dangerous (the default character), Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Francisco Montoya - Spanish conquistador, Zack Wonder - American football player and Montana Smith. 

Just like the original game, there's the option to purchase optional upgrades like the coin doubler, as well as coin packs to help you fund your Temple Run 2 addiction. If you're short on cash, there are a few ways to get some free stuff, including daily and weekly challenges. Finally, you have some artifacts to obtain (as well as the XBL achievements), leaderboards and statistics to boast about.

What are you waiting for? You can download Temple Run 2 from the Windows Phone Store for free (needs 1GB RAM - Windows Phone 8 only). Can you outrun the cursed idol?

Update: Microsoft's Joe Belfiore just confirmed that 512 MB support is coming in a future update

QR: Temple Run 2

Big thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • On the Lumia 1520, head into Settings and set Visual Quality to 'Best' to work out that Quad-Core ;)
  • Lucky! :-)
  • Works on the 1020 as well without lag, love this game and love WP more and more with these awesome releases lately!
  • Thanks Daniel for the Lumia 1520 tip it looks fantastic and without a hiccup.
  • Nice catch. Does that make the phone warmer during game sessions?
  • Thnx to Joe atleast he confirms that 512mb version is cmin (like subway surfers) but y nt initially release on 512mb platform too ...????? :|
  • Bcoz they have to minimize d full features of the game to a substantial level so as they perform well on devices with 512 mb ram.I personally think its better b late and perform well on 512mb ram rather than an early update with lot of glitches
  • major lags with 920 if i set to best. guess i'l have to settle with "better" :-\ they need to release golden finger with andreno 330.
  • no lag on my lumia 920 with quality set to best
  • Same here no lag on 920.
  • He's probably connected to his WiFi with a poor connection.
  • lags start at water parts personally i can't tell the difference between better and best can anyone describe?
  • When set to best, there appears to be better "lighting". Better shadow details. Water looks better too.
  • No lag here on my 920 ;D
  • Wait daniel(or anyone), where do I find this at in settings? Edit: nvm, it was in the app settings.
  • This is it this is my very last wp
    It hurts ms it hurts!!!!!
    If i had a rooted Android it would be my least let us 512mb users install it damn it ms
  • The update for 512mb phones is coming soon. I have a Lumia 520 so I feel your pain :)
  • Maybe you mean it's your last low end WP? Would you really buy a low end Android phone?
  • I guess he means that cause low end wp=mid range android when it comes to performance. I saw candy crush lagging in a s4. Imagine that
  • Don't wory it will confirm for 512mb ram
  • does the 1520 get hot like the 9xx wp8 devices? just wondering if it's a processor thing (snapdragon s4) or a result of the OS not playing well in general with any processor.
  • as both my ipod touch (newest gen) and nexus 7 gets pretty hot after playing intense games and stuff, I think it's just a physics thing...
  • I think it's the code not being throttled and running at full bore. The phone can get unusually warm when playing things like Fairway Solitare, etc. but not as hot as my 920 did. I don't think I could hold my 920 after a few minutes of gaming without a case on it.
  • No lag on "best quality" for my Lumia 925. This is a really amazing stable XBL release. :D
  • If someone needs help in installing it for 512mb ram devices email me ur WhatsApp phone number my email
  • Request for an "Endless Runner Games Showdown" maybe? Or maybe a "Top Ten" thing? Because I'm confused which one is best for my toilet trips :P
  • It's still not very demanding because I can run it just fine with Lumia 820 on Best settings. :)
  • The reviews in the store complain about being forced to rate and review the game after each play. I haven't tried this yet myself but that sounds super annoying if true.
    I remember the first Temple Run wasn't very responsive to touch input which made the gameplay very difficult and frustrating. I assume this has been addressed in this version?
  • Very awesome!
  • Hallelujah!! Epic week Microsoft!!
  • Its available for phones with 1 GB RAM only.. Unfortunately 60% of the WP cant play this game..
  • Fortunately 40% can!
  • 512mb update is coming
  • Lumia 920 is $0.99....Get to it. 
  • You know full well that's with a 2 year contract, don't be a dick.
  • If you still have a phone with 512Mb yet complain about not being able to play new games than yeah lmao......Thats like complaining that you cant play PS4 games because you have a PS3......
  • It's funny that you mention the PS3.  A device that only has 512Mb of ram (same as the X360).  Do you think any phone game ever made so far even comes close the the graphics of games on these consoles especially something as simple as Temple Run?  Any phone game not working on 512Mb devices is a result of lazy coding plain and simple.
  • What you said has nothing to do with this, It was an example dummy. 
  • Are you really comparing a phone (mobile hardware) to a console (PC hardware)? It's no where near the same. 2 completely different architectures. The 512MB of ram used on the 360/PS3 has much more bandwidth, faster than any mobile ram. If you packed that type of power in a phone, your battery wouldn't last 5 mins and the phone would melt. Lol
    Just cause the numbers might look the same, doesn't mean it is the same. Even when it comes to CPU's. A dual core or quad core x86 chip is much more powerful than a dual core or quad core ARM chip. It's not even close
  • This. RAM on PS3 had bandwidth in GB/s while ram on phones get MB/s He didn't even consider the software side. Games on Windows Phone and any other mobile OS must share ram with the OS while games on consoles don't have to. You can get incoming text, calls, notifications while gaming. You can switch apps. Can a PS3 do that???? no.
