ThinkInvisible – Now available for Windows Phone

Touting itself as an optical illusion game, ThinkInvisible has recently landed on the Windows Phone Store after picking up some good reviews on both the iOS and Android platforms.

The game is designed to push your grey matter by getting you to recognise things from the smallest element of an image. The idea for the game is simple enough but the execution on the style and graphics makes this one worthy of checking out. Did we mention it’s free? Read on to find out more..

wpcentral - ThinkInvisible – Now available for Windows Phone

There are plenty of games out there that attempt to pull off this simple idea but many fail to convert it into something that looks visually interesting. ThinkInvisible clearly have some nice ideas about how to pull this off and the game looks great with its minimal design. Here is what they say about the game.

“I bet you haven’t seen anything like this before: we turned the whole world into an optical illusion! ThinkInvisible is a unique trivia game where you can discover how you imagination works and what your brain is capable of.Browse through 9 unique sets of pictures (the first two for free), pick one that looks promising and try to recognize it by the small parts we show you. Think of it as a spotlight: it’s showing you only the most important details, forcing your brain to uncover and complete the rest!By mixing up optical illusions with a puzzle game, we created something so genuine that you have to try out if you’re into unique things.You’ll be rewarded with points and a little surprise (it’s fun - we promise) - and of course the joy of figuring out the original picture (that’s even more fun - you’ll see).

It’s a good bit of fun and if you like this kind of game to pass the time when you’re out and about then this could certainly be worth checking out.Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.. 

Download the app from the Windows Phone Store here or use the QR code below.

Thanks to Jonathan Dollison for the tip!!

QR: ThinkInvisible

Robert Brand
  • i just downloaded and tried it. Sadly it still got bugs.
    The "X"- at the top right to remove a message leads to the app closing.
    The wait until the sound is finished for a successfull guess is annoying.
    It should remember settings - like turning off the sounds.
    But i like playing it.
  • Played for a bit, love the music and execution but some pictures are barely annoying. It's free and without ads so is definitely a keeper! Thank WPC, once again, I find an amazing game using WPC app ;)
  • Hey guys. I downloaded and played the first level of this game and was shocked to see Obama and Che Guavara as puzzle answers. Now feelings about Obama aside, I don't feel WPCentral should be promoting a game that seems to idolize Che. He's a proven murderer of 100s of people. Please remove this game review from your site. I deleted the game immediately after I saw Che, you guys should too.
  • Wow, you should probably steer clear of the entire internet if you are this easily upset.
    I'm pretty sure WPCentral has no moral imperative to shield you or anyone from a games content, only to be an objective reporter of the news.
  •   Thanks for your comment; I do not think that a free game using images of famous or infamous people is promoting anything political. Would you have deleted the game if it were only an image of Obama in there? 
  • I would guess you, or a moderator deleted my comment. Didn't think it crossed any boundaries, but I'll remember that in the future. I do think you should warn people about images like Che's being present in this app.
  • The game isn't endorsing anything, it's just using images of publicly known people/objects/etc.
  • grab a beer bro.
  • Wow... my first though when I saw two politial figures was, oh finally it isnt just your usual gimmicky logo games, but actually requires some political knolowledge.
    Maybe just play the game for what it is... a game.
    I wouldn't have deleted it if the game had Romeny in it...
  • Che was a revolutionary, while he may of killed many people, Batista killed many many more. Give your head a shake, Che represents the ability to stand up for what you believe in, and against corrupt government.
  • Its not that being a revolutionary is a bad thing, but executing whole families including their children, should never be idolized. Standing up for what you believe in is admirable, but its how you go about bringing change that earns you respect.
  • +1
  • No, Obama is fine, but 2 political figures on the first level was suspect to me. Also, when I solved the Che puzzle, the resulting sound bite did not seem historically correct or representative. I just wanted to make that point. I'm not upset, just didn't jive to me :)
  • Until you told me President Of The United States, Barack Obama, and freedom fighter Ernesto Guevara were in there, I was gonna pass on this game. Now, its a Must-Have! If you'd have said Ayn Rand, or Dick Cheney, I'd have been shouting right with you, to remove a twisted, propaganda game!
  • LOL I can't believe people like you exist. WOW.
  • Robert, is it an issue for you to specify if an app is for a specific version of WP, or should readers assume that if you don't specify a version, that it is for all versions of WP?
  • The article tags say "Windows Phone 7 Apps, Windows Phone 8 apps" so it's for both.
    BUT if you're viewing from the app, you'll have no clue what it's compatible with unless they state it in the article text, or you try the download.
  • If it was Windows Phone 8 only I would have said, but did tag it with wp7 and wp8.
  • Excuse me, but the game's store homepage states that: Required Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone 7.5 And I did just play it on my Lumia 800!
  • We don't see those tags in the app though
  • The fact that you don't get to choose where you want the next are to reveal is pretty stupid. Other than that seems like a good game (based on a very quick play)
  • No Xbox live release again??????
  • Great game! And its free! Only the first 2 sections are free on iOS but its all free on WP. Download and support devs that bring such well written apps to the platform.