There won't be a new Windows 10 Mobile preview build this week and here's why

Microsoft has decided not to release a new Windows 10 Mobile preview build this week to Insider members. Microsoft wants to fix a couple of issues in the last preview build first.

You may remember that after the last preview build, 14926, was released a week ago, Insider members started reporting issues with SIM cards and pin pads on the Mobile side. In a blog post, Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar stated:

After upgrading to Build 14926, some Insiders reported that the pin pad is no longer visible to unlock their phone even after rebooting the phone and some phones lost the ability to use their SIM card. In both cases, a hard reset of resolves the issue. Based on the feedback we received from Insiders, we have decided not to release a new Mobile build this week until we get fixes for these two issues.

As we reported earlier, PC users on the Insider Fast ring can now download the new Windows 10 preview build 14931.

John Callaham
  • Fix one bug and break others. Running joke with ms
  • You do programming? I don't think so otherwise you wouldn't have posted that foolish comment.
  • Yup, that's programming in a nutshell. Kinda the worst and the best thing about it.
  • Agreed, it's that extreme joy when you get something to work followed by the extreme frustration when you make a small change and it breaks everything only to get the elation again. Oh the joys of programming.
  • I do programming. When you know the code inside out, you know what's gonna happen if you change something. The problem with MS is they probably fired a whole bunch of people and hired new people who DON'T know the code which is why there's probably so many bugs. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So you program on a scale this large? Well then shame on ms as you clearly known this unknown territory better than they do.
  • It's not that large of a scale. I know a lot of the Windows internals. Windows consists of many individual programs. Some of the most critical programs are like 16kb. The only difficult part would be at the core levels with critical system operation. Otherwise, it's not too difficult to create an app like Explorer, Settings, or Sticky Notes. It only gets hard when you're making things like Photoshop or Autodesk Inventor when 1 program is like 30 MB. Like for real. Windows 7 was a more heavy duty OS with more complications and it worked even better. Windows Aero was not simple to develop and neither was Windows 7's recovery features such as "This program has stopped working." But it works well.
  • Aotodesk and Photoshop at 30 MB? You been out of the biz for a while? Photoshop 7 in 1999 was like 160 MB  
  • Dude 4real? I was giving an example of how the projects are huge. You don't have to get so specific. However you are correct indeed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dread wipe their cream off your lips bro, you're making it obvious you have a mandatory Monday night circle jerk with them.
  • Clap, clap, clap oh what a very intelligent and grown up comment you posted here. Now run along, get your milk and cookies and have a real nice nap and hopefully when you wake you will be ready for those big boy pants. Also thanks for letting us know what your Monday nights are like.
  • I took a nap, woke up, put on my pants and still realized you're a Microsoft fanboy taking that Nadella rod.
  • Ahh now I see. Did you get burnt by ms on something or did Nadella personally meet you and slighted you in some. If so, take yourself back under your rock and deal with your issue. Your first comment bad enough as it was so childish and shows your level of eradition to be basic at best(giving you some credit) but then to follow up with this, wow, just wow, what are you(I know, a troll and I took the bait but I love destroying trolls so im going to bring the fire). Can I ask at which point defended MS or Nadella???? If I recall, I called someone out as they made a comment about a subject they clearly had/have no knowledge or experience in/about. You have taken it upon yourself to add nothing of interest to this topic/arguement/discussion. It maybe the case that you are lonely and this will be the highlight of your day/week/month/year I don't know but if it is, here is a reply but if not, please step back, read a book, make some friends and most importantly, get over whatever but hurt you have with me as they don't care about you or me. I am a fan of MS but im not blind to their failings or that of any other major tech company.
  • Yeah, we're talking tens of millions of lines of code throughout the entire OS. No one person has an understanding of all the effects that changes can have.
  • It doesn't work that way. There isn't just a million lines of code that makes the whole entire thing work. There are many modules and one program might be only two hundred lines of code ranging - 5000. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Also a significant portion of Windows isn't even utilized. On my computer system32 is 3 gb. The reason why Windows is so large is because of WinSxS (7 GB) which is a folder used to prevent dll hell. MS gets old copies of Dlls and shoves them into the folder. So yes Windows is like over 15 gigs but a majority of it is just archives for compatibility. So it's not like they're searching through MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of things and performing such an "impossible" task. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thats what h1b gets you.