  • I totally agree to that! Earlier on another post I mentioned the same thing. I have a rooted nexus one and a friend has a rooted iPod. Almost every graphics intensive game works on them! Esp the iPod performs like a killer! I'm no apple or android fan. But it's sad why games on wp come with such requirements. Definitely the result of bad coding.
  • You are obviously not a coder or all of what you just said would have never been said.
  • I lol @ next gen players when they see me playing GTA V
  • Your comment was very silly, as others have explained. I'll just mention that games don't have access to even half of a WP device's RAM. Whereas on 360 and PS3, they can work with nearly the full amount of system RAM.
  • Lumia 520 is 30% of WP phones they should male all good games for 512 ram
  • I agree with you
  • Even if its just to optimize it for those who do have more ram.
  • I wait for this game over two months and now I have to wait another weeks to update the game to optimize with 512mb ram
  • Well i guess that is what happens when you settle for less
  • What if that's all they can afford at this time
  • agreed. buy a cheap computer, don't expect to play crysis. buy a cheap phone, don't expect to play graphics games.
  • its coming! my god don't you 512 people like to complain... no one to blame but...
  • @dwarfsize Well... I'd wager that the Lumia 520 is what has spurred the adoption of WP, thus it's marketshare outweighing more expensive devices.   With that said, if the marketshare for WP wasn't what it is today, would there even be any of these popular games being released at this frequency, or at all for that matter, without the help of lthe largest marketshare of WP users (Lumia 520)?   Don't be so flippant to dismiss Lumia 520 users, or minimize their importance to the WP platform.
  • They are once the update comes out.
  • Ms should provide both the ram version together
  • Woah! An Xbox Live title, as well?! I wonder if Microsoft has been hearing the cries of the people about Xbox games on WP?
  • No, the Xbox LIVE certification process is a VERY long one. There hasn't been enough time for them to have just added this in due to complaints over the last month or so.
  • Doubtful. More likely this was stuck in development for a year.
  • But this game didn't come out on wednesday.. So somethinghas happened!!
  • Why just 1 gb phones? -.-
  • Same reason as always. Release for 1 GB, then bug fixes/optimizations later after testing in the real world.
  • *sigh* There you go speaking logic again.
  • Already downloaded it through where's my app search prior to this post thank to another users tip on the instagram update & bug fixes article
  • The last 2 weeks, if new games come out (Angry Birds, Subway Surfers,...) Always (fucking) 1GB RAM........
  • Any graphics-intensive game is always, I repeat ALWAYS unavailable on 512MB to start with. That support comes later after the usual optimisations. There absolutely *no point* releasing a modern game with reduced graphics just to support the lesser devices, because then the initial impressions of the game would be bad and it would get bad reviews from the people on high end devices that downloaded it. And there is very little point holding back a release until the 512MB version is ready. At least if they block the download for 512MB devices they can avoid a slew of comments from these users saying it runs really slowly. This is the best methodology for launching a graphics-intensive game, and it's not going to change any time soon, so you will need to get used to waiting a few weeks for your release. That's the price of buying a low-end phone.
  • The biggest problem with this statement is that most of these games look like PC games from around 2000 and those games did not require 2x1 GHz and 1 gigs of RAM.
  • Which is why we need Intel to get up off their a$$ with some x86 chips for phones.
  • x86 chip, game requires 1GB RAM. ARM chip, game requires 1GB RAM!!?! I don't see what the processor has to do with a 1GB RAM requirement!!
  • The biggest problem with this statement is you're not a developer working on bringing games to Windows Phone, making sure they work across a variety of hardware configurations. It's easy to armchair develop games, it's another to actually have to deliver a good product.
  • people would have wished for a games with graphics like this on a pc, also many other phone games as of late. PC in 2000 was inferior to consoles, nowadays its different. And you read it all the time, i have a note 3 with 3 gigs of ram but it still does not get games from a X360 that only has 512 mb of ram. Its just completely different to develop for different systems. I also think this should run on 512 mb phones but its better for the Devs to release it now and get it ready for the small ram devices later on so they can make some money in the meantime.
  • Are you kidding me? How about the methodology where the game is tested and developed with both platforms in mind from the beginning?
  • Optimization for a low memory device usually includes forking the code so there are two versions of the game; one for high memory and one for low memory. The low memory one will have low-res assets, game engine reductions, etc. You don't want to apply this to the high memory one or you will reduce their experience, and you don't want to lump them both into one app because that increases the download and storage space required, and I know you'd complain about that too. This process takes time, time where any sane developer would rather be making money to support the extra work. Also once you fork off a separate app like this it becomes harder to share code updates and bug fixes between the two, so it's best to throw the game out in the wild first and fix anything critical before you split it off.
  • exactly! on computer, people don't expect to play heavy graphics games with a cheap HP computer off of best(crap)buy. why do they expect to play good-looking popular games on a cheap phone? if you want to play the latest game the day it's released, you'l have to have a fast computer. same with phone; have to have a high-end phone.
  • Spot on. Eg, I'm currently organizing an upgrade from my current PC to a Surface Pro 2, so I can play Project Spark at a decent framerate and quality. I'm not moaning to the developers asking why it's slow on my budget laptop.
  • Cuz the can optimise it perfectly for a 256mb itouch and droid with single core processor
  • First Angry Birds Go, then Subway Surfers and now Temple Run 2!!!!! These lazy developers need to learn how to optimize. I mean of Asphalt 8 and Halo can run on 512 mb of ram, why cant them?
