Tip: Use Windows Phone Store QR in Chrome for easy downloading of apps and games

One of the benefits of using the Chrome browser (and Firefox) is the ability to install extensions to add unique functionality to the browser. One of them is a QR code generator for the Windows Phone Store. We have covered a similar extension before, but it stopped working after the Store switched to HTTPS.

Now, a new developer by the name of George Schizas has shared his updated version of the extension, which is, of course, free.

The extension is simple: navigate to the Windows Phone Store web site on your PC, and whichever app you are looking at, a corresponding QR code is generated.

Sure, you could use the 'send to phone' feature, but if you have multiple devices this is actually an extra step, and for some, it never works. With this method, you can just quickly scan the QR using the Camera Lens or a third-party app like Scan. Additionally, you do not need to be logged in to your Microsoft Account, which makes this extension useful for families or people who share a computer.

The developer has also released the source code for the extension on Github for others to use as they wish.

Hopefully, with the forthcoming Spartan Browser Project in Windows 10, users will finally be able to install similar extensions on the native browser.

Follow the source link to install the extension to your Chrome browser.

Source: Chrome Web Store; via Reddit

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I'd rather use Opera. Even if it is now Chromium based.
  • Okay.
  • Hey.. When did it stopped working?...i mean I must have missed...i remember using it quite recently...
  • Opera? It works it just moved from Gecko to Webkit. I posted a link to an extension that allows you to use the Chrome extension in Opera if you wish.
  • Well Chrome is a Google product. I personally prefer not to use it myself. Opera can use Chrome extensions for the most part anyway.
    If anyone is interested you can install the extension in Opera using this Opera extension.
  • Ownd @asylum
  • How was I owned? Go back to your bridge troll. Or rather your mothers basement.
  • Okay.
  • Thanks but no thanks for the chrome reference Mr. Rubino
  • Thanks for the relevant information.  I am having chicken tonight for dinner.
  • Nice feature to have BUT as the article says, the real easy 'send to phone' button kinda negates the need.
  • Yup, although it depends on circumstance. With five phones on my account at all times, the send-to feature is a bit troublesome. You also do not need to be logged in to use the extension, which is nice if you share a computer or have a friend over.
  • But if you have a friend over wouldn't it be easier to long press the app in the app list and hit "Share"? Right from the phone no pcs involved. Heck if u don't have the app installed simply finding it in the store you can share it too
  • Why are you trying to find excuses for people to not use this? I like using it as do many others, which is why it has been created (and re-created). Just let it be already. By the same token, we should abandon creating QR codes for users, since people can just search too, right?
  • 4 ways to not use google. 1. Install kopy app on phone and PC. Use it.. 2. Copy link email to self. 3. Copy link OneNote to self. 4. Open store on phone. Type name of app. Download! because opening a camera app switching to Bing visual lenses scanning qr code is much faster...
  • My personal favorite method is http://www.barcode-generator.org/
  • Don't know how you got that from my post. I use send to phone and app sharing all the time. You are free to use whatever you like. I have many phones too and this works for me.  Good grief...
  • Dan you are special. 5 phones. Lol
  • Wish people would just appreciate this stuff. He isn't asking if you want to use Chrome or not just because its from Google. Thanks Daniel I'm sure it'll be useful!
  • Agreed. Sometimes I feel like Daniel is babysitting a bunch of children. The maturity level of some people on here amazes me sometimes...
  • It can be a challenge! lol
  • When people can express themselves without having to face up to their expressions people tend to degrade to childhood. It's the number one sickness of the modern internet world, which hopefully will fade out as time passes and enough people get verbally "assaulted". Until then people like Daniel will sadly have to put up with 40 year old teenagers :/
  • You people are HUGELY overreacting; he merely pointed out that an existing feature made the app redundant most of the time. He didn't use snide or derogatory remarks. The only ones degrading into childishness are you, pointing and wagging your fingers...
