Timing ’13 CP for Windows Phone 8, allows you to track F1 races in real-time

The 2013 Formula 1 season may be half over, but we’re now getting some official love from the action packed sport.

An official F1 timing app has been released taken from Android/iOS and released on Windows Phone. This is Timing ’13 CP, the only app for both Windows Phone and Formula 1 fans. Let’s check it out.

Petrol heads should be pretty stoked to see some love come their way from Formula 1. The Timing ’13 CP app for Windows Phone allows you to access live timing and track positing on timing screens and fully interactive 3D maps for any F1 face. These are the stats you can track:

  • Tyre (Tire in the US) Information
  • DRS Zones
  • Real-time track positioning
  • Live timing data
  • Live leaderboards
  • Pause live sessions
  • Download race packs
  • Follow your favorite F1 driver
  • Marshal News – Race control messages
  • Live text commentary
  • Event counter
  • Corner views
  • Keep up to date

Timing 13 CP Screenshot

Let’s be up front, most of us at Windows Phone Central don’t really follow or watch Formula 1. So we can’t tell you whether or not this is an app we’d be using for our F1 needs. But it does look and sound cool.

For example, the real-time track positioning sounds like something pretty awesome. A dynamic and fully interactive 3D map gives you the position of every F1 driver on the track at the same time. You’re able to pan, zoom, and spin the track to check out the action.

Timing 13 CP Screenshot 2

Here’s the tough part to swallow if you’re getting excited about this app – the price. It comes in at a whopping $26.99, which is two dollars cheaper than the Android and iOS versions. But here’s the thing, the current 2013 season of F1 is half way over, but you’re paying full price for the app. Plus, there isn’t any guarantee this will work for next season. We’ve reached out to Soft Pauer, the developers of the app to see if they’re planning on lowering the price or allowing the app to work for the 2014 season.

The app is only available for Windows Phone 8 at $26.99. You can get it in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

Thanks for the tip Steven C!

Sam Sabri