  • 512 MB support will come. Just not out of the gate. It's sort of routine now. Remember Halo?
  • I see you updated the article to show that support fo 512 devices is coming. Lets pray it doesn't take as long as the original TR
  • When the original Temple Run came out, there were hardly any 512MB phones out there.  The 520 had just launched a month before.  It accelerated quickly, but I think that they also had to figure out all the optimizations that were needed first.  It took them six weeks to do Halo.  I'd imagine in about a month that TR2 will be available for 512MB devices.  I think they need to "out in the wild" data before they can fully optimize.
  • Halo was unavailable to 512MB devices on initial launch too. They're not lazy, they're smart in avoiding a whole bunch of bad reviews from low-end users that the game runs slow until they've had the time to optimise them.
  • I would agree with that statement IF they didn't pull off releasing to android and ios without the restrictions
  • Most games run like shit on Android anyway :-P Well not true of course, but given there's so many Android devices of all sizes and configurations it's impossible to optimise so they just release and cross their fingers.
  • Yep, I primarily develop for web and Android is a minefield even there where I have a nice abstracted browser environment to work in. I can't even imagine what it's like to try and support so much fragmentation with native code. Android is such a poor developer experience, people mostly only support it because of the market share (and sometimes because they learned Java a while back when everyone thought it was 'cool' and they don't want to lean another language).
  • My L520 is starving...
    First angry birds go, subway surfers, now temple run2...
  • deal with it! gaming is the most intensive thing you do on a phone. how can you buy the cheapest windows phone and expect it to run the latest games on release?
  • Tats y i regret buying wp hello droid..
    P.s it works perfectly on my friends 150dollar droid phone
  • What if this game was released only to phones with 2 Gb of RAM, then you would complain, would you?
  • Ya
  • No we wouldn't, seeing as we would have bought our phones months ago and see 2GB RAM as the natural progression. You guys who bought a 512MB device when 1GB devices are available need to expect that high end games simply aren't going to be available straight away.
  • These games are not at all intensive.   My 4th gen iPod Touch from 2010 , Single core + 256MB RAM + 960 x 640 display can run all these games without any hiccups   Why can't dual core processor with better CPU , better GPU and double RAM and lower resolution screen 800 x 480 can't run the game ?
  • Runs perfect on ATIV S with best graphics \o/ :D
  • So much complaining...
  • And it's Free as a Bird
  • So, Xbox on WP is dead is it?
  • I'm calling it dead after this one. It's just been stuck in development. They announced it with WP8!
  • Hehehe...   For some people quantity is more important that quality. Maybe a new sarcastic article will be coming up soon.
  • I'd still say so. This one has probably just been stuck in the limbo that is Xbox Live certification process.
  • ^this
  • One game out of 7 or 8 major releases isn't an encouraging sign.
  • Indeed, so let's thank @imangi and @TempleRun for bringing us TR2 with Xbox integration, and let's tell @gameloft and @rovio to take note: #SaveXboxWP. We've still only had 4 Xbox games release in the past 4 months for WP.
  • My guess is that most of you don't use Windows RT or Windows 8 otherwise you would know that those Gameloft games were released without Xbox Integration on those platforms as well, so if they are killing Xbox on Windows Phone then they must be doing the same across the ecosystem. Maybe they'll be killing off the Xbox Consoles as well!!?!
  • I tried the first one and didn't understand what all the fuss was about. Is this sequel significantly better?
  • It's free, try it... It's the same formula and concept with improved gameplay and graphics.
  • My 6 yr old daughter thinks the sequel is better on her non WP device. I think its just the water slide section though. Its cool. I prefer racing, but I'm gonna download it. Decent game to have on your device
  • the first one looked terrible and lags and had control bugs. this one is just perfect!
  • This was an awesome week for wp!
  • Finallyyyyyyy O_O i wait 1 year for this and now is here
  • Now the emptiness :)
  • As always. 1gb
  • yup. It shall stay that way
  • I wish it came with 10gb ram requirement then he would stop acting too much im telling all my friends never ever buy a wp:'(
  • Come on guys, don't be silly. You knew this was gonna happen. It will release in 2-3 weeks for 512 MB. And when released it will be optimized for the 512MB phone, unlike the Android version which lags on lower end devices. So please be patient.
  • Right. But you know. We have to wait all the apps and games to make its way to WPstore. And 512mb ram have to wait twice. Wait and wait and wait until this world ends.
  • You are right... Wait wait and wait.... 512mb is just like curse for us...
  • i think you will be crying if it had required 2 gb know it just about time when 2 gb ram becomes mandatory....
  • Hopefully more XboxLive titles will follow. Every game developer should be able to use Xbox Live and achievements. Only thing that's crucial thou is that there is some hard and/or grinding achievements.
  • Ok, subway surfers now temple run 2 ..but why for 1gb devices ;/ :@ Make something .. more of the people have phones with 512 mb ram ....
  • This 1GB RAM stuff is really getting on my nerves
  • Ppl buying budget phones then crying about no 1gb ram is getting on my nerves. Suck it up you went cheap so u get what u pay for.
  • ^exactly! deal with it!