  • I never wrote about anyone in particular. It was a statement of the general behavior of too many people and their too often use of BIG words, which people in general will only use when they are hidden behind a screen. Many of the really childish comments on forums are made by nice people in face to face contact. That's my experience as a teacher
  • I agree,  Daniel and rest put out these articles, and then people say stupid non relevant things.  If your life is that empty go on Facebook and tell people about your life, we do not need it here.  Sometimes I feel we really need to bring back natural selection.
  • Sorry...I can't use a scroogle product. And Chrome is a definitely NO.
  • Bob La Blah... Fnck Google and all its services. Except for YouTube
  • Hmm 'send to phone' is best.. But for multiple devices or on our friend's PC we can use this feature...
  • very useful extension. thanks for sharing tip , i've been looking for someting like this
  • No thanks, F### Google....
  • I too
  • What makes you think I use Chrome????! AAAAAHHHHHH
  • He could have built such a thing for IE 11, too.
  • Alternatively, you can take his source code and build it yourself ;)
  • I do not know how to code such stuff for browsers, but if that's the case, someone should really make one for IE, too, so that I don't have to use Chrome.
  • Or even better, if the store has this feature without extensions
  • I like how you think.Microsoft its your fault. Add qr codes for everything.
  • How to do the same in Firefox?
  • Even better:   https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/qrcoder/
  • Nice
  • At work, we are a pure Microsoft shop. and 3rd party browsers cannot be installed, as users do not have "install rights". At home, I have a Windows RT tablet, so, no Chrome browser yet. "Send to phone" works for me. Spartan looks really good!  Thanks for the tip though.
  • Ok guys, if you have beef with Chrome, then it's you. Otherwise lots of us out here use Chrome and this info is mos def relevant.
  • It's not our fault. Google distributes spyware. Yes, spyware (not malware though, at least not yet.) Google distribution system is even similar to the system used by toolbars (bundled with other software.) I find it telling that many people here don't care about this.
  • For Firefox you can just use this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/qrcoder which works for every website, not just the store :)
  • Thanks!
  • singularity0821, thanks for the link. I would rather use Firefox than Chrome any day. Chrome isn't even a part of our Windows 7 image(s) but we do include IE and Firefox as our implementation of Blackboard works great with FireFox. I'm not going to install a 3rd web browser on my personal machine or our corporate machines so it is nice to have another option. Daniel, thanks for the article as I somehow missed the other article and did not know this was possible in any browser. +1 for knowledge sharing.
  • The idea is that it is just an alternative for something that is useful. I still find it offensive that they have the nerve to mention those browsers. I use Palemoon and have no shame in that, but I don't see Android or iOS Central suggesting people use IE. Might as well tell its users to go use the other OSes because Chrome is tied to Android, we can exclude iOS here. XD
  • Ha, I posted the same thing below because I missed this comment.   I agree, QrCodeR is far superior.
  • I will go for Firefox.I hate GOOGLE
  • Same here!
  • I'll go with Palemoon, and ignore both. XD Firefox is the way to go.
  • I'm not sure the benefits of a QR reader outweigh the drawbacks of supporting a browser of a company that is trying to destroy Windows Phone!
  • Right, using the competition's browser to install something in a Windws Phone is absurd. Might as well abandon IE because Chrome and Firefox are better, or at least it sounds like it from the article expressng that there are extensions.   Like saying, "Neener neener, Chrome and Firefox have extensions and you don't, IE." That's sacrilege.
  • I will never use chrome. And Firefox (every version I've ever tried) has given me issues. So IE for me.
  • IE is the only browser that flawlessly plays 4K on my tablet.
    It is also the only one that doesn't nail all of the system resources.
    It is missing a few things - but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks! Looking forward to Spartan to eradicate the few deficiencies, and eradicate the ugly UI of IE 11!
  • Sorry,I am a Firefox User. Google Chrome(opens too many processes at one time with multiple threads on it which slows the process of multitasking.) Sucks! Looking forward to the next build. #SpartanisComing
  • Yes, that's the problem with Chrome and it's multi-thread). Firefox is going that route, hopefully as an option. I'll stick to Palemoon. :)
  • Its so bad that thay have removed QR-code reader from the search button on the phone... One thing that Cortana can't!
  • Still there is Bing vision