  • Irrelevant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Programming on a larger scale is very different to smaller jobs. There's no comparison.
  • They may be working on a larger scale meaning they have more programs to deal with - but it's not like they are going through millions of lines of code just to edit the settings app or lock screen. They don't work on Windows as a WHOLE. Each coder has their own little thing they are assigned to program. One program might be 200 lines of code! Windows has thousands of mini programs embedded in it you know. On the other hand, Photoshop or Autodesk Inventor with over 100 megabytes of info in ONE program is a large scale.
  • And it really gets worse if small project turn into bigger ones. Architectures that work fine on small scale, they totally loose on big scale. Only thing that helps then is a 100% rewrite.
  • I understand its difficult but bugs like Bluetooth audio issues, SD card issues are being persistent and never been resolved properly. If MS wants to save this OS then it needs to fix issues. Hardware/software should be attractive and as of now there is a lack of both.
  • Or you are just a kid who thinks he does programming? You have obviously no idea what you are talking about. Windows, few lines of code? Have you ever actually worked on a real software? Home made "projects" do not count. 200 lines? Confirmed. You have never worked for any software company.
  • No I'm not a kid and yes I do know what I'm talking about. Maybe I'm just more organized than other people. Csrss.exe is a critical Windows application that's less than 20 kb. It could be 200 lines of code. THAT WAS JUST AN EXAMPLE.
  • Because coding an OS is so easy. You have never seen how developing on such level works. It's nowhere equal to writing an app.
  • Yes I have. What makes you think you can speak on behalf of me?! You are not me and you don't know CRAP about what I'm knowledgeable of and capable of. Trust me. I know what it's like. It's a pain in ass to attempt to start to develop an OS. Windows 10 is already based upon other existing programs. Building upon them is not as difficult as you already have the infrastructure. When Microsoft works on Windows 10 it's like moving around the furniture in your house...not building a new house yourself. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You do know that there are a lot of changes to the OneCore right? And everything els depends on that. These could be issue with the new changes to the OneCore or the APIs that are exposed or the implemented logic or just the view part or an issue of upgrading. And there are only a few thousand things that branches inside those. So let the "incompetent" Microsoft work on them for, say, a week or two.
  • I can agree on that. Nothing to oppose there. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can't know the entire application/os when working in a team. You should document your code, so that your fellow programmers can utilize your part of code. If they know the code, problems can happen because they can rely on the implementation instead of the interface of classes and methods.
  • That's what I'm trying to say. Other people are telling me that developers have to work on millions of lines of codes in one shot but just like you're saying people are in teams and don't even work with the WHOLE os. And yes certain references might be incorrect. Maybe they should work on the APIs and such to fix things as well. Shouldn't be millions of lines of code either. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Don't bother explaining these things to these ignorant peoples. Let them think that for every single bug MS has to go back looking into the millions of lines of code.
    They think that the whole OS is just one huge file. Lol....
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And you are trying to convince us that with good "organization" there should be no bugs. The fact Microsoft is using old code is even worse than if they were making it from scratch. I've been dealing with backwards compatibility and I can tell it's easier to write a new code rather than maintain old one. Oh and BTW, OS for Windows 10 MOBILE has been built from scratch. So it's not really like they are just "moving furniture".
  • I'm not trying to say with good organization there should be no bugs. I'm am saying when you have a perfect example of a good running system that works well you shouldn't be dealing with problems that the old OS didn't have. For example, start screen. Drains way too much battery. Drops 1 percent each minute that I'm on the start screen and I lose 10 percent battery if I'm reorganizing it. This shouldn't happen. Win8 did well. Another example is quiet hours. Turns off automatically for no reason whatsoever even though it worked well in 8. Sure, Win10 mobile may be an OS that had a lot of core changes, but basically functionality such as those things shouldn't be so much of an issue as you don't have to dig sooooo deep into the OS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They are trying to untangle the mess and remove as much of the dependicies as they can - that cant be fun nor easy to do with something as complex as an OS.
  • I don't understand why it needs to be such a mess in the first place when Win8 was so smooth. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because it is a completely new OS. At least for W10. It's no longer just x64 & x86 arhitecture, they have to make OS work for 10 other ARM chipsets. Just look at the Linux source code and then be a smartass. Linux has some libraries that nobody dares to touch. Try to change ONE thing there and the whole OS might just stop working.