  • Both of your comments are arrogant in a way you clearly show your ignorance. As Rafael Rivera stated above, you don't just go in developing for one platform, a true developer develops for all platforms. As a developer I can tell you, there are alot of games out there that are heavier on a phone than this simple running game. To berate people because they have a (cheap) phone over and over again the way you continue doing, I hope your mama and daddy take you off the contract soon so you can see what reality is. Btw, as an owner of a 521, I didn't buy this (cheap) phone just because it was cheap, I bought it so I could test development for all platforms so everyone could enjoy them, not just your ignorant ass.
  • He speaks the truth!!
  • Im telling all my friends never to buy a wp then u will never get games
  • Stop spamming with your anti-WP agenda.
  • Not everyone is wealthy enough to afford a top-end phone. Mocking them for that is really low. Regardless, if you care about Windows Phone's growth, you should care about all apps and games getting 512MB support. A fragmented app store is not good for the platform.
  • No need to be rude. He is feeling bad about this already.
  • It works so smoothly (except for places where water flows , all the tessellation and physics part i guess) even at best settings. I would say the fps seems to be better than temple run 1. (Lumia 920). But come on guys, the whole world is done with all these games! At least we can now expect games to launch at same time from now on with the back log pretty much cleared. (Real racing 3,Infinity blades etc) Anyways great way to end the year I would say, this is epic news for WP as this holiday season there're going to be much more sales only due to apps like these (Seriously)
  • infinity blade is only for was never launched for android nor will be .they are always developing apps for ios.and if you want games why not buy xbox coz mobile game arent as good when compared to console quality.
  • Yay! Xbox support!
  • So now almost everyone will have to wait months and more months to they release a update to run on 512mb devices! Are you happy with Xbox Live integration??? I am not. And, worse: this game isnt available here in Brazil. They will have to release a new update to make this game available in here. HATE Xbox Live Integration!!!
  • Yes I am. And if you wanted a phone for gaming, you shouldn't have bough a cheap phone. You can't expect to pay for a cheap phone and have access to everything like those who paid for the better ones. That's how things work. That said, the non-publishing on Brasil is another story. That you have reasons to be mad about. However, you should blame Itamaraty and their silly laws more than anything else.
  • I have a Nokia Lumia 920. I am thinking about the 70% of WP users that dont have a 1gb device.
      Not. That is not a excuse anymore. Since one year ago, developers can publish their games in here simple using a PEGI and ESRB and almost every game out there has one of these and you can get one of these instantly on web. And TR 2 and TR1 have both of these certificates.
  • I know. I meant "you" as if "the people with 512mb devices that keep complaining about these things". I understand that they may be furstrated with these things but 1 - 512mb devices are going extinct in the mobile world. WP has the oldest hardware on their phones and even that will be changing with the L525 coming with 1GB because of that.
    You can't expect developers to be worried about consumers with 512mb devices when those are majorly in an OS that doesn't even have 4% of the global market. So they develop for the standard requirements cross-platform. And that's 1GB. And if Itamaraty has changed those rules...well, then blame Microsoft =P Because I'm pretty sure it's not the developers fault. I hardly think they would ignore on purpose a large market like Brasil.
  • The feature isn't the problem, its Microsoft stupid expensive, lengthy certification process. If that is fixed Xbox live could be the positive feature it should have been instead of a hangman's noose around games on WP.
  • Exaclty. Unitl they completly fix this I dont want to see any game with Xbox Live certification. I want fast updates, fast fixes and new worlds, boxes and levels.
  • I understand your frustration about the now common trend of developers releasing 1GB versions and then releasing a 512MB update months later. Waiting sucks. I don't know enough about development to know how feasible it is to develop concomitantly, but I must say that I vehemently disagree with your anti-Xbox tirade. Xbox games on WP is the feature that distinguishes them from iOS and Android. We need more Xbox games, not fewer. That said, Microsoft certainly needs to streamline the certification process and court indie developers by extending the ID@Xbox program to Xbox on Windows Phone, but that won't happen unless we the people nag them to do so: #SaveXboxWP, baby.
  • Running great on the 928! Now everyone needs to support the developers, make them love WP8 users.
  • Free AND with Xbox-Live? Something must be terribly wrong. I wonder if the Mayans haven't missed their calculations by a year... Jokes aside, I'm not making a party over the Xbox-branding on this. As others have said, no one can guarantee us that this hasn't been stuck in development for months.
  • So all we need is Candy Crush?
  • Haven't seen any indication that it will come to WP8, have you?
  • Is coming...
  • Was all set to download until I saw RAM requirements.
  • Cry more please
  • Make less useless comments, please. :P
  • I shall now do even more useless comments :P
  • Hmm... I don't see any tears here.
  • I have a 520, but I'm not complaining. I tried it out when it came out on iOS and didn't like it. Compared to the original, I find Temple Run 2 too busy looking, and it got in the way of enjoying the gameplay. Oh yeah, Angry Birds Go is a dud too. The most boring racer I have ever played. It doesn't even look good. It's at the top lists right now, but it's going to drop massively after the New Year most likely. It feels like a work in progress, and is not worth playing. Now THAT looks like a year 2000 game. Plants Vs Zombies 2 is what you should be begging for. I've been enjoying it for months now, a great sequel.
  • 1GB ram again? Aw c'mon... Why don't they just release that of 1GB & 500MB at the same damn time? Ugh!
  • Christmas gift for windows phone users.
  • San Andreas?????
  • 512mb :/
  • Heck Yeah! I was just wondering about this today, and bam!