  • There is BING VISION, why need this?
    (camera> settings> lens> Bing vision)
    No need this kind of HELL YEAH!!
  • This is to create the QR code, not for scanning. Also, Bing Vision is kind of dead as it has lost functionality over the years.
  • Cortana should be able to scan QR codes
  • Is this extension only for Windows Phone website? Because I use a qr generator extension that works with any page and link for Bing vision to scan.
  • People who don't want to get Scroogled can use the actual Chromium build and sleep peacefully. It's the real deal.
  • Chromium is a build from Chrome, just takes out Chrome's base and features. In the end, it is still Chrome and people that work on Chromium are part of Chrome's team, not all of them, though.
  • Don't think so. Chrome takes over from the source Chromium project and adds Google features and built in flash. When you use Chromium, you are actually using the original source from the Chromium project minus any Google specific features.
  • That's how I took it at first until I saw an article where Chrome was a number higher than Chromium. Must've been a mistake or just released earlier before Chromium was ready(could be a set-back to fix some things). (I am too lazy to go find the article, and it's rather old)
  • Ewww Chrome. :P   Dumb jokes aside (even if I would never install scroogleware in my PC, not just because it is Google but also because they are breaking the standards) I use QrCodeR https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/qrcoder/ in Firefox. It generates the QR code of the URL of any website you are in so it works for this and it also generates the QR code for any text you select in the webpage so it is useful for anything you want to send to your phone that way.
  • I saw this on reddit. The dev is a nice guy. C'mon people don't insult him by saying **** google. He is helping the community not promoting google.
  • He is promoting Chrome which is Google all through and through. He could have only mentioned Firefox and let Android Central make an article stating Chrome and how it can help Windows Phone. Either way, it shouldn't have to boil-down to using browsers when we have Bing Vision or other apps in the store that can do the same thing.
  • First, you mention Chrome in the title. Then, you mention Firefox in parenthesis in the article? Why not on the title? Paid by Google, I suppose. Get out of here! IE or nothing! This is blasphemy.
  • You sir, are an idiot. Seriously.
  • Hahaha! Buuurn. (Daniel, your reply just made my day.)
  • He disagreed, I have not problems with. Called by an insult is uncalled for.
  • Insult? You accused us of taking money from Google to bias this article with no evidence, attacking our credibility.
  • I apologize for the misunderstanding but I see no reason why Firefox is not included in the title, it shows bias, until they read and see Firefox. I am not dumb for assuming, people tend to do that. I didn't call you an idiot, so it's highly unfair that you called me one.   I attack that you are throwing Chrome and Firefox, when that should be left for Android Central or Firefox Central. I've already explained why it's undair when Android and iOS, or even Blackberry, don't include IE as a suggestion browser.
  • Then, why is the "(and Firefox)" necessary? Well, to make it relevant, there are some replies with a Firefox add-on.
  • Yeah, when Android or iOS Central sites talk about using IE for anything, which is a rarity and over here we get multiple articles based on/praising Chrome. It is indeed blasphemy.
  • It's only blasphemy if Microsoft is your religion. If that's true, then I feel sad for you. I like Microsoft's product vision too, and it's fun being part of a fan community, but in the end, they are just a shareholder-owned profit-driven company like any other. Your happiness only matters to them insofar as it increases their revenue.
  • It's not my religion. This is Windows Central, mainly Windows Phone, it should be locked to IE, WP, and Xbox. I am a fan of the community but this is blasphemy, If I wanted anything to do with Chrome in an article, I would read Android Central. Plus, it's aimed at using QR to install apps in Windows Phone, more insulting.   I use Palemoon, which is a fork of Gecko, mainly used in Firefox.
  • We are fans of Microsoft here, not fanboys adherent to a religious fascination with a company. We don't want that and our audience does not want that. If you are insulted by this article, then I am okay with that. In order to make an omelette, you have to crack a few eggs.
  • I started using Chrome on accident really but it is the convenience that makes me stay. It is really nice being able to install Chrome on a new computer, sign in my Google account and then all my ad ons and settings are synced automatically.
