There's a Samsung Galaxy Buds app in the Microsoft Store

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What you need to know

  • Samsung has a Galaxy Buds app listed in the Microsoft Store.
  • It's a little under 19MB in size and lets you monitor device status and settings.
  • The store listing only mentions utility for Galaxy Buds Pro.

Samsung has a Galaxy Buds app on the Microsoft Store. It has a pretty barren store page with barely any info, but it's there, and it advertises utility if you happen to have Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds.

The app is a tiny 18.55MB download. Its store description is extremely brief and to the point: "The Galaxy Buds allows you to use features such as device settings and status view when connected to a Galaxy Buds Pro device." Odd introductory wording aside, the message is clear: This app is a standard companion app for Samsung's wireless earbuds, much like how just about every other company has companion apps for their cordless buds.

It's worth noting that the Galaxy Buds app is available not only on PC and mobile devices but also HoloLens, in case you were itching to snag the app on your $3,500 HoloLens 2.

The store page's "features" section really emphasizes Samsung's minimalist relationship with words, stating (entirely in lowercase) "device settings, status view" and nothing more. However, if you give the app a go, you can see settings that include a noise cancellation adjuster, touch blocker setting, and more. These features are visible in the store page's screenshots, though said screenshots aren't in English.

Samsung Galaxy Buds App

Source: Samsung (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

In any event, the app itself is advertised as supporting many languages, including English, so don't take the store page as a thorough representation of what you'll be getting.

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