This Kobra Bluetooth OBD-II car code reader is down to $8.03 on Amazon with code UKLW9NL5. This is the lowest price we've ever seen, even through previous coupon codes. It has sold around $13 for several months now.

The Kobra Bluetooth code reader can connect to and read the code from any car made after 1996. It can then use Bluetooth to transmit the readings to the free app, or third party apps like Torque Pro on Android. It can retrieve both generic codes and car manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Clear that Check Engine light that has been pestering you for months. More than 655 reviewers give this reader 3.9 stars.

This reader does not work with iOS devices. If you need one for your iPhone, this Kobra deal from the end of March is still active. It's not Bluetooth, it's Wi-Fi, but it works with all three platforms.

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