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Seven things to know about the Microsoft Lumia 535

The Microsoft Lumia 535. The first Lumia Windows Phone to do away with the Nokia badge and be replaced by Microsoft's own. It's an interesting device far beyond its new badge, though. There are plenty of Lumia phones to choose from – and even Windows Phones in general – for the more budget conscious, but the Lumia 535 offers an experience that not all the rest do.

So, if you just picked one up, or you're thinking hard about it, here's seven things you need to know.

The Lumia 535 has 1GB of RAM

Lumia 535

This is important for a number of reasons, not least app support. While better than ever, there are still some apps out there in the Windows Phone Store that just don't support devices with 512MB of RAM. The 535 has 1GB, so it isn't an issue. Windows Phone is still a slick experience on 512MB devices, but in this case more is definitely better.

It's definitely not an improved Lumia 530

Lumia 530

Here's where some of the confusion may arise with Microsoft's choice of name. We now have the Lumia 530 and the Lumia 535 both on sale at the same time and in many cases the same part of the world. But unlike the 630/635 which are basically the same phone but with some improvements – like 4G – the 530 and 535 are not related at all. Confused yet?

The Lumia 535 has a bigger display, more RAM and an LED flash on the camera for starters. Microsoft perhaps could have done something different with the name, but it's certainly more than just a variation on the 530.

There's a removable battery

Lumia 535

For some people a removable battery is an absolute must. Some of the other Lumia devices like the 930 don't have removable batteries. And that can mean carrying around a USB battery pack if you're a heavy user. Not an issue with the 535 as you can hot-swap batteries all day as and when you need to.

A comfort blanket for some. A necessity for others.

Looking good in Denim

Lumia Denim

If you've been floating around the Windows Central homepage of late you'll have seen a lot of talk about Lumia Denim. This is Microsoft's latest and greatest firmware for the Lumia phones – which is separate to the OS despite many older phones receiving Denim and an OS update at the same time.

We all love to have the latest and greatest, but if you're interested in finding out more about Lumia Denim, visit the link below.

  • Lumia Denim - Everything you need to know

Touchscreen fixes

Lumia 535

If you just pulled your new phone out of the box, there's every chance that you'll see some pretty glitchy scrolling at times. There's a known issue with the touchscreen response but the good news is that Microsoft has already begun rolling it out in some areas. It may take a little while to roll out to you, but don't be disheartened.

It will come.

Check your frequencies

Lumia 535

For now, the dual-SIM version of the Lumia 535 is the one you'll most likely see. But it's also not officially launched in several markets which include countries in Europe and North America. As such you might encounter some wonkyness when using one on your local carrier.

The best thing to do is make sure you check out the supported frequency bands (opens in new tab) the Lumia 535 supports and compare them to those your carrier operates on. It's a great phone for the money, but if it won't play nice with your carrier's data signal it's going to become largely useless. So exercise caution.

It will take a 128GB microSD card

microSD card

While they're still pretty expensive, the Lumia 535 is perfectly capable of supporting a 128GB microSD card to expand your total storage. The 8GB you get provided with internally (which is actually less than 8GB thanks to system files and what not) will soon fill up, particularly if you're offlining music and movies to watch on your phone.

With a 128GB microSD card inside, your Lumia 535 can boast more total available storage than Apple's most expensive iPhone. Oh yeah.

If you want to see more on the Microsoft Lumia 535, check out our dedicated page here and our hands-on and first impressions here