  • It still carries on a lot of old features however. Let me give you an example: file explorer. There's this terrible bug whenever the color theme changes from the background of the desktop slideshow, it make all file explorer Windows reset the scroll bar. So you could be scrolling down a long list, and it takes it to the top. Simple things like these do not require digging super super deep in the OS to fix. Ok if we had issues with the kernel then I couldn't say anything that would be a pain in the ass but with File Explorer for real? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Then Do away with two of the above and concentrate on one
  • This has to be true. Who tested win 95-98-200-XP for them ?? t wasn't insiders
  • I pity the fool!
  • Of stfu! You claim to know about programming but you FAIL miserrably  in understanding what a testing team should be doing! MS lacks such a thing because Nadella fired them.
  • true
  • Bug free software is obsolete
  • On MS anyways.  true!
  • not a joke
  • It's in development.. SMDH. I can't believe after literally years some of you guys still can't grasp this simple concept.... Please don't EVER drive one of Fords pre production test mules. We'll never hear the end about how it creaks, rattles, and doesn't handle perfectly..
  • Most here talk **** as there's no person who signs up as an insider expects any build to NOT recognize their sim or can't unlock the phone because of a missing keypad. How many simply restarted their phone hoping it worked then to go searching for similar bugs to learn you have to hard reset???? Any build that does that says to consumers and devs the techs working at MS are POOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What?? The phone is useless? The insider program is "at your own risk"... Don't use your daily driver (like MS, WC, and any logical person has recommended) if you can't handle the engineering byproducts.... The Insider Program is a privilege, not a right.
  • The insider program is a false advertising from MS. It was created to replace those paid experienced testers! While it is useful to have users opinion, MS decided to go crap without any proper testing team, and the results are obvious: mediocre quality!
  • I am tired of people saying "Insiders are the new testers because Nadella fired the testers". Using an installed app/product/software is far different from testing it. What you guys think how the testers in Microsoft do? Go, connect to a Wi-Fi, install and check whether they can make phone calls? For the unknown, they will be issued builds that passed a pre condition. Testers will install the new build(mostly on a VM or an emulator) and run whatever cases they are to run or do run things manually. Insiders, on the other hand, get the finished build that is tested and verified ok for the ring. If testing is the issue, what is the logic you can give for the same phone working after a hard reset? Most obvious problem here happened while upgrading the running code rather than the buggy code.
  • Tell that to the internal testing team in MS who test the builds that don't even reach our phones (that's right. Not every build they develop goes to us. They go through multiple builds, each one with different bug fixes. Say for example. They fixed a bug [New build 1], but it cause another huge bug like the PIN and sim don't work (remember on the last build to us, they didn't know about it til we reported it), they found that huge bug has been caused, or is still there, so they investigate how to fix it. Then, [new build 2] is developed. Then they may find another huge bug like download errors, so again, it goes to [New Build 3]. Then! They have a build they can send to insiders. And according to someone with no knowledge of the company... MS don't have internal testing. They rely fully on insiders /s
  • "It was created to replace those paid experience testers"
    And, you know this how? Where's your source?
    And, if that is true, then how could that be better than millions of actual users giving feedback on Millions of real world usage scenarios, in real damn time?
    False advertising? What was "advertised" falsely? What did MS say, or promise to you, that didn't happen, or you didn't receive?
    That's 4 questions. Please answer logically.
  • I'm afraid I agree. I have one 950xl on production and one on the insider fast. the production one edge keeps crashing sometime I cant log on. there is something big wrong.
  • The insider programme, even gives the warning that it can potentially make the phone unusable. Then you call everybody idiots because you cant read a damn disclaimer that hits you in the face when you opt into it?? It's really pathetic how hypocritical and idiotic some people can be that they complain about something they was warned about from the start. But of course, even though MS gives the clear warning about insider builds... It's still their fault because people ignored the warning. Go figure. These aren't preview builds. You want preview builds? Go to Preview release ring. It's in the name.
    Fast and slow ring are TESTING builds. They are prone to bugs, some small, some huge. People who understand this and understand the precautions' and decide to download knowing full well, or don't download them due to this, are intelligent. Not the people who have a tantrum when they believe fast ring builds are "Preview builds" and them find a very unstable fast ring build breaks their phone. Hell! They even say "Do NOT use this on your primary device" again, go figure.
