Threepointer is the best way to browse and use Dribbble on Windows Phone

Mid-February we told you guys and gals about a beta for an upcoming app called Threepointer. It's a third-party client for Dribbble, the popular design community and social network. If you're a graphic designer you probably have an account on Dribbble and frequent the site for inspiration and to share your work. Now you can browse the network with Threepointer, one of the most beautiful apps on Windows Phone.

The app launched last week when we were busy at Microsoft's //BUILD/ conference in San Francisco. You're doing it wrong if you don't already have Threepointer and you're a designer rocking Windows Phone. That's ok though, we're here to make sure you download the app.


Dribbble ( is a community for web designers, illustrators, typographers, logo designers, graphic designers and other folks with creative talent. Dribbble is built like a social network too, so you can follow other artists and like their work.

Here's what you can do with Threepointer for Windows Phone.

  • Log in with your Dribbble account
  • Search for shots, users and colors
  • See your activity
  • Like shots
  • Comment on shots
  • Follow users
  • Lock screen support
  • Live tile support
  • Pin almost everything to your Start screen
  • And much more


There's also Lens support, an explore section, the ability to create bucks and more coming in a future update to Threepointer.

This is an incredible app for anyone in the design community.

You can download Threepointer for free from the Windows Phone Store. Enjoy!

QR: Threepointer

Sam Sabri
  • Nice
  • Dribble
  • nope, it's dribbble.
  • Sounds like a personal problem
  • I had the beta and I must say it's and inspiring app. And I am so happy I signed up for the beta because it made me interested in designing apps.
  • And I thought it was a sports app.. ZOOM!
  • Looking for this along time :)
  • I've been using this app for a while. The home screen is hideous. I don't know why they built it that way. However the profile/shots sections look super slick. For the love of god tho, change that homescreen. 
  • Cool. I've been thinking about creating a dribbble app for a while. Have to check this one out.