  • Yessss
  • There are even waterslides. I mean, WATERSLIDES! *-*
  • Well time to go delete Temple Run and install Temple Run 2
  • All i can say is........DAMMMMMMMMMMMM. WP on fire atm. Now for GTA and my weekend is sorted. Update.... Just played and noticed that its up to date with ios version. Niceeeeeeeeee.
  • 60% on the market just nothing .
  • yay awesome
  • For ram 512 mb..
    just wait again....
    Subway surfer... ,
  • San adreas please :
  • I was wondering why last week it was reported to be released "next week" and now its the end of next week and nothing and no ones mentioned it. Ah well, maybe next week.
  • They wanted to see if you would notice the delay. They've just been sitting on the game. Just kidding, actually the game has been released weeks ago but WP Central hasn't reported on it yet because they are waiting for more of you to usurp threads in articles not related to GTA. Once enough of you do it, then they'll finally reveal the game. Joking aside, seriously, what is the point of coming onto this thread and asking about GTA San Andreas. When the game is released WPCentral will report on it immediately. Wait.
  • The achievements are all secret :D Sucks i no longer have a WP8 but i hope this does not get delisted so soon :) Getting it in the future-
  • The progress doesnt save! Everytime I restart the app I have 0 coins, am Level 0, no assignments finished and have to play the tutorial again!
  • Nooo!!!! My save :'(
    Your correct unfortunately, the save for the game is broken. And since its a Xbox game we will have to wait for the update until forever.
  • It's a gamebreaker! They need to fix this soon!
  • Won't happen until Microsoft updates the certification progress. Note, the game doesn't even seem to be able to sense which achievements I've earned before closing the game. In-game none are earned, on my Xbox Profile 10/20 earned.
  • I can confirm this, progress is not saved, coins are gone everytime.
  • ^this
  • don't have this problem coin, lvl, achievements, and assignments all save on my 920. even bought some bonuses. consider a reinstall?
  • Same here on my 1020. Played for 20 minutes, closed, got back in and had to start all over again. I'm gonna wait for an update before I touch this game again.
  • Smz u have some other prb buddy. It wrks fine on my 820. Works smooth , thngz saved , achievement gained , coins r also there I played 3times TL nw I guess even had one restart then to no chNges. Reboot n instl agn .
  • No problems here in my Lumia 820. Maybe its device specific or something else???
  • It's not. My lumia 820 doesn't save either :( Huge disappointment!
  • Neither does my 820 save progress in this game. Could the problem be related to GDR3 developer preview?
  • I have a 920 with GDR3 dev preview and I can confirm that the game *doesn't* save anything, you loose everything as soon as you close it and open it again :/
  • I have GDR2 installed and have this issue. Reinstalling didnt help.
  • Same issue with GDR3 developer preview but it's probably not related...waiting for a fix.
  • Oh that is just fantastic! Xbox support all the way, was time for some good news! So great, a glance of hope :-)
  • Works well on my 920
  • Game looks great at 1080p I think its one of the few games that supports the high res 1520 display.
  • Wow, this one is hard. So much graphical in the way.
    Love the graphic setting as a option. Something more games need.
  • the game is so smooth on my 920 running on best quality, 512mb ram users should be envy :p just wait a little bit more it will come eventually
  • The game doesn't save your progress. Need a bug fix. And since its Xbox Live that will not happen. Way to spoil the fun :(
  • it does save on my lumia 920 ! which device are you using for this game ?  
  • L1020
  • try reinstalling the game.
  • I have the same issue even after reinstalling :/
  • Same here. Reinstall did not solve the problem.
  • weired but i heared you have to set ENGLISH as the deafult langugae in system(some one tweeted this ).
  • Ps3 has 256mb ram so temple run 2 can be done on 512mb phone easily lol. Also most people on WP have 520, 620 or 720
  • Already!?
  • Ps3 has 256mb ram so temple run 2 can be done on 512mb phone easily lol. Also most people on WP have 520, 620 or 720
  • Yeah? And a smart phone may be able to run the game several hours with a 1500mAh battery, so PS3 should be able to do that also? PS3 is almost infinitely more powerful as gaming platform, so such comparisons don't make any sense at all.
  • What im saying is that more can be done with less ram so why is this drought of apps happening.
  • Still need sonic dash and sonic 4 episode 2 and plants vs zombies 2
  • and then... this is how your rumorometer or whatever is called is stupid sometimes... see, this game was and is xbox live enabled... and you still with a video showing it and all that put a 7/10. again, only because you are the largest WP news site and stuff, it doesnt mean others wouldnt get access to apps and demos earlier, like the Spanish site saying this was Xbox Live.
    so again, be humble and dont pretend only because you didnt touch it, its almost not possible and then it deserve a 7/10. in fact, the boy told me he got a demo unit in some place and it had the game, thats why the video didnt have audio. and thats why he didnt show more of the game. since it was a demo unit in some store or conference or something. so take that WPcentral, im glad it was xbox live so you can review your judgement in some news and then putting silly scores in tat rumor meter thing.
  • This is dumb a rumor meter is just that, they can't confirm anything until it is officially confirmed. Just cuz I tell you halo CE will get a wp8 port don't mean squat, its just a rumor and sense they can't confirm the sources they can only speculate, There for still a rumor. Btw the halo port is a lie just an example
  • Slight stutter while playing on best using the L1020. Not too bad though.