  • Lol. Right.
  • AND, IF TOO MANY PEOPLE START COMPLAINING THEY WILL TAKE THE PROGRAM AWAY! That'll give them something to complain about.
    Be careful what you complain about.
  • How is that android 7 doing for the nexus 5x that is literally bricking phones and they are being told to contact their place of sale....
  • Yep, that's Android for you.
  • Yep  thats android for you.  Its literally stable on dozens of other phones.  Unlike windows 10 which is stable on absolutely Zero phones.  take off the windows fanboy blinds and open your eyes.
  • Yeah... Being stable on dozens out of thousands of models is quite an achievement after being developed since 2003. Besides... Windows 10 is perfectly stable on all models with a few individual phones having a problem.
  • Windows has been developed since the 80s! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Stable on my 950XL, what you talking about, do you even have a Windiws Phone?  Didn't think so.  lagdroid fanboy
  • I did,  but I ditched them with windows 10 started to go down the *******.  It's terrible.  JUNK...and I am not a "LAGDROID fanboy"  just so you know....but these days,  android is far superior to windows 10 joke os.  and when I said dozens of phones....I MEAN all models released in the past 3 years.   MS IS A JOKE>
  • Based on your history and how you follow Windows you sure do look like a sucker for Google actually. Nah, Android is pretty useless actually. It CAN be good... But you never know since you can never say how it will work tomorrow or even the next hour. It's nothing for important work. But glad you are happy with it. The rest of us need stable and fluid systems like Ios or Windows and we also make use of Continuum to do more.
  • I don't use android,  or google ATM.   I would use them LONG BEFORE using MS crap however.  Too bad too,  I loved my windows 8 devices,  but MS screwed that over with the update to windows 10 or die mantra.   
  • I would never use Android with all the problems people have with them (I work part time with fixing them). Every time MS releases a new OS the old one gets fazed out, so I don't know what your critique is really about.
  • It's insider mate, this is what it's meant for. To identify issues small or large when features and changes are introduced. If you don't like it you know what to do.
  • That's expected in the insider programme. If you expect the insider programme, (which is described, by MS, as testing builds that can be extremely unstable), to be without bugs, you might want to go learn programming, and then come back and tell us how its Ms's fault that they have bugs on testing builds /s
  • WindowsCentral pshh, more like WhineCentral.
  • The sim issue is not a new bug to fast ringers'. I have it in my production build of my dual sim 950!
  • My Lumia 950XL, dual sim works fine. With 2 sim cards always being used. May be, I got a different Windows 10 mobile OS than all the people.
  • Mine works just fine, I have two sims installed in my 950XL and I can use either one if and when I choose.  Not a big deal.
  • Beware the troll bait. Anyone who reads the 5 different warnings when they flat out tell you that your phone may become unusable like it's the standard user agreement and blindly accept it, then somehow b*tch that they catch the one bug they were warned about, almost deserves to get that bug. This is exactly why I never went into programming, I wouldn't be able to handle reading these comments from people that don't know sh*t about troubleshooting digital bugs while I am struggling to get the damned program from crashing out. I would be highly pissed off. Get over it, you are in a testing program. "OMG I have to reset my phone!" You are lucky the reset even worked.
  • Not recognizing the sim card is substantially more than an "oops" bug. It's the damn very heart of the phone as a phone. It's like a full body CAT scan missing the brain.
  • don't be on the insider programme then. Perhaps you still don't understand what preview builds are, I suggest you read up before making silly comments.
  • You got it wrong. You're the running joke.
  • Works fine for me... Oh wait I'm on the stable branch. Which you should be if you can't handle all the insider issues. Why would you even join the fast ring? Seriously you don't sound like a person who should be allowed to even be on it.
  • Even the stable branch has issues!
  • Name them?
  • You think they would test them better than this after all they used to be able to. But looks like Microsoft are stepping backwards while others go forward
  • Good on them. I think fixing basic issues like this and battery draining should be their focus before they release preview builds over and over. In the long run its more under control and the insiders are both happier and more helpful with bugs. Not much you can report or check on if you run out of battery before you get a chance to use it properly.