  • and sold by google to advertisers, making money thanks to your personal data you kindly donated them for free.
    Hope your anti-spam and popup blocker filter if good.
  • Bam! Those stupid Google ad services they're now in playstore too.
  • We don't use chrome over here
  • Thanks for the info.
  • Or log in and click install to phone!
  • I use Last Pass, which can be installed to work with IE, and it can log you in automatically hassle-free. Time saver.
  • I use that too!
  • Nice extension! I hope someone tells Microsoft, because I think integrating QR codes right into the website itself (rather than needing an extension) would make a lot of sense. If Windows Central can do it (BTW, thanks for doing that!), why can't Microsoft?
  • who use chrome?!!! JUST IE and Later Spartan.... if i need alternative i will user FF or Opera but never scroogle browser that use 40% of system resource!
  • One word: Extensions.
  • A few words .... Data mining. Google steals your data...
  • Dan, I'm really quite surprised that you advocate Chrome for any reasons. Surely their monopolistic and anti-competitive behaviour vastly outweighs the benefits of their browser?!
  • Dear Daniel you're wise guy and your website is awesome, and I know you near a year and haft. But I think after you see what is Google doing to tech and future of science behavior so monopolistic... At least we have to warn people about this dark company... Cuz if Google rise more... In near future maybe 2030 people will hate tech and online privacy and respect will die. I know you just recommend a extension but it is like recommending chocolate house in Hansel and Gretel... Good looking but evil inside... I'm your fan...
  • IE only for me ;)
  • For peeps with Firefox, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/qrcoder/?src=api
  • Guys, please try my app QR Scanner RS for this purpose. It opens Windows Phone Store links directly in the store without the detour through IE. It's FREE and without ads. Enjoy! http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=ca7fed73-bbd2-4cdb-aac9-0c1dbf0141c6  
  • Awesome app...thanks
  • I bow to thee. You sir, are awesome.
  • Why would we like this kind of tip? Pointing to one specific browser, and focus on addons that suddenly stop to function! The is a much more generic solution which works in almost all browsers and browser versions. Once on the prefered app page in the Windows Phone Store you go to Favorites and select your QR-code generating Favorite. You only first need create that Favorite. Create a new one, name it as you like and for the URL-property put in this line of script: javascript:(function(){if(document.getElementById){var%20x=document.body;var%20o=document.createElement('script');if(typeof(o)!='object')%20o=document.standardCreateElement('script');o.setAttribute('src','https://qrbookmarklet.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/qr.js');o.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');x.appendChild(o);}})();
  • Nice try, but GoogleCode? No, thanks.
  • I'd like to congratulate & thank the developer, but since its a Chrome extension, its a big no for me...
    Make it for Firefox & I'll be sure to support it.
  • Stay away from Chrome, zero security and and it's a gateway for spyware and malware...
  • Chrome is very secure from what I've read, but the browser itself is Spyware due to Google in general.
  • I've been using this for a long time actually..pretty useful
  • A thing like "I don't use Chrome so this is not for me but thank you" was enough ! :)
  • It would be great if developer would create same extension for IE Firefox n Opera..!
  • I love reading angry comments anytime chrome is mentioned
  • Good.
  •   Sometimes things get out of hand. I think this has happened here. I own two Android tablets (kindle fires),an Android phone besides my three WP phones. I don't have a single Google app on any of them. But that is just my choice for my reasons. But I do not feel it is necessary to  
  • I moved from chrome to Firefox after the whole google privacy thing
  • I'd rather drink a bucket of my own piss than use so-called 'free' software or services from the worlds largest intelligence agency. On that basis, sorry but i'm out.
  • That's actually a useful extentsion.  Thanks for the heads up Daniel.  I've actually found myself wishing there was a QR code to scan on the store page, and I'm slightly perplexed as to why MS didn't implement it themselves.  Yes, for me it is more convenient to scan the QR code.  As for data mining... I'd like to see a show of hands on who here uses Amazon, Facebook, or a dating site.     Seriously... the hate against google here is getting to silly levels.  But while I am "defending" Google Chrome, I should add that I do not hate EA's Origin game client. 
  • Thank you , I noticed today that the previous extension stopped working :) Then landed here :D