Think, a simple and addictive puzzle game for Windows Phone 8

If you are in search of a minimalistic puzzle game for your Windows Phone, take a gander at Think. The Windows Phone 8 game is a word association game where you are presented with a series of drawings that you have to correctly identify what they represent.

The drawings are minimal and often include multiple items that you have to combine to solve the puzzle. Think reminds me of Pictionary just a little but with the illustrated clues already drawn-up. Think isn’t a fast paced game with a lot of bells and whistles. It is, however, a well drawn-up casual puzzle game for your Windows Phone that is a fun way to pass the time with.


Think is a simplistically laid out puzzle game with a main menu that has options to access the game’s settings, access the game’s store, to view the help section, to rank the game in the Windows Phone Store and to share the game with friends.

Your settings with Think cover Facebook login, turning the gaming music on/off, and reset your gaming progress. If you choose to log into your Facebook account you will in turn have the ability to sync your progress to the cloud. This can come in handy should you change devices or play Think from multiple devices.

The Think Store has in-app purchase opportunities to buy hint packages, remove the ads as well as buy unlimited hints and remove the ads.

The game itself includes 360 puzzles that are spread out across 30 chapters. When you are ready to jump into the game, just tap “Let’s Begin”.

Game Play

Game play starts out a little on the easy side with Think. You will be presented with an image and have to identify what it means. For example, the first series of puzzles will show you stick figures of a man, women and child (like you would see on a public restroom door) and you have to correctly identify their gender or the action they are performing.

As you progress through the game, Think will become more challenging. The stick figures will illustrate an action to identify or will be combined with other symbols to form a phrase or movie title. You will be presented with symbols you need to identify that will also be combined with other illustrations to create a phrase or title. Whenever Think introduces a new element to the game, an instructional screen will appear before the puzzles, such as hand gestures that represent “The” and “A” in a phrase.

The pace of the game is about as casual as you can get. There’s no time limit for correctly solving the puzzles and there’s no score. Correct answers flash green as you enter them, incorrect answers flash red. Think even takes into account spelling errors and if you get close, the game gives you the benefit of the doubt.

If you need to stop playing Think, your game progress will be saved on your Windows Phone and when you return to the game, you will start off where you left off. Again, you’ll need to log into your Facebook account to back up your game play.

Overall Impression

Think is definitely a puzzle game that will make you think. The game is designed to teach you to think more visually to determine the message a collection of images is representing. The more you play Think, the more the game grows on you.

The pace of the game is well suited for those times when you only have a few minutes to spend playing games. Think is also strong enough to stand up to longer gaming sessions as well. The game also has a mild addictive quality about it that keeps you drawn into game play.