  • Yeah. They're just late though, as this problem is present since the first builds of Win10Mobile. I've encountered this bug the worst way possible - I've encouraged my skeptical friend to upgrade her 8.1 phone to Win10, and this thing screwed her over completely. She had to (well, actually, I had to) reset her phone, and wipe all of her apps and data, which, thank god, wasn't that big of a problem since she had a back-up, but was still an unnecessary hassle. Especially for a person that isn't entertained by flashing and hard reseting.
    But eh.. whatever. Better late than never.
  • You updated her from 8.1 to fast ring? Oh dear.
  • Not fast ring - TH2 production ring (most stable).
  • Use RS1. that's the most stable for me.
    Well, you normally need a hard reset after huge upgrading. IOS 10 upgrade is the same. Don't blame on Microsoft, it's usual thing.
  • RS1 wasn't available for some reason (not even in fast ring).
  • Which phone model is it?
  • 640 XL
  • Try again but with release preview ring. Fast ring is on RS2 which is currently unstable, so isn't best upgrading to that. Release Preview is on RS1 and is also receiving bug fixes for RS1 too so RP is the best ring to upgrade to, to get the stable RS1 update
  • Here's what I'm saying.... If MS is "this" far along with W10MU2,,, at this point, and considering they could miraculously release a new high end device up to 9 months form now, will the amount of polish be at WP7.5-8.1 levels?... Let's think. U2 was never as nasty as U1, or even WM10 early builds, so that's a head start right there.. Buuuuut, how much progress are we expecting over the next, say, 4 months? Personally, I think in "up to 9 months" the OS should be "perfect"... Considering other major OS's are updated yearly, and RELATIVELY (although not perfect) work decently.. MS has done it before with WP7.5, 8.0, and 8.1. We're talking a year, or less, on new release builds, and at the time we had bragging rights for having the most stable, coherent, and beautiful, OS out there. IDK, something, and for a long time, has just been leading me to believe that W10M gives MS more trouble on their end (it's harder to develop) than WP ever was.. Can they get it right for an alleged "Surface Phone" in time?
    Does anyone else out there ever speculate that W10M (from an engineering standpoint) might be giving Redmond relatively more trouble than usual?
  • Well.. They probably are trying to make the launch of the Surface phone a bit better than what they did with the 950 and 950 XL (even though I didn't see any big problems with W10M at that time, just the usual stuff). However I don't think they will do something groundbreaking. Polish - sure, but that's just squashing some bugs, and maybe buffing up the performance a little bit. I don't expect almost any new features that are as big as Continuum & USB-OTG and the like, nor do I expect any significant UI & UX changes.
    But who knows, I hope I'm wrong though.
  • Yep. I'm afraid "fun" things are not priority, as they are consumer related... But, landscape mode on the start screen?
    We've been asking for that for years.
  • They will get it right by Surface Phone 4. It's unrealistic to expected much before that.
  • Why? They arent Google that has had seven generations to get the microlag and degeneration go away (and still failed)... So why would MS need four generations?
  • failed? you clearly are a blind despreate fanboy. congrats in using an Os tested by insiders, a neverending beta, MS's guinea pig. While you stay here and defend the mediocrity from MS, both Google and Apple have the devs, the apps and the userbase while MS continues to deliver broken updates.
  • Yes failed... It's painfully obvious for anybody that isn't a hardcore Google-fan. :) And besides... I rather use an OS where the community has been a part of the development than a closed down OS which is called open but in reality is proprietary and closed. And.. Are you really complaining about bugs in the insider program? Duh, that's what it is here for. Google usually deliver updates that brick phones by the way. :)
  • I am not a hard core google fan at all,  and they have their perverbial crap together 100x more than Microsoft at this point.  Giddora,  please take off the fanboy glasses.  "lagdroid" as you call it,  dissapeared long ago.
  • Like I said... Android has been developed since 2003 and still isn't more stable than it is. Windows 10 has been merged with Main since last year... One year... And it already is generally more stable and much more fluid than Android.
  • While that dude is trolling, at this point we need to admit that Android has come a long way.
  • Sorry,  you obviously have not touched an android phone since like froyo then.  Android is way more stable, smooth and has actual apps and support....alot more than we can say for windoh's 10 mobile...
  • I touch about ten-12 each day and it is just the opposite of what you describe. Sorry, you are just wrong... Based on about five hours of work every day.
  • Just forget it hes high on ms drugs
  • He's trolling. Just ignore him.
