Tip: Change your system & TouchFLO 3D fonts in Windows Mobile 6.5

Bored of your regular old system font for Windows Mobile 6.5 and TouchFLO 3D? We've covered changing system fonts before, but it turns out that WM6.5 changes it up a bit and the old ways don't work so well.

Fret not as MajorSarcasm has stepped up and cab'd up various system fonts that will also alter the fonts for TouchFlo 3D.  Just download the .cab for which font you like, disable TF3D (if using), install, restart device and re-enable TouchFlo.

Don't care for how it looks? Simply uninstall the cab and restart your phone again. Choices include Eras, Century Gothic, Jott, Helvetica (great film by the way), Droid, Lucida Handwriting, Comic Sans and 13 others.

We have to admit, these new fonts breathe new life into our phone (we're partial to Kabel, pictured) and there seems little risk, so give it a shot.

Phil Nickinson

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  • I was loving this until I opened my web browser and realized that the cab works by replacing the default font files (not changing things to use the new ones). All the web sites that should have been in Times were now in Kabel...too hard to read a whole page of that for my taste.
  • Yeah it changes all the fonts. I'm using Opera 9.5/9.7 and I'm okay with reading *Kabel*, dunno, I think it looks cool. Some of the more tamer fonts might be a good option for you--and hey, at least a simple uninstall fixes things.
  • i can't re-enable tf.I tried by going settings>today>items tab>checking tf but it doesnt work. Can you please help a bit? thanks in advance