  • Hey I want subway surfers and temple run 2 immediately for 512 MB ram I can't wait
  • Too many running games lately. The one with Xbox Achievements wins :)
    Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Kalpana - Incas Lost City, Angry Gran Run, Minion Rush, Rail Rush....
  • Damn straight it does! I wouldn't touch an 'endless running' game with a ten-foot pole unless it had Xbox achievements. Easy decision: TR2 is the one. Viva la Xbox.
  • No matter if I want a better performance gaming on my phone ill wait for SS and tr2. But please release it soon.give a launch date for 512 MB WP.
  • No i can't wait.i need both the games now
  • Way too late...this game is old
  • Its a shame ppl lauf whn we say we gt templerun2 . Thy say we have got it start of year n we fools got in last month of year. When,will tha day CME when,we will get priority games nd apps. Still candy crrush missing. But to b true m,happy thz December wp is shooting apps n updates like crzy .
  • I'm now struggling to hate my l520
  • Chill.....512 mb ram support is coming. If you aren't patient, that's your own fault.
  • Xbox live..that's why it took so long.
  • Tbh, id rather they released it faster and then updated it with xlive support in a later release.
  • Xbox integration is worth the wait. It immediately makes our version of TR2 significantly better and more exclusive than the now boring iOS and Android versions.
  • Xbox is great but i wish ms makes it easier for publishers to pass xbox certification than taking 1 or 2months
  • No y not for 512mb ram they are bich
  • Again not for 512mb ram?
  • And once again the word WAIT arrives !!! Its a shame to see all the most anticipated games on WP requiring 1GB RAM. All the excitement and anxiety is throughly killied when such things happen. Now I'm beginning to feel my Lumia 520 is a total waste when it comes to games. For all you know very soon all apps will start coming for 1GB RAM phones and we would have to throw away our 512MB phones. :P
  • People. Enough whining about this 512mb s****. Be patient. Glad to see no more whining about 7.8.
  • I feel the same way. The complaining is ridiculous. I empathize with people who have budgets that only allow them the entry level devices; however, I fail to see how that is the developer's problem. I'm trying to understand, but having difficulty doing so. Maybe that's because I'm not a developer or maybe my view of this situation is just shallow, if so, my apologies.
  • It's Microsoft's problem: the Windows Phone OS is getting double fragmented, first with WP8 killing WP7, and now internally with the majority of WP8 phones not being able to run the newest apps and games. It's not good.
  • No TR2 no subway surfer for l520..
  • Why do they always wait so long for the 512mb devices!?! Its not fair:(
  • Very nice. Run smooth as butter on Lumia 1020 with graphic set to BEST setting.
  • I downloaded it and it doesn't remember the settings I change nor the scores, achievements I earn. Also, it starts in the tutorial always.
  • Same problem here l820 gdr3 preview
  • windows your irritating me now  why 1 Gb Always 
  • My Nokia Lumia 720 :/:|:(:'(:-(
  • Its not saving my progress everytime I quit the game starts as new, it sux
  • Same problem here with my l 820!
  • +820 Because of this, it doesn't make sense to play the game...
  • Wow, 3 popular games in a week, I take back everything I ever said about WP not having enough apps and games. We are officially catching up and Xbox love made this worth the wait. Subway surfers, temple run 2, and despicable me 2 have been perfect. I am now proud of my phone.
  • Every port we get that adds in Xbox support is worth the wait and a huge win over iOS and Android. Games on WP with Xbox immediately become the best versions of the game, with exclusive and distinguishing features of XBox Live. Eat it, Android and iOS, our version of TR2 is better than yours!
  • And everyone complaining about 1gb, jeez you should know 512mb is not gonna get all the good apps and games. Don't go for the super cheap models unless you have too, you can easily get something in between cheap and expensive such as my phone Nokia Lumia 822. But if you get a cheap device by choice don't complain when you can't get everything.
  • My friends warned me to buy a Android phone i ignored them:'(
  • So, are you regretting that decision or enjoying it? I,for one, cant think of buying an android phone.
  • I regret that i purchased a wp
  • Take it from someone who has had both Android and Windows Phone: Windows Phone is much, much better. Android is an unstable, inefficient, sluggish mess. Windows Phone is smooth, fresh, and snappy fast. You made the right decision; your friends are tools.
  • But at least they are enjoying all the blockbuster titles
  • Who cares if you have all the blockbuster titles if they all run like crap on your phone because the poorly coded Android OS bogs it down.
  • Temple run 1 crashes on wp
  • And endless customization
  • Havent u played asphalt 8 ???play it then u wont regret..;)
  • I hav played ...:/
  • You regret buying into the best mobile platform there is because you can't play a crappy 99 cent game that sucks anyway? There are plenty of good games that are in the Wp store that work great on 512 devices. I recommend you go back to scroogle and enjoy what ever gimmped framework skinned lagged out crap phone you can get for 99 cents on a 2yr.. Sorry to be rude, I just dont understand people like you... 
  • Its k i installed the game now im sticking to wp ;)
  • And see wat happens
  • Lol guys, Minion Rush, Angry Gran Run, and Kalpana - Incas Lost City work with 512MB RAM devices. Just have to wait for them to optimize on 512MB RAM devices for this game.
  • App Gap = CLOSED. 512 MB Gap = WIDE OPEN
  • Hahaha. You have a nice formulae in place there IN5TIGATOR. At first it didn't click then in a few secs I lol'd. :P
  • Why man why not for 512 mb ram.