  • By the way... The biggest reason 99% of all big developers target Ios first is because Android is HORRIBLE. :)
  • Touché
  • Omg u are so ignorant. Such famboyism is unprecedented. I think u would even murder someone for telling the truth about ms fail os 10
  • Lol. That's a bit harsh... I would think the SPH2 would be a huge improvement over the original, and by the SPH3 we would have gold.... IOW, whatever version of mobile we have in late 2018 it should be very nice.
  • Ah, saw this last night on the Lumia 930...that explains it.
  • Seeing SD card issues?
  • 930 has no SD card slot.
  • What? It doesn't?... Well, I missed that one. Are you sure? The 1520 does. I thought they were similar.
    .... Edit: Nevermind, you're right. I saw your comment below. You have one. Lol
  • Yup, similar but not the same :D
  • What else is different? Tap to wake? Glance?
  • Don't know really, cuz I don't own 1520. I have double tap to wake and no glance screen on 930.
  • No glance. That's what it was. Man, I'd be pissed if my next phone didn't have glance.
  • .
  • BTW.. I know you know something. You've seen something... That, or your boy has. You know who I'm talking about. But, I understand that you have your protocol; when the time is right you'll show us. Just wanted you to know I know, and I know you know, so now you know I know you know. I can read between the lines. Just hope you confirm what you need to safely, and soon. I got faith in you, boy.
  • Bummer, the only problem I am having is that the WiFi hotspot is not working for tethering. It was a known issue that said the first attempt should work after a restart, but I am finding that it fails every time including the first time. Had hoped that would be resolved soon. Oh well, such is the life of a preview and I will wait patiently for future updates.
  • On my Lumia 950XL, I found the workaround was connecting via Bluetooth instead of WiFi. This worked after turning the hotspot on and off multiple times. However, the one caveat with hotspot over Bluetooth is the max throughput is 3Mbps, and applications that want to update via a server (Windows Security, Windows Update, Nvidia Game Control, etc...) don't recognise that a connection exists.
  • I use BT tethering from my Surface Book to my 950xl all the time when out and about. It will auto-switch to WiFi as well which means the hotspot can be turned off and it will remotely turn it on. This does not however allow for tethering from an iPad. Yes, I have an iPad and use it for only one thing - to maintain stats in real time for a high school football program. I bought the iPad as clunky as it is for that one single purpose. I will instead tether it this Friday night to my HP Stream8 with its 4G tethering option. Slower than the 950xl LTE hotspot, but it should still work. This is an insider build, so there are no complaints from me at all. Was just hopeful but I can wait.
  • Problematic bugs for sure! :O
  • Hopefully they also fix the random freezing when using certain apps. OneDrive and Edge for example lock up my 950XL for a few seconds. So apps also randomly lockup then crash.
  • Good jib, looking forward to some fixes. In addition, I want to be able to view my photos on Xbox one. No idea how to do it. Sure I could before, but can't on these builds. Yahoo mail on Outlook Mail is currently awful.
  • Do you mean browse them from the Xbox itself so you can set it as a background etc? If you just want to view them on the TV then the Xbox One OneDrive app should do what you need, strangely you were never able to set the images as a background from OneDrive. I'm hoping Photos is one of the next apps to release on Xbox One, it does make sense in the living room if the UX is right
  • No, browse so I can see them. Unfortunately, or fortunately, not every photo on my phone is kid friendly. Need a private folder option.
  • It's not the simplest thing but you could always setup Plex on a PC in your house, and use the Plex Xbox One app to browse photos. It would be free to do this too, you won't need to use any paid features. When you setup Plex you can only include specific folders from your PC, so you could have a "safe" folder that you will specifically drop in photos you want to share, and keep the rest in a private folder. Only drop in the photos that you are happy for everybody to see to the folder Plex is observing.
  • Can someone tell me latest firmware version for Lumia 930? I'm running AU and it's kinda buggy here and there.. Thinking it could be cuz of firmware, I'm still on Denim .26003...
  • Same. Latest build is awful.
  • Why do you need someone else to tell you when you can get it from the WDRT?
  • WDRT downloads Cyan for me. I get Denim only via PFD.
  • I don't think there's anything newer than Denim. Old devices don't get love anymore.
