Third part of 'Game of Thrones' game series due March 24 for PC, March 25 for Xbox

The third episode of Telltale Games' six-part adventure game based on the Game of Thrones HBO TV series from HBO is due for the PC March 24, followed by Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions March 25.

The third part is titled "The Sword in the Darkness" and Telltale has released a quick story summary of what to expect in this episode:

Asher, the exile, heads to Mereen in search of an army to take on the Whitehills. Meanwhile, far across land and sea in Westeros, Mira must deal with the lethal politics of King's Landing. Her family's safety is paramount and she will do anything to protect them, but nothing is given freely, and her choice of allies may soon come to haunt her. To the north, in Ironrath, the Whitehill occupation continues. Gryff Whitehill, fourth-born son, is out to prove himself, and brutality and violence grows daily, pushing the Forresters to make far-reaching decisions. Finally, at the Wall, Gared learns that he must head north if he is to help his house survive. But fate is cruel, forcing choices that will change his path forever.

There's also a new gameplay trailer that shows some sword fighting action and even a quick glimpse of a dragon at the end. The first episode is free, while the second is $4.99 for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. You can also purchase all six episodes for a total of $24.99. PC owners have to pay $29.99 up front to get all six episodes as they are released.

Source: Telltale Games

John Callaham
  • I've just looked at this game on the 360 and I don't think episode 1 is free. Is the article incorrect?
  • Very excited!
  • Best purchase ever was the complete telltale collection on the One for 70 bucks (AUS), half the retail price. So good.
  • No news on when the PlayStation version comes out?
  • Just checked IGN. The PlayStation version releases the same day as the PC version (the day before the Xbox version). This would have been useful information to have in this article for the GoT fans on this site that want to play the game ASAP but don't have a gaming PC!