Summer is here! The pools are opening. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. It's the perfect time to stay inside and pursue your passions, like video editing and music making! MAGIX is having a summer sale on all their editing software, which covers everything from photos to videos to music. All of these deals come available in the form of an instant digital download or you can get the full retail version, but there was a $5 shipping fee when I tried to get the boxed version.

Even one of their top products, the Movie Edit Pro Premium is on sale for $80, a $50 discount. The next best price on this software is $90 as a digital download from a third-party at Best Buy. It's $123 from Amazon. It sells for $130 at most other retailers. With this deal, they're also including several style packages that include plug-in effects, templates, and tools to make editing even easier.

If music editing is more your style, the Music Maker Premium Edition is on sale for $80, as well. The next best price I could find for this one was $100 from Fry's Electronics. It's $130 at Amazon and pretty much everywhere else. The great thing about Music Maker is there's actually a free version you can try. Get your feet wet with the basics, see if it's a program that feels right for you, then get the full version on sale. This deal also comes with some extra bundled goodies, including $50 you can use on the Music Maker store to add whatever package of sounds and instruments you want.

Music Maker isn't the only program on sale with a free version to try first, either. The Xara Web Designer Premium and Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 both include 30-day free trials. Given this is a "summer sale" you have plenty of time to try them out before these deals vanish.

There are also student versions of all the Magix software. If you're in education, either student or teacher, and can prove it, there are even bigger discounts to be had on a lot of these programs, like the Movie Edit Pro Premium for $65 from B&H.

Each program has a specification page although the requirements are fairly generous. All of these products are designed for Windows and can run on Windows 7, 8, and 10. The Xara programs can also run on Windows Vista for the two of you still using that.

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