  • So that's it. Question is how it will carry with future updates from now with no firmware updates. Might have to buy a new phone. Thanks
  • That's why I 'had to' upgrade my 925. I loved that phone, but especially with it being T-Mobile branded, I knew it wasn't getting anymore updates. I could have joined it to the insider program, but I bit the bullet and bought a 950XL. This phone is getting better and better with age.
  • I'm hoping USB audio class 2.0 is native in the next fast ring update. Would love to test with my desktop dac.
  • I have the latest FTA update, since then my 930 freezes 3 or 4 times a day and needs a reboot. Was fine on all the previous builds but the latest is a cluster fk.
  • Im really wating for a slow ring release... But it seems to take a little bit longer this time hehe
  • I think this is a good decision - I'm seeing new issues in the latest production build to be honest which is disappointing. Things like the screen staying Dim after a call (Not the issue where the screen stays off when you take it away from your ear) as well as a new one today where the scaling seemed to go funny. The ringer also stopped actually ringing earlier, until I restarted the phone. Not noticed these before the latest cumulative update - I'm sure they will be along with fixes soon though. Still got my other phones on Fast, just my 950 pulled back to Release Preview (Which is in-line with production right now I believe)
  • Well,I don't know about others but build 926.1 have been superb on my L950.I wonder why they are having issues.But it's a right decision,Let's resolve pending bugs first.we can wait for them to catch up.
  • Since w10m was released how many builds has MS actually released. Check this TH1..xxxxx/TH2..xxxxx./RS1 -.67/.82/.103/.105/.187/.189.....-> RS2. Yet said it won't work optimally on older devices yet those eligible are having issues just laying on a desk and restarting by themselves. Even the flagship 950XL. What's laughable is that all these builds add 0 to the actuall first RS1 release they're all to fix what's broken since .67 on various devices. Would've thought MS would've taken the 950xl and the 535 1gb devices and optimise the OS to run on those two then all others that fall between would be good as you've taken the strongest and the weakest.
  • Different chipsets, the x3 has for ward updates to come for it's integration into the o/s
  • Uhm... It won't work on old chipsets... They tried it and the insiders who had it said it wouldn't work. There will always be problems with builds in the insider program, that's the entire point of it. You cant just optimize for two phones and two chipsets. One chipset can have ten configurations.
  • that's why I have ditched my 950 and it is now laying somewhere in my desk drawer...MS can't do anything right, they seem unable to deliver a working OS, always bugs, always poor quality: Nadella's style, fire all, work cheap. And they expect users to stay on this platform? :))) and to have business users as well? :)) what a joke.
  • Have u interop unlocked ur device?interop unlock drains battery and screen freezing issues.i have lumia 525(unsupported),using registry edit i m on 14926.everything is working fine bcoz i haven't interop unlocked.
  • Someone can imagine how would be if this update wasn't focused on mobile? Kkkkkkkkk
    But we'll keep th faith...
  • I'm not upgrading until they fix 'swipe notification area up to close action center' anyway.
  • It works. You just have to swipe from the bottom. You can't swipe from the blank black space
  • Just like we used to do in WP 8.1 right???
  • Yeah..that's a bug in W10M
  • Yes IIRC it was recognized as a bug.
    (having to swipe from the bottom)
  • I know but I need it to work when swiped from the blank space.
  • My 930 gets progressively worse. Each new update seems like a downgrade. Camera restarts phone. Bluetooth is really unstable and gadgets not working at all...........its like participating in an alpha.....and im talking only public releases mind you. If MS is focusing on business they will lose that battle if the continue dishing this out to consumers. Who in there right mind would invest in anything windows mobile business-wise if they have had such an appalling experience as a consumer?
  • Have you voiced your issuers with MS ? Have you checked with other WP users to see if they had the same problem. I have seen a few 930 users on FB and they seem happy with their 930.
  • As a consumer? Or as an insider?
  • I have had a 930 as my daily driver since they were first released. I have been in the Insider program on the Fast Ring for well over a year and my phone just gets better and better. I also have a range of Windows phones in my business and would not consider any other platform.
  • I haven't no contacted ms no, but given plenty of feedback. Been going through an omnia, 710, an 920 that was bricked as an insider for precisely nothing (no wp10 for 920) and now this highly unstable 930. Been giving plenty of feedback. Not sure anyone is listening. Msn weather app is also stuck in an endless update loop but never updates and can't be removed.
