Temple Run 2 might be an Xbox Live game for Windows Phone

Temple Run 2 has been a highly anticipated game for Windows Phone 8. It was finally announced (along with a few other apps and games) at Nokia World 2013, but sadly didn’t include a release date for the platform. A new video has leaked showing off the game on Windows Phone and with a little surprise in tow – Xbox Live support.

The folks over at WindowsPhoneApps.Es have a video of what’s allegedly Temple Run 2 running on the Nokia Lumia 1320. What’s interesting is that there’s Xbox Live branding on the Live tile for the game. The version of the game they had on the device was only a demo, so accessing things like the challenges, objectives and other items were unavailable.

This is the first we’ve heard of Temple Run 2 potentially being an Xbox Live enabled game. Temple Run, Temple Run: Oz and Temple Run: Brave are the other games in the Temple Run series available for Windows Phone and don’t have Xbox Live onboard. This would make Temple Run 2 the first one with Xbox integration. We’re going to give this a 7 on the rum-o-meter until we can learn more about it.


In the meantime, how many of you are looking forward to Temple Run 2?

Source: WindowsPhoneApps.Es

Sam Sabri
  • I thought they said it was coming to XBL to begin with?
  • I don't remember that.
  • Must of been a thought then. Could of swore I seen it on the WPBlog when the game was announced. Its not there anymore.
  • I remember seing the promo as having an xbox live branding, on the abu dhabi conference.
  • No offence .just a joke.
    Visualise Martin Luther Kings picture then i hav a dream that one day wp will have tr2 ss and ccs
  • Nokia's official facebook page posted this on 24th october. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151659554542397&set=pb.36922302396.-2207520000.1386823205.&type=3&src=https2F2Fhphotos-ak-ash3%2F1391552_10151659554542397_1440839867_n.png&size=960%2C960 clearly shows TR2 as an xbox title.
  • Yeah, they definitely announced it with the Xbox branding.
  • Yeah, that Xbox Live tile was leaked a looooooooooooooong time ago on the Windows Phone website when the game was announced. For some reason they removed that picture though... But yeah, this is super old news.
  • Thank whatever diety you believe in that this didn't take 18 months to come to WP after the hype was already done like the original Temple Run did. I could still get a couple of months out of this.
  • Subway Surfer and KenKen (android version) !!!
  • The Xbox-branding was already there in the picture Microsoft used on their site when the game was announced. I'm hoping they don't drop it at the last minute. Because Imangi will be the only developer using Xbox-branding still (maybe EA too, who knows...). If it's Xbox I'll get it.
  • That would be really interesting if this released with Xbox branding. Would make me wonder just what the hell is going on with the platform given Gameloft's and Rovio's sudden dismissal of Xbox integration coupled with the fact that all of the previous Temple Run games didn't have it. It seems unlikely, though, if you look at the 0:49-mark of the video and see the dashboard icons: Get Coins, Free Stuff, Challenges, Objectives, Stats, Leaderboards, More Games, Credits, Settings. There is no "Achievements" icon. Of course, it could be buried elsewhere, but I doubt it. Hope I'm wrong, though. I too am anxiously awaiting the next EA release (presumably FIFA 14) in hopes that it'll still have Xbox branding as well.
  • Yeah it could be the in the "Objectives". Hard to know since the video is a demo and in trials you can never see the achievements. We'll see. EA doesn't seem to have any problems with Xbox-brandings. They've updates Tetris and The Sims Free Play a few times already without any problem. So I'm hoping they don't jump ship.
  • I noticed this as well. Very good update support from EA!
  • Calling it "Objectives" instead of "Achievements" is what a developer would probably do if they were stripping out Xbox integration at the last second and replacing it with something else. Hope that's not the case. But yea, EA has been pretty solid with their Xbox updates. Tetris Blitz has been updated numerous times since its release in September. EA has a good relationship with Microsoft's Xbox division, though, so maybe there is some leeway going on there. I'm holding on to hope that EA will be the one major publisher who sticks with Xbox on WP support. Come on FIFA 14 with Xbox achievements! Please...
  • Microsoft should have created a "trusted developer" system, where companies like Gameloft, EA, Rovio etc could release their games with Xbox-branding without having to pass through all that stupid certification process. That alone would have helped avoiding the drop of Xbox-branded games by major developers. Alas...we're not in charge at Microsoft. =\
