Join the beta for Threepointer, an upcoming Dribbble app for Windows Phone

If you’re a designer you've probably used Dribbble a number of times. It’s by far one of the largest community’s for web designers, illustrators, typographers, logo designers, graphic designers and other creative to highlight their work. It’s also a great place to connect with fellow designers. Developers have also used it successfully to find developers to work with. It’s a great place for design.

Dribbble doesn’t have any official apps, but they do offer the Dribbble API so that others can create apps. If you’re at all interested in a Dribbble app for Windows Phone you need to sign up for the beta of Threepointer for Windows Phone. It’s beautiful and does things we’ve never seen in any app for Windows Phone.

It’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable way to use Dribbble ( on Windows Phone. We’ve spent the past day playing around with Threepointer for Windows Phone. Even at this early stage of development we’re very impressed with the app. Here’s what you can do with Threepointer at this point:

  • Log in with your Dribbble account
  • Search for shots, users and colors
  • See all your activity
  • Like shots
  • Comment on shots
  • Follow Users
  • Add to bucket
  • Lock screen support
  • Live tile support
  • Pin almost everything to your Start screen

That’s just the beginning and the team behind Threepointer is already hard at work on other features. They’re hoping to add Lens support, the ability to create buckets within the app and other cool stuff.

Threepointer comes to us from designer Stan Gursky (@GurskyDesign) and developer Rolando Rodrigues (@rolandopt). They’re working pretty hard on this app and hope to make it the best Dribbble client on any platform. That’s a big task, it looks like Threepointer could definitely do just that.

Head to their website if you have any interest in joining the beta for Threepointer. Drop in your email address associated with your Microsoft Account if you want to take part.

Sign up for the beta at!

Sam Sabri