  • That's what I like to hear, instead of just moving forward they are fixing problems.
  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL running great on the newest Fast Ring Build. Looking forward to what is to come.
  • I am ready to wait for a week more. But after that I would not like errors. Is it possible Microsoft?
  • On the Fast and Slow Ring? Are you serious? If that's your wish than you need to bow out of the Insider program because it is clearly not for you.
  • I know how Fast Ring works. But Microsoft is Microsoft; always late with many delays, still faulty software & thousands of bugs
  • Last night(IST) I got an update to W10M .189 @release preview ring
  • You late
  • I'm in no competition of informing about build releases, my friend.
  • Has it upped the OS version?
  • If you talk about *version*, it is not supposed to change from 1607, but the build is upped to .189 from .187
  • Also internet sharing is busted unless use Bluetooth which is painful, so hopefully they get that fixed too before next build
  • I'm still stuck on installing the 1000 release...
  • Windows 10 mobile users should get used to this. Updates will be released less often. And will stop entirely soon. And it´s not Microsofts Soon™, it´s normal soon. Microsoft won´t throw money and resources for few Lumia users. They will just kill it quietly. 
  • Why try trolling when you have no clue.... Mobile is the same branch as PC...
  • Please remind him, the future of computing is on mobile, everyone knows that
  • It isn't the same. You cannot load the same image on your desktop or phone and have it adapt. It would take more resources and time to create a mobile version, even if they were the same image. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are absolutely right. But many of us don't want to accept it; so called Fan Boys. I am also a fan boy, but not a mad.
  • Mobile have same version that we have on pc
  • Plug in a USB dvd drive and try to install windows 10 on your this while you do it so you can prove windows 10 is the same as windows 10 mobile.  I would love to see that happen.....   Win10 and win10m are no more the same than IOS and OSX are,  its just that Microsoft would have you to believe they are.  Also if they were,  then there would be no need for things like continuum, or "universial" apps.  Since if it were the same "windows"  you could use all those apps that are being developed for desktop only at the moment...
  • No problem
  • Accessibility on Windows Phone is the weakest area, where Microsoft needs to focus. There is only Narrator as Screen Reading tool. And to support it only 14 Languages as its Voice/Speech. Speech is not available in some Prime Languages like Hindi and Urdu
  • Accessibility on Windows Phone is the weakest area, where Microsoft needs to focus. There is only Narrator as Screen Reading tool. And to support Narrator, there are only 14 Languages as its Voice/Speech. Speech is not available in some Prime Languages like Hindi and Urdu
  • Cortana can handel it very well
  • People need to calm down a little here, MS would be crucified either way, offering the Insider Program or not. The last build in the fast ring is quite unstable so I'm glad they are going for more big fixes.
  • Scope of project is no excuse. Sloppy is sloppy and screw ups are screw ups.
  • Still not able to install 926 on my L650...
  • Infact we need bigger tiles
  • Man, after a year of cheering for this new mobile OS, I am finally giving up on it. I got so frustrated last Friday when my phone became unusable. I'll use it just till I can save for a highend Android phone.
  • Hi guys..y I can't download latest release preview build from insider ring..for my Lumia 1320.any1 knws anythng abt it..actually I recovered phn frm 10.0.58 to 8.1 bcz of freezing issues n phn memory full. So pls let me knw hw to reinstall wind10 release preview. Actually I tried tru insider app but its showing ur phn is up-to-date..!!
  • Microsoft isn't allowing unsupported devices to download windows 10 mobile builds anymore. I'm sorry.
  • My new lumia 650 still cannot download the latest fast ring build (14926). Hope they gonna fix that soon....
  • My 1520 on build 14393.189.... I just recently got an update to the store app, but now it doesn't load. Instead I get this error 0x80072EE7. Does anyone know a solution? Or should I wait a bit?
  • I really hope they get it together by the time the surface phone comes out.
  • I bought an iPhone to use is my daily drive will be because the insider builds got to be so buggy.
  • Tried twice but couldn't install, waste of data... just left from insider program...
  • Build 14393.189 a bit fc* up Lumia 950XL during active use phone , sometimes 1-2x in one day phone just shut down.
    Remove battery a turn on only way to fix it.. i think new build must come a repair this dumb thing or new firmware will help
  • Cant install update at all