Still no word on a release date, but the AT&T Tilt 2 has found its way onto AT&T's Premiere Web site, which is for customers with corporate affiliations. The Tilt 2 is being advertised for $349.99 which is slightly higher than the reported retail price (not uncommon for the Premiere Site). The Tilt 2 is listed as "Prelaunch" which we can only assume is the same as "Pre-Order." 

And to fan that flame a little more, the Boy Genius Report snagged some internal slides from AT&T and says the Tilt 2 will be available Oct. 8 -- that's this Thursday.  If true, we definitely won't complain if AT&T confused "a couple of weeks" with "a couple of days" in their original press release.

Tip o' the hat to Wayne for the tip.