Tesco has already sold its Blinkbox Movies and broadband services to UK operator TalkTalk, and now the supermarket chain has finally washed its hands of both the book and music streaming services. An official announcement was made on the Blinkbox website today, confirming that Guvera has made the purchase for the music streaming platform, swooping in to save current subscribers in a bid to keep Blinkbox music afloat.

What will this mean for current users of the service? Well, hopefully, Guvera will prove to see better results with the struggling service than Tesco. With iTunes, Xbox Music, Spotify and other services to compete against, it shan't be an easy task. The good news is that if you're using Blinkbox Music, you'll be able to continue doing so.

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As for the books service, The Book Seller reports talks between Tesco and book retail giant Waterstones fell through.

All 60 core staff who work on the blinkbox Books platform are now expected to enter a consultation period over their jobs and are likely to be made redundant. Waterstones was in exclusive talks to but the e-book platform, but a satisfactory deal could not be reached.

According to the report, Tesco will shut down the book service at the end of February.

Source: Blinkbox, The Book Seller, via: Engadget