Tiki Towers is the Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone game of the week

Looks like for some reason we're down to just one title a week on Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone. Perhaps Microsoft wanted to burn through those 50 titles as quickly as possible and now we're on the "regular" schedule. Either way, this weeks title is a puzzler type game from GameHouse called TikiTowers.

The description is as follows:

Save the monkeys! Only you can lead them to safety in this amazing new puzzle game featuring construction, destruction and problem-solving! Travel between five tropical islands, leading your tribe of monkeys to safety by building bridges and towers out of bamboo, coconuts, and vines. If you're not careful, your structures will collapse and your monkeys will perish. Clear all the levels to acquire the ceremonial masks of an ancient tribe and discover their mythical lost treasure. Tiki Towers is action and puzzle gaming at its best!

It did win some awards including “Best Casual Game” – 5th Annual International Mobile Game Awards 2009. Meh, maybe it'll be good but it's sort of hard to excited about. The game will probably go live sometime late tonight/early tomorrow.

via: @karlstricker

Daniel Rubino

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  • Tiki Towers looks like World of Goo, but with monkeys. A lot of people love World of Goo (it does have the practically best music ever), but I never quite wrapped my head around the gameplay. Hopefully this one has good tutorials!
  • And what do you know, it's way easier to play than World of Goo. Rad.
  • Xbox Live games have so far been a pretty mixed experience. On the one hand, you get some high quality gaming with excellent graphics and well thought-out gameplay design. On the other hand, you get severely ripped off for games that are merely ports. Sure, there are exceptions like iBlast Moki which is pretty affordable and a great quality game, but it's a little annoying no XBL game is at that $0.99 instant-purchase price point.
  • And I'm not being stingy with my cash! Angry Birds on iOS is a prime example of a high quality game at a cheap enough price to just buy it (for those who don't know it's $0.99). I think developers would end up making more money by reducing the entry price of their games a little bit (unless they have no choice due to Xbox Live's services which...is even more frustrating!)
  • Easily my favorite games so far on WP7 are indie games, not Xbox LIVE ones. Every time I buy one, I end being like "meh" later, but there are some really sweet indie stuff out there...we'll be covering some this week.
  • I have this game for WinMo on my Touch HD. Its a fun game.5 islands. Each island has 9 levels and once you finish them all you can play "eco mode" where you have complete each level without using all your bamboo
  • 6 islands on WP7!