    I should've asked for lumia 920 from my dad...:( i love l720 but sometimes i miss 1gb ram
  • Waiting for 512mb support...
  • Why am I the only one in on the leaderboards?
  • Xbox on WP only does Friends Only.
  • Then add me to your friends!
  • *shoves Subway Surfers* XBOX ACHIEVEMENT TRAIN INCOMING!!!
  • Yes! Our version of TR2 because it has Xbox achievements is the best version of TR2 (better than iOS and Android) and it also makes it the best 'endless runner' on Windows Phone. So sorry, Minion Rush, Rail Rush, and Subway Surfers! You're not needed round these parts anymore. Zing. #SaveXboxWP
  • One night, all but four achievements. I'm on lockdown due to Daily and Weekly Challenges (and can't bypass with Coins). Already a 4.7M point score.
    But funny that you mentioned Rail Rush and Subway Surfers. I bought their Coin Doublers (as well for TR2), as I like the companies. Keeping their games on here when I need a bit of variety of games to play under the genré of 'endless runner'.
  • interesting, instead I just bought other Xbox WP titles in other genres. There are a ton of them on sale right now from EA, Gameloft, Ubisoft, etc. Snag them up!
  • No Lag at all at Best visual quality settings on my 820. It runs smoother that than TR1!!
  • Possibly the best news I've heard since morning.. Excuse me for a second while i jump for joy.
  • Beautifully optimized on WP. I miss swipes on my QUAD CORE Nexus 5 but never on my Lumia 1020 which is a 2 year old processor, That shows what a native implementation can do, hats off to imangi and WP teams to bring this awesome game to WP. I am going to stop playing this game on my Nexus 5
  • Completely agree. I have a 520, but am not whining. The dev will include support for 512 mb ram devices. Just wait and be patient. Don't hate your device. Remember, its the developers loss as much as yours since 512 mb ram devices take up the majority of the wp market. Do t think the dev is doing it to spite you. Devs have very hectic schedules. They cant cater to everyone's demands.
  • It is obvious to get angry bcoz they are making us wait more and more
  • 1st took a year to announce the game then 2 months to release.and now more 2 months for 512 MB ram
  • and they will release as crappy as temple run 1......they haven't fixed game crash for 512 MB device yet...heck, they haven't updated game even once after they released for 512 Mb devices.....despite sending them so many message about it...they had simply ignore it.....instead they have prioritized fixing bugs in lagdroid and i don't except anything from imangi studios developers....
  • Is it possible to get temple run for wp7.8
  • Sadly no. You could buy a Nokia Lumia 520 or 521 for around 90 dollars if you're interested. Deals have been going on around 40$ on some sites though
  • Ahhh damn can not make my NokiaLumia 625 with 512 RAM. Please update as soon as possible. So that is available in the RAM 512. Thanks WPCentral over the info
  • Why always :( i can't play this game either :( ... Subway surfer first now temple run 2 :(
  • Yes they don't care for 512 MB ram devices.if they care then they would have released both ram version simultaneously
  • Felt good reading the Updated part in the article. :P
  • first buy a windows phone....wait half an year for an app....then wait another one to two months for it to release for 1gb ram because of xbox live...then again wait for some weeks or months to have it on 512mb ram........well ipod has 256mb is it so that it gets all games at the same time.....never heard for different releases for different rams.....its like buying a windows phone and getting cheated......some people are saying that 512mb phones like 720 are cheap.....well we can get better specs if buy lagdroid.....but we still stick with wp....because it is better ....and now companies are teasing......sorry for bad english......
  • Any expected release date of 512mb version?
  • 2-4 weeks
  • Ok. Thanx
  • Having issues with achievements and also I have to hit the windows button on the Imagi Studios screen then open it again in the task manager to get the game to start. My achievements also aren't showing in my profile.
  • i am not a very big fan of this game but its really nice to see wp getting major apps n games with such momentum l.
    Keeps it up MS n nokia :)
  • Everytime i open again the game, my scores are missing. I need to run again. :(
  • Also on my Lumia 1020 the Game does not save Progress.
  • Problems here with my Nokia Lumia 820 , the game doesn't save! Does anyone else have that problem
  • I need to hit my Lumia 520 in the wall asap done with window phone first subway surfer now temple run 2
  • Never buy 512 ram windows phone
  • First wait for availability of game than wait for 512mb support, hell.
  • 512 not supporting what man... thinking to switch android...
  • This is not crysis and a 50dollar Android phone has tr2!
  • Imangi is ahit
    Killoo is shit
    Gameloft is best who can provide asphalt 8 for 512mb
  • Done 15 achievements, enough for today!!!
  • Now tr2 will 1st update the issues of saving game then we will get 512 MB support means 4-5 months for 512 MB...
  • To bad the score and settings always disappears when restarting. Really weird they didn't notice that themselves.
  • Are you running the developer preview of the gdr3? Maybe it's because of that
  • That's possible, as I'm still on GDR2 and not experiencing that particular issue (just a bunch of other ones).
  • And now after every run it takes me to the rate app screen even though I did that the first time it popped up. Hopefully a bug fix patch is forthcoming.
  • For some reasons the game lags sometimes on my L1020
  • There has to be a way Microsoft can make Xbox live certification easier. Its ridiculous how many developers have abandoned it.
