Here are some of the things you can buy at the Microsoft Company Store

We recently visited the Microsoft campus in Bellevue, Washington. We had a few meetings, but we also made sure to stop by the company store. Curious to see what you can buy at the store? We took a bunch of photos.

The Microsoft Company Store is where you can buy many Microsoft-branded merchandise. You can get coffee mugs, t-shirts, lanyards, stickers, sweaters, hats, and more. The store also carries Windows and Office products, Xbox game consoles and accessories, first-party games, and even Xbox Live memberships. The section for discounted software and hardware is reserved for employees, but visitors can buy the branded items.

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Seattle Sounders FC jerseys and T-shirts can also be found at the Microsoft Company Store. Microsoft sponsors the MLS team, so you can see the Xbox branding on the jerseys.

Do you see anything here that you like?

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.