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • 8 - No 4G/LTE, which should be standard by now on every phone above 100 dollars, even if it meant an extra 10 bucks. Want fast data, try the 635 instead. Except that one only has 521mb of RAM. In case you're in Asia, try the 636 or 638, basically a 635 with 1gb of RAM that Nokia only sold in China and, now, India. Everyone else, tough luck.
  • 9 - Cheapest Lumia with Front Facing 5MP Camera
    Actually all the extra features from the Lumia 530 in this phone come by sacrificing the Snapdragon 400 for 200. I may sound odd but in real life, 530 may beat 535 in performance. For those getting confused why there is no similarity between the 530 and the 535, 520>530 and 525>535. People who do not have 4G LTE in their country can understand this better.
  • Lumia 530 also has snapdragon 200
  • Yes but the 530 has a 480p display while the 535 has 540.
    And since the graphics processor is the same , in some tasks the 530 will perform better than the 535. Of course it does not mean that 530 is better.
  • lol snapdragon 400 on 530 ignorance
  • 10 - It's a great replacement for the Lumia 520/525/630/635... and the only cheap Windows phone that needs to exist. The dual SIM version I bought from newegg works with H+ connections on AT&T so it's not just your average 3G
  • No. It's not a upgrade from 630. 630 has True Black screen
  • I think you meant ClearBlack display technology...
  • What you said would not be false if the screen meant more than memory and other show stopping aspects. Lacking a ClearBlack display won't stop you from installing Mass Effect, low memory will. The screen type won't eliminate the practicality of Skype, lacking a FFC will. So yes, the 535 is an upgrade.
  • Why do people not know that 630 doesnt have a REAL clearblack display? It might have decent contrast for the price but doesn't have the polarizer filter under the glass.
  • Lumia 620 has the clear black display.Oo yeah!
  • They do indeed. The 630 clear black marketing is misleading.
  • ClearBlack (Pro) = Light coming in
    1] polarizer 2] rotator 45 degrees 3] bouncing back Light coming out
    3] Bouncing back 2] rotating 45 degrees again = 90 degrees now
    1] the same polarizer now having light coming "sideways" = TOTAL BLACK 630 is missing the rotator The front glass might also reflect light, but this is still absolutely fantastic
  • 630 & 635 have the quad core snapdragon 400
  • Microsoft Mobile says its quad-band (i.e. global) 2G, but only dual-band 3G on 900 and 2100. Neither frequency is supported by AT&T, or any North American carrier. So I'm not sure how to respond to your statement. Is yours the single-SIM or the dual-SIM variant?
  • Any idea if it would support h+ on tmobile?
  • Just how many regions have 4G LTE there's not even 3G coverage across majority of the countries where this phone is targeted. It's easy to complain
  • I don't care about 4g, totally useless on 1gb data plan... The best entery level phone on the market, the best you can get for 100€ here in europe.
  • Not just Europe. Everywhere. It's an amazing phone for regular use. :)
  • The speed of my download doesn't substantially effect how much I transfer, it just let's me go on to other (non-phone-related) things more quickly. I have a 6GB plan, but stay under 1GB most months, and I have LTE almost everywhere I go (I'm in Canada).
  • Agreed. I rarely use my data connectivity at all; because WiFi is so easily accessible nowadays. So, I really wouldn't be that bummed if it didnt even have a data antenna. But the 5" screen, Gorilla Glass, 1GB RAM, ambient light sensor, dual 5MP cameras, and flash make this an excellent upgrade from my 521. I've had this phone for a couple of weeks now and I am LOVING it!   My only complaint is the touch sensitivity (which isn't awful, just slightly less precise). Apparently a fix is on the way with that, though, so it'll be 100% perfect soon :)
  • This 535 kill my Lumia 625 *sob*
  • The 535 is actually selling very well. I had a chance to visit a retailer here today and he said that they're selling so much that they're short in supply these days, so they're going for about $50 more than their actual price here. I even saw Microsoft Lumia 535 billboard here in a central market, and I'm glad they've finally started marketing in Pakistan.
  • I am really curious how the 635 successor is going to be like, we know it will have a 5mp front camera what about back? What about display? i feel like anything they do will step on the 735 and anything they don't will make it pointless compared to the 535.
  • Note: The camera does not do pinch and zoom!
  • Or have camera button
  • does sliding up to zoom and sliding down to zoom-out don't work? 'cause it's working with my lumia 630.
  • no, it does not. But you can use the App "ProShot" (still for free until January 1st). This App is able to. Maybe the Lumia Camera will be able to do so in the future.
  • Can anyone tell me, WHEN the Fix-Update comes for Dual Sim. I've got my Dual Sim-Phone from and there's still no Update...!
  • Umm, what fix are you exactly talking about sir? Not sure what to answer.
  • Phone: Lumia 535, Dual Sim. Problem: Touchscreen Fix: not available yet... :-(.