  • Why not join the #SaveXboxWP movement? One of the primary goals is to prod Microsoft into revising the Xbox Live certificdation process for Windows Phone:
  • Wow another infinite runner. We were running short though.. Angry Gran, Rail Rush, Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2.. Same boring journey, different fucking car.
  • I dont want to wait ,i have 720 and I wasted 18000 on the shit just equally to the price of 820 ,
    So is there any proxy trick to download temple run 2
    Plz plz I want this game
    And dont fuck to reply that plz wait for 512 mb game launch
  • Very smooth on the 920.
  • I dont want to wait ,i have 720 and I wasted 18000 on the shit just equally to the price of 820 ,
    So is there any proxy trick to download temple run 2
    Plz plz I want this game
    And dont fuck to reply that plz wait for 512 mb game launch
  • How can their be a proxy trick? That's like having a 20 litre bucket and asking for a hack to fit 40 litres of water in it. Go and have a wank and get rid of your angst.
  • don't want to wait? patch it yourself.
  • That's enough poor comments out of you, Rohibit. Try to think more before you comment and make more sense, please.
  • What am I waiting for? GTA: San Andreas. Or well, any game that isn't an infinite runner. Never understood the genre myself.
  • "...512 MB update is coming in a future update" I guess for A LOT of Windows phones, the wait is NOT OVER. Which is why my 625 can never be my only mobile device. Probably getting a Moto G funds permitting.
  • the game is bugged for me. i have powerups spawned all the time. i m just jumping and i do easy 20km with just one finger and no pain. i have 60 gems and can easy collect 20-25 with one 30k run.
  • All the progress is cancelled after exit. I've just lost 2 hours of my goddamn life.
  • Haha, the same happened to me too! I guess they need a quick update cause I read the comments and many people experienced the same problem..
  • The autosave doesn't work.... Every time from zero...
  • I can understand people's frustrations here, especially with this particular game, it already has the option to adjust the graphical fidelity of the game in the settings, so you can't really use that as an excuse (set up the bottom option for 512mb devices). It'll arrive soon enough though, I think it's a case of developers wanting to get their stuff out ASAP and then focus on the nitty gritty later.
  •  I deleted the first one as soon as I got this one. It improves on the first one in every way and has achievements to boot.
  • Can anyone pls give me a proxy to install 1gb ram supported games for 512mb rams . My email :
  • Wow Live support, but after playing the game I still don't understand the big deal.
  • Some people just don't understand the word coming soon (for 512 MB RAM)
  • But y still coming soon that is the question that u don't understand
  • kandee kwush puhlease! engk!
  • I don't understand all the hue and cry over the initial lack of support for 512 MB RAM devices. The reasons are plain and simple: 1.) It is easier for developers to release a game for 1 GB devices and then work on optimization for 512 MB devices while getting feedback from a public release. This way they can ensure that 512 MB devices don't have to suffer through a bad gaming experience. 2.) 1 GB devices are relatively more premium devices. The WP8 OS gives a uniform experience across all devices, so the premium devices need to have other advantages. One of those advantages is that they get access to newer apps sooner. It's the same with the latest Nokia Black update, and the Nokia Camera app. And it's only fair. Otherwise what's the point of paying more for a high-end device? And let's not forget that people buying premium devices also have the greatest probability of making in-app purchases, so obviously developers would want to focus on them first.   I'm a Lumia 720 owner and I knew the risks associated with buying a 512 MB device before making my purchase. I've had a fantastic experience so far and I don't mind having to wait some time to get some of these apps. It is far better than owning a medium-end Android device or even an older iPhone and getting an annoying laggy experience. Just be patient - 512 MB devices are in the majority on the WP platform and support for those devices will come soon.
  • Lots of fun. The load time is unacceptable on a 920 though. 
  • this is great keep running from the
  • Game progress is not saved unless the phone is set the United states Region and language.
  • This game sucks, such as most other touch-based games.
  • Mirror's Edge doesn't suck. That game is boss, yo. And it's only 99 cents.
  • Still waiting for 512 MB
  • When will dis game come to 512 mb phones?
  •    Is anyone else experiencing a problem where the game keeps going to the "Rate and Review" screen everytime you die, even though you've already rated the game?
  • Yes i also am facing that bug, really annoying!
  • And i am unable to rate it too
  • When will it hit INDIA...the market % is dropping for Windows phone compare to Android. Hope its free and available for 512 RAM.   The local phone like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava are running with Subway surfer, Temple brave,Oz etc games. We need to run steady with fast planning. Hope you agree and bring it soon.      
  • still no love for 512 mb ram devices....... if this goes on windows will be washed away sooner or later.....
  • When going to 512 MB ram any news
  • The problem of saving the game is resolved, changing the regional format settings. Settings - language Region. Regional format. Change to United States, any language
  • Hi to downlod Temple Run 2 or anyother game that requires 1 GB of ram follow these steps. 1: Connect to wifi.
    2; Tap and hold on the wifi connection you are using the select, edit > proxy on
    3: Enter in the IP address and 8888 in the port. Save your settings
    4; Now open app store search for Temple Run 2
    5: Open the application, and you will see the button to 'install' :)
    6: Don't do anything, wait until the page is completely loaded.
    7; Now open a new tab using windows button, go to wifi and disable proxy, save and exit.
    8: Now open the temple Run2 app tab then hit download
    BOOM you got your tr2
    ps it works with practially every single app on the app store ;) (i m not sure about paid apps tho)