  • Agreed. I've thought about this before too: Gameloft, EA, Rovio, MiniClip, SquareEnix, Ubisoft, Konami, NamcoBandai, Sega, etc. Those companies should've been given a green pass for sure.
  • I guess the thinking in these companies goes somewhat like this: "The people on WP platform are so starved for our content, that we do not see a competitive advantage in putting man-hours to develop XBox-integration, when these people will become our customers regardless."
  • I just want candy crush. Temple run is old, and yet they still didn't manage to make it on wp
  • No
  • True I really want candy crush but its going to say something once we get that app we really are growing!
  • Rather have real Xbox games in mobile style, like Titanfall, on my phone. This could be a huge differentiator between windows phone versus others. Lets see, Titanfall>Candy Crush
  • Titanfall? On a phone? No thanks, for a 4-5 inch screen candy crush>titanfall
  • Did I ever say full Titanfall? I said Titanfall mobile, so something optimized well for phones, like Spartan assault, modern combat, etc.
  • Spartan assault is one of those games that is playable on touchscreens, but isn't really optimized for it (and the same goes for all virtual gamepad -games).
  • No!
  • Cool!
  • I'd always welcome an Xbox title.
  • Rather have Minion Rush xbox enabled than TR2
  • I want EA to bring their top teir games to WP like Dead Space.
  • Speaking of which. Whatever happen to dead space?
  • I thought they weren't going to make another. I could be wrong. I can honestly say, I look at games as just games that are fun an exciting but for scary, this one takes the cake. It literally made us both cringe and/or jump off our seats!
  • Dead space got canned ages ago, not happening. Ask Paul if you don't believe me...
  • Paul?
  • The Paul who writes articles for WPCentral...
  • I hope so!
  • Heard Capcom investing $40mil for mobile games. RE, come to WP!
  • Mass Effect Infiltrator is already available for all Windows Phones as is Real Racing 2.
  • You should check out DS on Android pretty awesome. Feel like I should get HTC One for the games.
  • I've played it already and wasn't that impressed, it just didn't have the atmosphere of the regular DS games on console and PC. Mass Effect Infiltrator on Android is marginally better for ME3 players as it has support for uploading Intel to the Galaxy at War servers.
  • Thanks Sam for that little hope!
    Would be awesome to have this with achievements.
  • And we will get this when temple run 3 comes out for IOS and android? -_-
  • Knowing WP users that might not tick them off... But what will tick them off is when TR3 releases on WP along with iOS and Android without Xbox Live, and then TR2 drops without XBL. Now the reaction to *that* would be fun to watch.
  • I'm preoccupied with Minion Rush right now, but this will be nice too, lol..
  • I already played Temple Run 2 on my iPad. I think that there's too much going on. So i still prefer the original and then Oz (especially since it has the extra scene to run through). I won't be getting TR2 on Windows Phone for that reason.
  • That would explain why its taking so long.
  • My thoughts exactly. Cant wait for it to come then can delete it off my ipod...
  • Gets messy with some Xbox titles and some not.
  • Forget Temple Run 2 , Subway Surfers is best !!
  • Almost 90% sure they showed the original Temple Run announcement tile as being Xbox branded back in like 2011 or 12 when it was announced as coming to WP too. So I wouldnt hold my breath with this. I would say 80% chance no xbox, 20% xbox. Prob just more of an error than anything, or a major oversight from when they canned the Xbox live intergartion with the game and forgot to update the tile.
  • "...when they canned the Xbox live intergartion..." When did Microsoft announce that, Xbox integration is dead.
  • Somethings dont need to be announced. I just meant for this game specifically. Just like what happened with Temple Run. It was originally planned as Xbox enabled, but then at some point it got canned because the developers no longer cared to have it and Ms pissed them off most likely. Typical, same reason Gameloft and Rovio have now jumped shipped and no longer bother with Xbox intergration. Same thing happened with almost every game coming out. Same story for Fairway Solitaire on WP8 and Windows 8. Planned Xbox, scrapped due to endless BS microsoft throws at devs.
