Tencent might release a QQ or WeChat Windows 10 UWP app after all

Tencent (Image credit: Tencent)

A recently posted slide from a Microsoft presentation shows that Tencent might launch a Windows 10 Mobile UWP QQ or WeChat app after all, even though Tencent stated they had no such plans.


The news comes from Microsoft's Channel 9 site, which posted the slides from the company's WinHEC partner event in China that was held in late April. One presentation on Windows Ink (via Neowin) included a slide showing how Microsoft's pen solution for Windows 10 could be used on Tencent's QQ and WeChat messaging clients; those apps have yet to be released.

Tencent previously said QQ would be coming to Windows 10 Mobile but later backtracked, stating in January 2016 that those plans had been canceled due to what the company said was the declining use of the Windows Phone platform. Hopefully we will get a clearer picture on Tencent's plans for Windows 10 in the near future.

John Callaham