Timesplitters will live again after acquisition by Koch Media

It has been 13 years since the last Timesplitters game hit the market, and now, finally, we know for sure the franchise will live again. Free Radical Design's last attempt, Timesplitters Future Perfect, and all its predecessors are fondly remembered (and played) today, and the acquisition of the IP is certainly exciting news.

Timesplitters has been acquired by Koch Media, in turn, owned by THQ Nordic, who will take control of both the IP and the rights to make Timesplitters video games. The latter being the most exciting part: Koch Media's own Deep Silver will be publishing future Timesplitters games.

From the press release:

"We are hugely excited to have acquired Timesplitters" commented Klemens Kundratitz, CEO Koch Media GmbH. "The original games gave fans a massive content offer and provided a pure and genuinely fun arcade shooter experience. We have many fans of the Timesplitters series among our own staff who are passionate about creating a product that will thrill today's gaming audience."

Timesplitters is a classic FPS, and as the name hints, involves an element of time travel. As yet there are no details on any new releases from the franchise, but the fact there will be any at all is enough to whet our appetites.

In addition to Timesplitters, Koch Media has also acquired the rights to Second Sight, with the intention of also publishing new releases.

Richard Devine
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  • 0.0. Does this mark the resurgence of timessplitters and THQ?
    Timesplitters is remains one of my favourite games in terms of game play (co-op campaigns and challenges were really good), although wasn't to keen on the change of voice actor for Cortez. In Timesplitters 3 Future Perfect, the protaganist became a bumbling idiot lol. I'd much prefer the same voice actor from Timesplitters 2.
    Also they had removed flame tag in future perfect, I hope they bring that back as well along with limitless map design. We no longer have to worry about 8 Meg memory cards lol (as was the case with the ps2). Edit: Wow, the WM10 app sure loves to mangle comments..
  • I may be one of the few who has actually been waiting a decade for this. I've been doing research once a year to see if there's been any updates. Let's hope they do it justice.
  • What a great time to be a gamer! Bring on Timesplitters! Fond memories.
  • Spent countless days after school playing Timesplitters on Gamecube with friends. Depending on where future games take the series I may pick it up again.
  • YES!!! I'm hoping it's a run and gun shooter like Doom, sticking with its original style.