  • But no one knows that for sure, Microsoft could have told developers to hold off on the Xbox Intergation. I don't think Xbox Integration is dead, I think it's being reworked into a Play Games/Gamecentre Service where it's not essential to gain achievements but if you use it then you boost your gamerscore and have access to your friends list along with the other Xbox features. This will make it quicker for developers to get games onto the platform without the ridiculously long certification process, it should also allow for connection to other gaming networks like Origin in EA Games. A couple of the games, Dungeon Hunter 4 and Asphalt 8 were released on Windows RT and Windows 8.1 without Xbox Integration as well so why would they remove it now when they just released Xbox One and Smartglass for Windows 8/RT and WP8. This is just speculation on my part but I think the above is the case. Angry Birds Go! on WP automatically signs you in as a guest with no way to change it, on the Android version it allows you to sign in via Rovios own network, so my guess is the want to get it on all WP devices before adding Xbox Integration.
  • This is where WP still lags behind...games.
  • What about Windows 8 Store?
  • Nice, it's a shame that Angry Birds Go is not an XBL title.
  • Seriously I don't have much interest in non-XBOX Live titles. Dark Lands, Monister University, Temple Run(s), Move, and even Angry Birds Go!.
  • Agreed. I'm really upset that the route developers are going is non XBL. I really was attracted to WP because of XBL integration.
  • I do enjoyed Oz!
  • As do I.  Enjoy it more than the first one even though I have both on my phone.
  • Really? the article confirmed it would come with xbox live and archivements, the video shows the tile with xbox live... and the site, while its not as big as WPcentral, its still good source for information but in spanish.... and you still put a 7/10 in the rumor meter thing? when they even said ""its just a demo but we confirmed it has xbox live enabled, good news for people who like achivements and etc etc"" lol please.... this is just ridiculous.  but oh wait.... the  "awesome rumor microsoft planning start menu in windows 8.1" receives a 9 without any proof of that? no video, no pictures? just "source" but still a 9... rightttttttt..... yeah thats how I will call this BS please WPcentral, dont think only because you are the "largest" WP site, you are the only ones that can have access to stuff early in WP, oh wait... "spanish people" can have or test stuff early, I get it! but 7/10 really? lol please... and "others" 9/10 with no proof or anything? rightttttttt 
  • I personally with good knowledge would give this 3/10. Very unlikely. Nothing indicates Xbox live other than live tile which has been known countless times to be a letdown. They should have reported the devs confirmed achievement and such. Because I see very low chance that this will be Xbox. Even with the evidence.
  • I always read rum-o-meter as RUM-o-meter. Anyone else? Anyways, great news!
  • I'll be drinking a lot of rum if this launches without Xbox branding. Lots and lots of rum.
  • WP7 please
  • No
  • XBL or not, i just want it to run on my 620 (512ram devices).
  • a LIVE game, what one of those??? :)
  • Just bring the games, I dont need this certification crap. I just wanna play!!
  • It should be, its a great game. Look forward to its release. Already two major games for WP8 this week, why not another?!
  • is it available for Lumia 520(512mb rams)
  • Speaking of Nokia World Where is Xbox Video?
  • I don't want Xbox cuz it takes ages for the game to release like tr2
  • LOVE that game and the original Temple Run. I don't think I'll download it to my 920 though just to conserve space for stuff I don't have on my iPod touch.
  • I won't even bother downloading this. With angry gran run, minion rush and rail rush I'm more than satisfied! All that remains is Subway Surfers and Candy Crush (yeah, I really want Candy Crush, especially on Windows 8)
  • Subway Surfer?
  • Subway surfer needed...
  • We need more Sega-based titles. I want to see Sonic Dash with Xbox connectivity. That'd be nice...
  • +520
  • That look like the old Xbox border that says "Xbox Windows Phone" its like 2012. New Xbox titles are named "Xbox" only. I'd say its fake.
  • I'm not looking forward to seeing the game....can we have 3 instead?
  • When is the game releasing??
  • Release date???
  • It will for support 512mb ram ?
  • Excellent
  • they batter make it right not like TR 1 every couple games just crash without a reason
  • Just give us Forza and Titanfall with Xbox Live, MS. It's time. 
  • Well, i really hope its an xbox live game...and free too! :P
  • All of us
  • wht run2 ? its old thn a year now i guess . useless windows ppl cant get useless runner2 till now n now boosting there shit .
  • Great but am happy with Minion Rush coz its much better than any solo runner.WP8 is the baap os now!
  • I hop it will support for 512mb ram
  • Hope tomorrow i get up wid news that tr2 is available with XBL....