Three Nokia-exclusive games, Bejeweled Live+, Zuma's Revenge, and iBomber Defense, now available for everyone

Three Xbox Live games that were branded as Nokia exclusives for Windows Phone have been made available to all owners of all Windows Phone devices.

Bejeweled Live Plus, Zuma's Revenge, and iBomber Defense, have all been made their way into the Windows Phone Store for general consumption on Windows Phone 7 and 8.

So what are they all about? In our review of Zuma's Revenge, we described the game as thus:

"Zuma is a variation of the match three puzzler in which players control a frog and fire colored balls from his mouth at an oncoming line of balls. If the balls reach a hole at the end of the pathway, you lose a life or fail the level. To stop that, our fearless frog must break some balls. Matching three or more balls with a fired shot of the same color destroys that group of balls. Simple stuff, but there are some deep underlying mechanics as well…"

Meanwhile, Bejewelled Live+ should be familiar to most casual gamers. From our review:

"Bejeweled Live+ puts the first Bejeweled Live to shame. It has way more content and yet costs two dollars less, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the original game gets de-listed whenever Live+ becomes available to non-Nokia users. Heck, Live+ even trumps the recently released Bejeweled Live for Windows 8 as well since that one lacks Lightning and Zen modes."

And finally, iBomber Defense is a unique war strategy game for Windows Phone, bringing quite a bit of fun to the mix. Once again, from our review:

"Alright, so iBomber Defense doesn’t run as well as it should and the Achievements are crazy hard and slow to come by. It’s still my favorite traditional tower defense game (in the Xbox WP lineup) though. The graphics and setting are less flashy than geoDefense, but much more visually interesting. Continuing the comparison, turrets in this game always cost the same amount and have the same stats, unlike geoDefense’s crazy variable stats. iBomber provides a smoother and more cohesive experience."

The three games are all published by Electronic Arts, a long-time maker of Xbox games. We haven't seen any formal announcements, but it looks like it could be part of an agreement between EA and Nokia to get these games to a wider audience after a certain amount of time. We've seen other Nokia-exclusive games like the Mirror's Edge, get released later on after a stint of being offered only to Nokia phone owners, so this is certainly not unprecedented.

The trio of games can still be found in the Nokia Collection on your Nokia phone or in the general population of games.

You can get Bejeweled Live Plus, Zuma's Revenge and iBomber Defense in the Windows Phone Store, each for $2.99.

QR: Bejeweled Live Plus

QR: iBomber Defenes

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  • Actually games like this should be free.
  • +1 as they are free on the other platforms. Except for iBomber I believe...
  • Why?
  • People feel self-entitled and that the world should revolve around their needs and wants, is my guess.
  • Isn't the developers marketing strategy kind of reversed though? Shouldn't apps be cheaper on a smaller ecosystem while being more expensive on the bigger ones? I have no problem paying, I'm kind of speaking on others behalf, plus I've just always found that weird.
  • It's a good idea but not talking about mone.
    If there's a lot of costumers like iOS or Android with a small price you can earn big quantities of money. However in a market where there's not many people yet a small price won't cover the developing cost, so that they have to increase the price. But increasing the price is a double-edged sword, since it discourage people to buy the app.
  • No, in bigger ecosystems you have more choice. People would lean towards the free clones, instead of paying. But in WP, there is zero piracy and hardly any clones, so you pretty much have to buy it.
  • Oh, burn! Right? Yeah, that's how you get to a product like Windows Mobile. Complete obliviousness to the competition.
    Why choose a Windows Phone with fewer and more expensive games? Because of XBL achievements and gamer score, which matter to a fraction of the Xbox 360 user base? A console which has been on the market for eight years whose lifetime sales are dwarfed by a single quarter of Android? Oh, and Apple / Google allow stats for all games. Oops.
    This is the creator of the Xbox we're talking out. It's plain weak.
  • So you want ads?
  • as far as i know android central is free (android users) while wp users have to pay for full wp central
  • Rubino is greedy, he should give the app for free.
  • 1. The app is made by Jay, not Daniel.
    2. The app is $1 for fuck sake.
    3. Rubino carries this website, and this website carries Windows Phone to the same extent Nokia does. 
  • Google started the "for free" revolution, adapt or die.
  • Only thing google advanced was NSA email aka gmail.  What you thnk is free from google isn't. 
  • I probably will never buy WPCentral app even though I use it a lot. It's not about the money but last I checked news sites want you to use their apps not the opposite.
  • Jay is an independent developer, if you like what he's doing you should support him. I've used this app several times a day for the past 2 years. $1 is a bargain.
  • And guys like you should be robbed.
  • And guys like you get easily cheated, see games like royal revolt, ae moto and other ae mobiles games are much better than these two games(excluding ibomber since it is a very good game and i personally like it) and yet they are free , ok now lets take a look at angry birds and this two games , angry birds easily wins the head to head battle, but why are these games more costly then angry birds it doesn't make sense. Its like selling a bugatti veyron for 2 dollars and a bullock cart for millions. My only point is games and apps must be at the right price.
  • If you don't want to buy a game then don't buy it , the game developers will decide the price as they spend their time on making the games not you!!
  • You must be from india, pointless talks. Pity such people
  • I am not a beggar like you madarchod :)
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  • See behenchod, you don't get to decide the game prices, the developer who has put his time and effort decides the prices, if you are too poor to afford one then don't buy it.
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  • Rotfl.
  • I think it should be 99cents
  • Yahtzee is also no more exclusive... I tipped abt it also...
  • These are some of the worst Nokia exclusives.
  • I have 18 hours on bejeweled live + on my gfs 810...
  • I have 85 hours on mine ;)
  • I am sorry for your loss :P
  • I'm a huge fan of Bejeweled Live+...great game
  • I am just not a fan of bejeweled. Also the menus felt laggy in +. Not sure. Zuma is okay but not great, Yahtzee is just dumb and should never have been made. A single player luck based game on a phone? And iBomber Defense I was pumped about when it launched, but it is basically unplayable and the glitched achievements are a turn off.
  • I don't think they should be free. That being said, I'm eagerly awaiting a sale on Bejeweled ...
  • ABOUT TIME! Didn't they have bejeweled live+ since last year? I wanted that so bad on my Trophy then; its what made me decide to go Nokia when I switched from WP7 to 8. Also I wanted LTE, not that it matters. BUT MAH EXCLUSIVES!
  • No it's been 6 months just like the rest of them.
  • Zuma and Bejeweled+are both super awesome, cool for those non Nokia users.
    Ibomber is just buggy even after the third update which is sad because it's a fun tower defense game.
    Gaming in general: Gameloft announced 15 Xbox games for the next 12 months (Asphalt 8 for example). Very good news...+Nokia users get Tetris Blitz on the 28th for free!
  • On 28th??
  • Yes this month so just one week!
  • Hw can u say tht?
  • Zuma needs 1gb or ram?! It amazes me how nfs most wanted runs soo smoothly on an iPod with just 256mb of ram. Is wp8 so mean to optimization? Sad..
  • It wouldn't let me play most wanted on my iPod touch 4, unless you used a workaround..
  • Probably works on the ipod touch 5.....
  • Yahtzee should be here aswell guys!
  • In Addition To Games,
    After Reading This Article...
    I Gotta Love Love Gameloft!
  • When will candy crush come to windows phone that's what I want to know?
  • All $3.49 for me :/ Why are EA games always priced the highest?
  • Good thing I bought my WP phones to resist the temptation of draining the battery and killing productivity with gaming. Those lame-ass games certainly help...