  • Uh oh... That one... Umm, just a couple of days back I read an article which said the update was already out for some phones. And for the ones like 735 and supposedly 535 is due in January 2015. Dont worry. I know what I read, it will be out soon. ;)
  • Thanks! 
  • No, that's not right. I bought it several days ago and installed the touchscreen-fix update with toggle cellular on/off. But still have the same problem with touchscreen (even WindowCentral had posted the news about the touchscreen-fix update for Lumia 535).
  • I never said I read it here on windows phone central. It was on some other site for Microsoft news. And there is a new update that's gonna come.
    Lol, Microsoft may be slow, but not ignorant. ;)
  • Well, do you have the Single-Sim-Version? Most of these Phones (SS) received an update.
  • I got the update on my dual-sim 535 here in China. Issue not completely solved but improved. One thing i did to "solve" the problem for me: i choose to have the 3 navigation buttons always visible, so that i tend to use less the lower portion of the display. I know it's a "patch", but works for me..
  • Hotswap a battery? You cant hot swapping powersources of a phone not without powering it down and booting it again. Thats not a hotswap ;)
  • Well, you could pull the battery while the units on. We've all had or phones decide to restart for no reason, they still work.
  • And I've gotten corruptedd files from doing just that, and ended up having to reinstall a program and restore backed up data. Not pretty in some cases. In most cases, you'll get lucky, but not always.
  • Funny you mention corrupt files. My external HD forced me to reformat due to corrupted files. Lost Associate's through PhD work. Thank goodness for one drive.
  • @Permanently Banned:
    Well, you COULD pull the battery of your running device, but unless you are quicker than the Flash, your device won't keep running while you do...
    Which is the definition of "hotswapping".
    Hotswapping is usually achieved via a secondary unit of the swapped part still in place, which is clearly not the case for the battery of your standard mobile phone.
  • Oh sure it is. You don't know what your talking about.
  • I thought Lumia 735 has a removable battery. only Lumia 930 has an internal battery.
  • So did I! Didn't know my 930 has got a small bro out there...
  • Lumia 735 have removable battery. I bought one for my colleague last weeks.
    Tomorrow another colleague of mine ask me to buy him a Lumia 535.
  • Lumia 1520, 1020, 930, 928, 925, 920
  • Is the display better than the 530?
  • Much more better than that! Especially view angle
  • This is becoming a mess. Now we have the entry-level L535, with better capabilities than the not-so-entry-level L635. Also, we have a mid-level L735 with better front-facing camera than the not-so-mid-level L830. Then, we also have a high-level L930 which is buggier than its predecessor L920. I hope MS fix this, and reorganize the whole Lumia universe into 3 (well defined) levels: entry, mid and high.
  • A serious mess. Seems like a waste of resources as well. A simplified lineup of phones would save money in manufaturing and maintaining/updating.
  • If the 830 would work with Hey Cortana I'd keep my 920 as a spare device. Give me a phone with SD card, Hey Cortana, wireless charging, 2GB ram, PureView camera, 1080 display, 4.7" to 5.25" size, LTE that work on ATT and I'm happy. The 830 is a very nice phone that would be almost perfect with an upgraded processor. The resolution is good enough.
  • You're basically asking for a smaller version of the 1520.  
  • you just described a $500-600 phone ... 
  • I totally agree.  There too many phone and you don't know what phone does what. All you need is three phones and make them the best phones.
  • Exactly.. They are screwing things up.
  • 3 "best" phones for who?  there are like only 10 current models of lumias around the globe ... it's very easy to go to microsoft's website and look at the ones available in your market then read their specs ... there are also a ton of resources on the net like the one you are reading now breaking everything down for everyone.
  • Definitely an issue.  Higher price should equal better features.   All the premium models should have an SD card slot. Any new phone with a greater number than 735 should have just as good front camera Also, can we do away with the 800 X 480 resolution except for the lowest end phone? The next entry should compare to the Moto G with 720p resolution, LTE, front camera The next entry should be the premium with a 5 inch screen and awesome cameras The final entry should be the phablet which is basically the premium specs with a huge screen So I'm thinking 4 models.  What does everyone else think?    
  • L535 is for younger crowd (selfies, bigger screen, compatibility with every game in store, cheap). L630/635 is generally for more matured users who don't wanna spend lot of bucks on phone (compact size, smaller but better screen, 720p video recording (vs 480p), a lot better battery endurance, no lag with basic operations).
  • Lumia 735 has definitely a removable battery! Contrary to what you say that it doesn't.
  • Your avatar! It's adorable. <3
  • It says a lot about my current situation. :-) I would love to switch to Windows Phone 8.1 but I just can't do that yet because of some apps I use that aren't available in WP.
