Thousands of Project Spark 3D models are available on Microsoft's Remix3D website

At yesterday's Microsoft event in New York, Microsoft debuted an entire range of new 3D services and apps as part of the company's big push into creative technologies. Dubbed the Creators Update, the next big iteration of Windows will bring various 3D capabilities to the platform, including Paint 3D, 3D Emojis in Skype, 3D scanning apps for Windows 10 Mobile devices and much, much more.

Included in these announcements was the reveal of, which is a website dedicated to sharing and cataloging 3D creations in a Pinterest-style collection network. While browsing, I noticed that Xbox has a user account on there, with over two thousand Project Spark assets available for download for Paint 3D.

Project Spark - Conker

Project Spark was an ambitious game development tool designed to work across both Xbox One and Windows 8.1. The app utilized controller, mouse and touch inputs, and was one of the first titles to be truly "Xbox Play Anywhere." It featured high-end 3D modeling capabilities, allowing users to program A.I. logic rules, gameplay triggers, and even shape terrain.

Project Spark - Conker

The powerful tool spawned hundreds of complex creations (opens in new tab), from Flappy Bird clones all the way up to complex RPGs. Sadly, the game used a freemium model which was a huge hurdle for those without disposable income or the willingness to grind the in-app currency "Sparks." Eventually, the game went completely free to play, but the service was shut down soon after, and the game is now unavailable for download.

Given all of the 3D products unveiled at Microsoft's October 2016 event, it comes as a huge shame that Project Spark didn't live to see the likes of HoloLens or the new Windows Holographic headsets, where it could have truly come into its own. Thankfully, the thousands of whimsical assets from Project Spark's will live on for free on, allowing users to export them to Paint 3D and then into other 3D modeling kits and programs.

Project Spark was clearly (and painfully) way ahead of its time, as it would have been an ideal candidate to reveal as a UWP game development solution across Xbox One, Windows Holographic and Windows 10. Still, hopefully, we'll see some unique creations from Project Spark's remnants on

To grab these assets, click on the paint icon in each 3D model's page. You need to be running the latest Windows 10 Insider Build and have Paint 3D downloaded to use them.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Spark was fun if only I had more time away from other games
  • Spark was great fun. I'd love to see Disney contribute the 3D models used in Disney Infinity as well ... that was a fantastic sandbox.
  • As I was watching their event yesterday when they were going on about 3D, all I could think was, "If you were heading in this direction, why in the heck did you spend the past few years killing off Kinect and Project Spark!" Those are two fantastic 3D tools. Kinect's depth-sensing camera is perfect for real-world 3D content capturing, and Project Spark is the best amateur tool I've ever used for 3D object creation. It was all the more mind-boggling when they showed off Minecraft as a tool to make 3D objects. Now, Minecraft is my favorite game ever, but it was laughable seeing that blocky tree exported as a 3D object. Minecraft is great, but it's too limited to be a 3D creation tool. In Project Spark you could make any object, designed in fine detail with contours of any shape, size, or texture. And then you could attach those objects to any other objects to make new objects. And even more impressive, each object had its own programmable brain that could be coded to have whatever behavior you wanted. So, if you wanted to create a weird creature with one appendage doing one type of movement and another appendage doing other types, you could. Project Spark was perfect for making 3D objects of any type--static or dynamic. All they had to do was make it possible to export the objects so they chould be shared. Killing off Kinect and Project Spark is such a huge missed opportunity for their push towards 3D content creation--all stuff that could've furthered HoloLens and Paint 3D.
  • I'm pretty sure most of the underlying IP and code base from those canceled projects are in some way preserved under the hood in the 'new' tools. No knowledge or experience really gets wasted, it's just a change of form. Experience gained from Kinect for example laid the foundation for HoloLens as you'll notice many key guys from Kinect development are in the HoloLens team.
  • But we're talking about about using Kinect and Project Spark as consumer tools for amateur content creation. If Microsoft stopped development of Kinect (which they clearly did), and if they shut down Project Spark's servers and removed it from the Store (which they did), then we consumers cannot use those tools to create. That's the frustrating part here: they both fit this 3D push so well, but Microsoft killed them off. They may have reused some of the knowledge or assets from them, but we can't. It's a big missed opportunity as it would cost them little to port the 3D Builder and 3D Scanner app to Xbox One as UWPs and to put Project Spark back in the Store and enable content exportation.
  • ... Not to mention the whole Windows Holographic platform as a whole, and also the new VR headsets announced at yesterday's event. I was also pleased to see them use a Windows phone for the 3D capture demonstration, even if that was the only partial mention of Windows 10 Mobile throughout the announcement... That was more than I had expected.
  • Spark could have been as big as Sketch up. ..
  • Any word on the mobile app?
  • I'm really waiting to do 3D capture with my phone!
  • Game had so much potential. We played the helll out of it, but it took so much work to get to a game... and it was too complicated for the kids when they could just pop into mInecraft and do more easier. I hope this game and studio gets another chance. 
  • Where to download the new paint 3D app?
  • I never understood why Microsoft is so US centric. With no surprise, the site is available only in selected countries (US, UK and a few others). The same with Cortana, Groove, movies, etc. I know that this may result from license related issues, but if Google and Apple can, how come it is so difficult for Microsoft.?
  • Agreed, I had to search for hack to install Cortana on my Android device, well its not really a hack, you can do this legally on any country outside US.  You need to search for an app in GooglePlay called Microsoft Apps, then you can install Bing and Cortana and even have Bing to work as default search option instead of Google. I made this and now my Android phone feels so close to a Lumia I had before.
  • My issue is that i can use some of Microsoft apps in my country, but they are quite limited. Cortana, as an example, works, but only in English (I can live with that). But Hey Cortana doesn't (Lumia 930), with no clear reason. Maps is great, but I do not get traffic reports, so it's quite useless (Waze is my default app, but on WM it's a very old version). Groove and Movies are available, but only for local library. I can't buy any music or movies. Etc. It's a shame, because MS is actually sending me to their competitors...
  • "Sorry, we are only available to accounts with locations set to US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand."
  • The website has no notification function?!?
  • Sorry, right now we're only available to accounts with locations set to US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.
  • "Sorry, right now we're only available to accounts with locations set to US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand." Anyone care to speculate why people outside those countries can't use Remix 3D and Paint 3D? And don't give me the "because it's not localized" bullshit. Most apps in the store aren't localized either yet they work just fine here.
  • Sorry, right now we're only available to accounts with locations set to US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Sad to be an Asian...
  • Oh that's actually pretty nice of them. It's hard to find models from games from legit sources! Can be really useful for temp props or for scaling against or even sometimes just seeing how the mesh looks if you're doing something similar and not sure how to make a n gon in a weird place
  • I still game on Project Spark. The game still works as a standalone game for creation. It just no longer has a way to share your creations. Maybe if enough of its users make a stink about it, they will at least let users share stuff again.
  • If enough folks actually would have supported Project Spark with money when it was f2p then we would not have to try to revive it. Same people that would gladly pay for minecraft skins that adds nothing to the game, but refuse to pay for actual assets or big features in Project Spark. People wanted everything for free. Tells me that the game should have released with a base price for everyone, and maybe group some assets into a season pass (that should have worked), which would have allowed Team Dakota to make new ones and keep the train rolling. With more money in the bank they would have been able to do a much better job and release many features that were on the backburner.