The minimalistic graphics are well drawn-up, game play challenging and overall Think is an enjoyable game for Windows Phone 8. Think is a free, ad-supported game that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • :/
  • Im at level 13 and stuck out of hints and 3 hints for 1.99$ is expensive
  • im at level 8 and i cant remember what made me stop, but this game is really fun to play.   it makes you feel smart when you answer, thats why. :P
  • Not available for me, maybe it's not meant for Aussies.
  • Also not available, also in Australia... Nokia Lumia 1520... I'm really getting sick of changing my phone to USA just to download an app...
  • It's available in NZ, so Australia should have it, everywhere should have it by now..  But I'm replying to a 9month old comment so..  :p
  • Unfortunately, still not available for me. Maybe it isn't optimised for a 1080p display so it isn't my region so much as my device. No idea though.
  • Style Nazi time: no need to append pointless words, e.g. with the illustrated clues already drawn-up doesn't need the "up". Likewise the specialist phrase "build out" is used to mean build in any way; ditto price and price point.   Phew, that feels better! Carry on.
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  • i need this game :(
  • Anyone has any idea what is that movie which is a single word name, represented as 4 faces and an arrow pointing towards the chin/cheek ? Can anyone help please ? Chapter 8 i think...
  • haven't seen that one yet but could it be Scarface? Nope... it is Jaws  
  • Oh thanks man, i guess jaws should be it ! :)
    Thanks again, i was struck at it since a week :-P
  • Somebody help me. Yesterday i registered my device to the developers preview program and my device was already updated to the GDR3+Black when update was released to general users so yesterday i registered my device and suddenly i went to the phone updates and pressed the check and now it shows updates are available, i want ask everyone what is this update?
  • The updates must be for the developer preview of gdr3, you dont need them. Dont take useless trouble.
  • This game is so so so epic! I didnt know I was so intelligent. :P I'm the kind of a person who turns off the background music in every game I play but not in this game. The music is awesome as well. HATS OFF TO THE DEVELOPER!  
  • I've never heard of a shopping cart being called a trolley in the south (US). Maybe I'm missing some regionalism. Anyone else call a shopping cart a trolley? And if so, would you mind letting me know where you are from?
  • Well we call them trolley here in India. Though that's not very helpful for you, India speaks British English.
  • Thanks for letting me know :)
  • The UK calls it a trolley too. And so does countries that are once colonies of the British Empire. Like Singapore and Malaysia.
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  • This one reminds me of the game Concentration with Hugh Downs without the matching part. (A game a smart Windows Dev should look into bringing to the platform)  My guess is George Ponder remembers it.
  • No love for Germany.
  • Couldn't find the game in the store on the phone (region Belgium). But installing it via the windowsphone website worked.
  • In the thing section of the game what's that black D shape with a white door like shape and an horizontal L shape thing? Any idea?
  • Mailbox
  • Thanks a lot.
  • You're welcome.
  • In the phrase section, does anyone know what is the thief + lightning bolt?
  • Movie: Thunderbolt Run
  • No that's wrong !!! Anyone can guess it ? I'm stuck on it too !
  • What's the question after that
  • Can you give me the symbol(s) for that one, I can't remember what it was.
  • A thief carrying a money bag with dollar made on the bag + a lightening bolt symbol. Its a phrase, not a movie.
  • That one is stealing thunder
  • Thanks ! :)
  • You're welcome
  • Oh man, i got stuck on another... I managed to get till here without a single hint becausei do know much about usa, but not phrases. Sorry for asking, but I'm not in the usa that's why i got stuck on this, Hollywood movies i can manage because i watch them a lot but not phrases. Any idea what's "a"+"10 cent coin, i think its called a dime"+"and"+ "12" ? Would be glad if you could help :)
  • A dime a dozen. No problem. I'm not from the US either btw ;) I'm stuck on level 18 for now haha.
  • A dime a dozen ? That doesn't look like a phrase to me, though it must mean something for sure ! Anyway, thanks a lot ! :-) :-)
  • Well, it means that you can buy a lot of sth for a small amount of money. Like, you can pay ten cents (a dime) for a dozen (12) of bananas. They're so cheap, they're a dime a dozen.
  • Oh... Thanks for the explanation ! :)
  • Stealing the Thunder
  • Stealing the thunder..may be?
  • I tried it a few days ago.  Clever and clean, but wasn't my favorite and I ended up removing it.  I wish Threes was available on Windows Phone.    
  • I figured a free way to get unlimited hints.... I have also completed the whole game
  • How ? Hacks aren't seen on wp as far as i know... And that's not an achievement if you ended the game with unlimited hints...
  • Just a little trick mate... Im just saying its quite a bit hard to solve the countries and the quotes levels... Else was quite simple...
  • do you mind sharing that hack? xd
  • Well... If u ask... :P Login to Facebook... Sync progress... Reset game... Login again... Voilà 3 Hints!!!!
  • Can you tell me the answer at level 29 which has a pencil and a journal with X and O symbol on it? Thanks
  • Plan... Or game plan I think
  • That's a very slow way to do it..  just get a friend or family member to open the app and send you a hint..  Or make a side account for sending yourself hints.  Ask everyone around you if they can work it out.. make friends and influence people all at the same time  LOL  [I'm not joking, that's what I did]   
  • I downloaded just now.
  • Toughest mind game i had played ever..
  • Really fun, I finished it in 3 days, the Jaws one and the Search Bar one I found difficult, and some of the countries were hard to pick from their icons, other than that, not too hard. I hope the app devs make more games, or that there are more people creating apps like this one. :)