  • I see. It's a trouble with a lot of people. Those who say there's no more app gap in WP, are the ones who's been using WP as their first smartphone, I think. Lets wait and watch what Windows 10 can bring on to the table. Last hope :')
  • Yup! I hope it'll have the NBA app so I can finally watch NBA games on my Windows phone! :-)
  • it would be berfect with price about 200 euro... not 300!! this is a mid-end phone... still waiting for discounts- in Poland u can buy 830 for about 1250 PLN
  • Actually i want to ask to anyone who has updated their 535 that the update fixed the touchscreen problem or not ???
  • Judging from the responses in the forum, the update to fix the touch screen issue doesn't seem to do much to fix the problem. Very disappointing, because it could have been a great Windows Phone.
  • Just got my gf's one week L535 from NCC, because there's a problem with the camera
    And for the first time use it, the touchscreen is very dissapointing
    Well maybe price = quality
  • What's the problem with the touchscreen mate?
  • Wait, 735 has a user replaceble battery, I've got one right here in front of me. plz correct that.
  • We bought 2 Lumia 535 today.. Its awesome phone.. Cheers.!
  • I want that 128gb micro SD support on a flagship phone. I'd be frigging set!
  • How much were u paid by MS to promote l535?
  • Even if so, does it matter to you by any case?
  • "How much were u paid by Google to put a comment like this?"
    No need to reply for that... We both know that the above statement is as correct as your comment. I am curious though.. What kind of review do you expect from a windows fan blog like this???
  • Hahaha. I guess the iDude was set off into an iRage by the comparison of the L535 128gig capacity with the costliest iDevice out there. But the statement is an incontrovertible fact, isn't it? So what's with all the iRresponsible iRage from an iDevuce wielding iRobot? Hohohoho.
  • devices like the 735... don't have removable batteries Mine does. That's one of the reasons I bought it.
  • Sounds like a cool phone
  • It doesn't have Microsoft Camera.
  • It has..... But you can activate only from settings.
  • And use it from notification center
  • I've been using it for a week now and it's been great. Really loving my new phone.
    The only thing bothering me is the touching issue, albeit it's not too much but sometimes it's annoying!
    Apparently cv middle east will not get the touch update anytime soon!
    All hail microsoft!! :-)
  • Pretty sure that the 735 has a removable battery.
  • Maybe no, the 730 has
  • Yes it has... This was sent from one
  • Its the same
  • But if I have better RAM, the multitasking will be better?
  • Yes, much better. However, I believe Microsoft has made some restrictions in multi-tasking in Windows Phones because of which you can't experience true multi-tasking as on iOS or Android. If you put an app in background for several minutes, on resuming the app, you'll be greeted with "resuming..." or sometimes "loading....". It happens because the OS suspends the app while in background (consumes almost no virtual memory) to focus better on the app currently being used, and other system services. It's an OS problem that can't be completely fixed with RAM upgrade. But yes, those "loading..." and "resuming..." screens are seen more often in the following order: 2GB RAM < 1GB RAM < 512MB RAM
  • This^^ I hate that about Windows Phone, don't decide for me Microsoft. If I want apps running in the background all day, then let me make that decision on my phone not you.
  • Well there's a list of the background apps in the Battery Saver
    Where you can make some apps to stay in the background even when Battery=Low
    So Microsoft DOES give you a choise after all. :-)
  • Lumia 535 bulls**t phone. Multi-touch problem, screen touch problem via scrolling.. I got an update from MS as critical update. But still nothing much improved. Please don't buy.. I have L730 which is much much better than 535 considering the price. L535 buggy phone
  • Yes, and apps like beamer need 1gb to run. I wish this app worked with my 630. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 730s got a replacable battery.
  • MS really needs to work on their phones.... There's no Lumia which has a wow factor in it
  • I
    hate to say this but 1) u get what u pay for altogether because there
    are more expensive phones.2) The specs are improving, firmware
    updates are providing features but eventually it has degraded the
    smooth WP experience. Saying this after a year with 520 after denim
  • I've no use for a removable battery. Use any space for an easily removable battery for other things like wireless charging.
  • the battery is not hot swappable, hot swappable means swapping while the device is turned on
  • Upgrade or not is all dependent on the user. For me not having clearblack is not with the other trade-offs. I live somewhere verry sunny and I want that type of screen. I do not game much so the RAM is no issue, and I can live with the camera set up on the 635. All in all it depends on what is best for the individual user. :)
  • To me I'd say the 735 is the obvious upgrade from 630 & 635
  • Low - 535
    Mid - 830
    High - 1520
  • Yes this[^ Go Kobe. . MVP every year.